How to stop the Syrian conflict: For Dummies

You may have missed recent news reports that seem to suggest we are heading towards some kind of major stand off with Russia, it would not be scaremongering to suggest a scenario akin to a new cold war if not worse. 

“…report circulating in the Kremlin this morning issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is warning that the British government is preparing to go into emergency session today in order to debate their nations military forces joining with those of the Obama regime to begin an all out assault against the Federation in the Syrian region of the Levant War Zone …” 

..and this from our very own Boris Johnson.

“…Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has called for “demonstrations outside the Russian embassy” over its bombing of targets in Syria.
Britain’s most senior diplomat was talking during an emergency debate in Parliament over the crisis engulfing the country, in particular Aleppo

There have been other comments from senior military figures in the US and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic in regards to Russia that would give cause for concern. We though think that the solution is all too simple and with so many people dying in Syria it’s crazy to even threaten to take the conflict further, even if you don’t actually intend to go through with anything. The Syrian people need this to end and it’s as easy as 1..2..3.

Step 1

The US stops funding and training terror groups. They already admit doing this and it is fuelling the conflict by allowing the terrorists (you’ll have heard of them described as ‘moderate rebels’) to continue their battle against the Assad regime. 

Step 2

The US agrees to assist Russia and Assad in pushing the terror groups back out of Syria to where they came from. In doing so a significant ground offensive could be concluded against the terrorists thus minimising further civilian casualties or Western forces could use surgical strikes, again, to minimise casualties. (Alternatively the West still stops backing the terrorists but leaves Syria alltogether thus the war will be over quicker. For the West to go against the terror groups now may ultimately create more hardline terrorism against the West.)  Editor: This war on terror really doesn’t seem to be working does it? 

Step 3. 

Once complete, the US and it’s allies get out of Syria but only once stability and rebuilding has been completed to Aleppo and other cities. 

Goal reached. Syria sees no more major conflict. Terror groups have been largely dismantled and normality can resume for millions of Syrian men, women and children. Meanwhile a major conflict between Western and Eastern powers has been averted and we can put Hilary Clinton back in her box. The humanitarian crisis ends and the Refugee crisis can be stopped in its tracks. 

What’s the alternative? Five more years of conflict? A world stand off between nuclear nations? Thousands more innocent civilians dead? Cities reduced to rubble. 

Of course many will say that Syria and Russia are the ones that could stop but there are several factors to take into account. This is Assad’s country, he is the leader, he is not universally hated within his country and Russia are there via his invitation. 

Assad is now defending himself against multiple US backed terror groups and will also have to deal with ISIS in his own back yard. His method however is the cause of much bloodshed but then this is not a nation with huge military resources nor the latest equipment and we must also remember that if Assad paused on account of collateral damage then the terrorists would forever be in his backyard. This doesn’t make his actions right nor acceptable but in a cold factual way he is doing what we might expect, having taken everything into account.
The West with their modern equipment, superior moral code (allegedly) and a gold mine of specialist talent on hand, it is incumbent on us to finish this now, for the good of the innocent people. We can end this. The very fact we can end this but choose not to is a crying shame for our own democracy.


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