Donald Trump: Better the devil you know

​”I would grab her by the (ladies genitles)” is quite simply a pathetic comment made by someone who in reality has little confidence in themselves and masks an underlying personality issue. In fact it’s simply juvenile, I don’t think there are many men who have not made what would be seen as a juvenile sexual comment in their adult life, if perhaps not as crass as this one as said by Donald Trump. The media has gone to great lengths to castigate him and ruin him. 
The reality is though that this isn’t that bad. So why the outcry?

Wait wait!… I hear the screams of misogyny coming through the screen already but think about it.. this is the man who said Muslims should be banned until further notice, this is the man who said Mexico is sending it’s rapists to America and then promised to build a wall between Mexico and America whilst making the Mexicans pay for it. This is the man who has made countless sexist comments… and people are hung up about a chauvinistic private comment said 11 years ago!?

Are you surprised? Truly, are you? Who didn’t already think he was a chauvinistic pig? 

America has never been so disengaged with its choices for President and it’s easy to see why when you look at Shillary Clinton and Donald Dump. On one hand a total moron, a first class dickhead but you know he is… he isn’t even hiding it. On the other hand you have perhaps the most deceitful Presidential candidate in history. She may not have been charged with any offences over the email scandal but combine that with the Benghazi scandal and the Clinton foundation questions and you have to start to think… would I rather have someone who I can clearly see everything he does or someone who will do everything in a hidden way and to the detriment of the country, at least Trump does claim to have workers at the heart of his policy making. Hillary will just continue courting the elite and banging the war drum.

This may sound like an endorsement of Trump but it’s really not. My hope is that Trump will get in but not because I like the guy but because his inauguration will trigger the most ridiculous 4 year period in the history of the US and maybe, just maybe it will cause a political earthquake big enough that the people will finally realise who they should have voted for all those months ago. 


One thought on “Donald Trump: Better the devil you know”

  1. It really is the two bucket challenge – one of snot, the other of diarrhoea! WTF is going on over there! Democracy – well up to a point, Lord Copper! Yes, everyone eligible has the right to vote but what a choice in a country where money, dictates the field in a two party system. Maybe this horror story can result, as you say in something positive for the future of American politics but in the meantime, as the world struggles with humanitarian catastrophe and war on many fronts, allowing either one of these tossers just fills me with dread!

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