You ignore the warning signs at the expense of all our children

​A quick glance at the state of our planet, our working lives here in the UK and the environment should be raising alarm bells. Yet I don’t hear a single jingle of one solitary bell. 

Here is a quick guide to some of the infuriating stories you may have missed.

Russia has been removed from the Human Rights Council and replaced by… Saudi Arabia. One of the worlds worst human rights violating countries.

• MP’s from The Socialist Labour party voted against or abstained from the vote to stop Saudi Arabia receiving UK arms

• Tory’s say Saudi Arabia will conduct their OWN investigation into their OWN war crimes violations in Yemen. (Theresa May) 

• UK votes against UN motion to hold debate in 2017 on outlawing nuclear weapons 

• UK is now officially the world’s second biggest arms dealer in the world. Including to a number of human rights violating countries including Saudi Arabia.

• Tory cuts to Universal Credit to leave single parents nearly £4,000 a year worse off by 2020 and couples with 2 children almost £2,000 worse off and married couples £1,000 worse off

• Figures show that nearly 2,500 people died in 2015 alone shortly after being found ‘fit for work’ after being assessed via the DWP

• Mainstream media make little to zero mention of the Carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere reaching 400 parts per million. The point at which the UN deems irreversible. 

• Figures show that last year 9,000 people in London alone died from… poor air quality

• Evidence shows that the limit set in Paris last year at the climate summit of a maximum increase in global temperatures of 2 degrees… is set to be breached. 

• The answers to the UK’s road capacity problem is to build more roads, rail crisis to build faster railways, air capacity to build another runway, energy crisis to spend billions on a nuclear power plant that will only supply 6% of people until 2050 at inflated prices for the populous, whilst simultaneously cutting subsidies on Solar energy and investing next to nothing in alternate energy sources. 

• This year London failed EU air quality limits for the entire year 2016… within the first month.

• New figures show that World wildlife populations have shrunk by 58% since 1970

• We now retire at an older age than ever before and work longer hours for less pay.

• Today’s generation will be poorer than the last generation. An unusual statistic. 

Tell me, what part of politics do you not care about? 

Tell me why you don’t care what world we are leaving to our children… YOUR children. 

The longer we ignore this mess the worse it will get. Yet the mainstream media just wants to talk about Brexit, the politicians just want to talk about Brexit, some the public just want to talk about Brexit and a huge part of the public just wants to bury it’s head in the sand in regards to anything to do with Politics full stop. 

If we don’t address all of these things, especially climate change.. there won’t be a world to worry about. Brexit won’t even matter. The future for your children won’t even matter and it leads to one final thought…

A typical scene in parts of Asia today

If the environmental crisis is so severe as the experts say and yet our politicians are not taking any serious action and our media barely give it a mention what is actually going on? 

Perhaps either the politicians are for one reason or another lying about the severity of climate change and things are not as bad as is being protrayed or perhaps they know full well the severity but also know they can’t do anything about it and all they are actually trying to do is simply slow the process down rather than reverse it. Resigned to a foregone conclusion they can’t reveal to us, the people.

How else do you square the hole of the severity of climate change Vs reaction to it being so at odds with each other?

Isn’t it time we all stood up as one voice to bring about real change? After all, your children, our children demand that we do otherwise we condemn them all. 

Sleep well tonight.


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