A human reaction to an inhumane problem

So often I hear the same complaints from people that have no interest in politics. It usually revolves around working long hours and struggling to make ends meet. 

It’s a common complaint amongst much of the populous and it’s a complaint you would think people would be willing to follow up and do something about, yet they don’t. In fact far from taking up the cause they resign themselves to thinking there is nothing they can do to make any difference. You can tell people what the problem is but they either switch off or just think you are having a rant and that you no more have the answers than they do. 

Capitalism is the problem, a system that requires ever more profit to be made to survive and in doing so people work harder and longer for less. 

Here below is one recent genuine exchange that highlights this very issue. It also highlights how easy it is to blame others whilst completely ignoring the elephant in the room. The Government.

Tell me that it doesn’t resonate.

Video below: Inspiring video highlighting how we are all working harder for less and less.


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