Woman in waiting: Why Angela Rayner must succeed Corbyn.

#teamrayner Angela Rayner has burst onto centre stage since Jeremy Corbyn first became leader of the opposition just over a year ago. She is currently shadow secretary of state for education. 

Video Below: Angela Rayner confronts Tory education policy and turns the Tory laughter around on themselves with a quote from David Cameron

She has benefitted from a new direction for Labour toward what many rightly see as Labour’s original position before Tony Blair came to office, that being policies which better fit a left wing party. Of course though it’s right to say that many of the policies are just common sense, fair and just. These are not extreme views or policies, they will benefit everyone. Jeremy Corbyn has his own specific view points but he also recognises that it is a party democracy where the MP’s as well as members will have a huge say on party policy and that’s great for democracy. #teamrayner

Video Link: You can view Rayners Maiden Parliamentary Speech here 

Angela Rayner only came into politics in 2015 having been elected as an MP in her constituency of Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester in that years election. In doing so she increased the Labour majority by 1.4% from the previous election in 2010 where despite holding Ashton-under-Lyne Labour had decreased their majority by 10.1%. The last time it had a Conservative MP was in 1931. 

What is it about Angela Rayner that has made her so appealing to Labour voters? 

Confident, real, down to earth, one of the people, understanding, life experienced, carries sentiment, knowledgeable, unswayed, loyal, honest, formidable, confident, kind, to the point and good speaker are just a small number of the words and phrases that can be used to describe Rayner. It is also true to say that she is an attractive woman and ‘woman’ is perhaps the key word here. #teamrayner

It’s been a long time since Labour had a female politician that many would be convinced has the all round capacity and virtues to become leader of the Labour Party. Yes, there are other worthy female candidates who are more experienced and in some regards better in their fields of expertise but none come close to presenting an overall image of a leader and that’s one criticism that has been thrown around of late. 

We do not propose a leadership challenge to Jeremy Corbyn, we here at UKI Left are staunch supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and believe he can deliver. There are though conversations from time to time around who might one day take over from Jeremy Corbyn. Some seem to prefer John McDonnell or Clive Lewis or perhaps Richard Burgon and some die hards would love to see Dennis Skinner as leader. Well that’s something that would set the cat amongst the Conservative pigeons. #teamrayner

In our humble opinion John McDonnel whatever happens after Jeremy Corbyn will have become too associated with his current campaign, as fine a candidate as he might be. Clive Lewis is not quite the speaker you might want compared to Angela Rayner, we find him not quite as ‘authentic’ he comes across a slightly forced and scripted, even if he is of the left leaning mould. Richard Burgon suffers the same problem in his speaking in that he does have a habit of not making a killer point which is needed in politics when you’re facing down the opposition, as much of a great comrade he is. As for Dennis Skinner, perhaps he is just on the wrong side of his political career and in any case he has previously stated he does not want the job. What each of them lacks though is the fact they are not female. 

We would be one of the first to say that a job should not necessarily be given to someone simply based on their gender or race but in this case not only is she a woman but she also has the right credentials even if she does lack a little experience. That combination must be given serious consideration by future leadership voters. 

It’s common knowledge that Rayner went to a comprehensive school in Stockport and left school without any qualifications whilst pregnant. She went on to work for the local council before becoming a carer and also eventually became a local branch rep for UNISON. 

It is this beginning to her life that she uses as her strength in understanding what regular people on the street need in life and more to the point what people worry about. It is also this start to life that has led her to become a left wing pin up girl for the common person. It’s an important aspect to her life and that is something many politicians just do not have. Real life experience and it’s this that could drive her to he brink of the leadership somewhere down the line, I personally hope it’s sooner rather than later. #teamrayner

Whilst it’s not quite the same, her recent beginnings in politics and quick rise to fame echoes that of Mhairi Black of the SNP. Another future leader in the making. 

Mhairi Black MP, SNP

We should look to take advantage of the new blood in politics, it will lead us towards a more honest and understanding politics. Something Jeremy Corbyn has tried to do in earnest and long may it continue.

Video Below: Meet Angela Rayner

We are asking our blog readers, facebook page followers, twitter followers and as many Labour supporters as possible to get behind Angela Rayner now with vocal and visual support for her future nomination and her eventual leadership challenge with our #teamrayner campaign. This is categorically not an attempt to oust Jeremy Corbyn, just in case the conspiracy police come knocking. We support Corbyn and wish to see him become PM. This is purely an early fan movement to provide solidarity for an eventual leadership bid. One day. 

It will be run with the upmost consideration for Jeremy Corbyn and will for now provide updates on what Angela Rayner does in parliament and in the press. Click here to Join our Angela Rayner for PM Facebook page and start sharing the hashtag #teamrayner



7 thoughts on “Woman in waiting: Why Angela Rayner must succeed Corbyn.”

  1. If you are such staunch supporters of Corbyn, as you say you are, stop speculating about his succession. This sort of drivel only plays into the hands of those in the PLP who are desperately trying to get rid of him. Focus on the Tories, please…..


    1. Whilst some people are concerned, we are not so paranoid nor lacking in confidence that looking to the future is a good thing. Looking forward is not a bad thing and it’s possible to support Jeremy whilst discussing team future.


  2. Another diversion from our true purpose. Please stop to think of the effect this will have when it gets in MSM, they are already biased and will jump at the chance to report this as further division in the Labour Party.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘True purpose’ if the MSM get hold of that comment they will report it as a ‘cultist’ statement. You see the problem here? We should stop being paranoid and just get on with supporting JC and discussing what we like. There is no attempt to override Corbyn here.


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