The spectre of Victorian Britain as opposition is subjugated

Soon after the industrial revolution began in the 1900’s  there were mass strikes and workers revolutions. The people fed up with the direction of the country as a whole and worse yet, the subjugation of a whole section of society, decided enough was enough. What followed in the years after was the founding of the NHS, workers rights, maternity pay and all the other things we take for granted now. The vast overwhelming majority of that came from the Labour Party. In fact the revolution came after people rejected the then Conservative Party. 

Fast forward to somewhere in the 1950’s and productivity of the worker was so high that they ‘wondered what they would do with all their free time’ as machines halved the work hours and just one worker was needed to bring home enough money to live on. It was seen as a golden age in many respects, certainly for working families. 

Fast forward again to the late 1970′ and 1980’s at a time again of recession and what came to arguably be the birth of corporate capitalism, no longer was it good enough to just earn a living, make some profit and be happy with that, this was the birth of the mantra that ‘ever more profit’ was needed if you were to make your business successful. Those that couldn’t keep making ever more profit in the world would fall by the way side. The advantage to this was lower prices on goods and food but it meant the best way to eventually achieve ever more profit was to squeeze the worker, squeeze what they could out of people to make their businesses gain that extra profit. Around that time under the Conservatives, Margaret Thatcher was closing down Labour intensive industries such as the coal mines with nothing to replace them, she was slashing social housing and cutting back on the welfare state and the NHS was in turmoil. Does this sound all too familiar?

So to the present day and perhaps the fault we are here in this position today is Tony Blair. The man who took Labour to the centre ground. It must be said that he did oversee some prosperous times but what it meant was that the left vanished, financial caution went out of he window as Labour spent big but saved nothing for when times got tough and as such became the party no one trusted with either the economy and indeed on the question of trust. Master of spin and deceit and ultimately a liar, his single most memorable contribution to his tenure will be taking us to an illegal war in Iraq and setting in motion the complete destabilisation of the Middle East. That’s some feat for a leader of what should be a socialist party. 

Then came the recession of 2008 and by 2010 the Conservatives had taken back control again and this had led to the utter collapse of the left and a repeat of the Thatcher years. Whereas Thatcher promised patriotism and a hardline in world affairs, so too Thersea May promises patriotism (Brexit) and a hardline in world affairs (immigration). Thatcher offered a closure of the mines, David Cameron effectivley closed the steel works industry. Thatcher offered a slash and burn of the welfare state and social housing, the Conservatives today are slashing the welfare state and failing to invest in housing. Don’t be fooled by their house building claims in this recent Autumn statement, they made promises to build 250,000 homes every year in 2010 and in 2015 but delivered on neither occasion. Affordable housing is far from affordable and right to buy is being extended to more housing association properties which will mean less social housing being available. Food banks, stagnation in wages now until beyond 2020/2021 and the official economic experts stating that we have lived through the worst 10 year period for wages in modern memory. 

There are many other issues today including benefits, where the poorest in society as well as the working poor, are about to feel the effects of further cuts to the welfare state and we must not forget the NHS. With the implementation of STP’s looming, behind the scenes privatisation, the implementation of an unworkable 7 day NHS service it won’t be long at all before we say goodbye to what we know today as the NHS. Hello private health insurance. 

What’s worst about all this is we have a left movement in this country that is so hell bent on trying to elect Jeremy Corbyn that that’s all its doing. The Conservatives have gone unchallenged in many areas this past year and the Tory’s have pushed through every piece of legislation that is a detriment to every person in the UK and yet silence. The people have truly become subjugated. Organisations such as the People’s assembly and UK Uncut are no longer on the streets, protests are hard to come by and the average Street protest that does take place brings no more than a few thousand people. Larger peacefull protests back in 2014/2015 failed to inspire and now we appear to be at a loss on the way forward. What we can expect, bar a miracle, is more hardship in terms of rising inflation over the coming years and a trillion pound debt by 2020 according to official statistics, far from George Osbornes original plans, and that’s the point, the Conservatives can promise what they like, roll back on what they like, do what they like. They have no political price to pay for their actions either from the opposing parties or the people. 

What you will notice from all this is that we have come full circle and people are working longer than ever before, two people have to work just to make ends meet. Sometimes individuals are working two or three jobs, this is a far cry from the 1950’s and a move instead towards a return to Victorian Britain. 

What all this tells us is that our political system is broken, we are unable to break away from this cycle of boom and bust and that we must find another way forward other than corporate capitalism. 

Our political system however doesn’t allow for systemic and radical progress. It allows only for minor progress and then realignment, a one step forward, two steps back approach because the mantra of the political parties is one of party lines. Maybe it’s time we did away with party politics. 


The ‘BIG list of Tory Incompetence’ and how you can bring it to an end

​Here is The BIG list of Tory Incompetence. Its everything that the Conservatives have either recently done against the people of this country or been in turmoil over… just in case anyone has forgotten. List was first compiled in March 2016 but ends with more up to date items and a way that you can help bring an end to this madness.

●Tories split on EU referendum

● Defeated on Working Tax Credits

● Defeated on implementing solar tax 

● U-Turn on PIP cuts

● IDS Quits ministerial position

● J. Hunt fails on BMA negotiations

● Jr.Doctors conduct Strike action

● N. Morgan faces Teacher backlash

● NUT threatens strike action

● Osbourne 2016 budget labelled unfair

● Osbourne misses every fiscal target

● Defeated on immigration ammendment to accept 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees

● Corbyn leads in Polls over Cameron

● Huge decline in Industry sectors such as steel industry as steel industry collapses under Tory government

● Financial bail out of banking industry

● Contracts for infrastructure such as Nuclear power stations and HS2 offered to foreign investors such as China & France

● Cameron’s own admission that deal was done with Saudi Arabia to put them in charge of Human Rights council

● Sell off of Post office for under the value of its worth.

● Evidence that the poorest people will be 10% worse off this parliament under the tories whilst the richest will be better off. 

● Boris Johnson making a fool of himself by declaring Sadiq Khan “dangerous” for London. 

● Allegations that the NHS downgraded how much they needed to survive under pressure from the government. 

● Government to repeal animal welfare industry standards. 

● Disability protesters inside Houses of Parliament. 

● The confirmation that the working poor are to face £12 Billion more in cuts this parliament. 

● Vote to frack underneath national parks. 

● Continuation of HS2 now reaching an expected £50 Billion and won’t even be ready until 2026 and that’s just phase 1. 

● The complete refusal to discuss cannabis laws despite expert evidence in favour of legalising cannabis.

● In 2010 they made a promise to build 250,000 homes every year, they failed. In 2015 they issued the same promise and still they are failing to build anywhere near this number of houses as the housing crisis continues.

In fact here is a loose list of things that went wrong whilst they shared power with the Lib Dems;


-Wages not keeping pace with inflation

-Wage freezes

-Public service cuts


-Bedroom Tax

-Support for Israel despite unofficially recognising Palestine

-Supply of Arms to Israel continues 

-War in Iraq

-Intervention in Syria

-Continued war in Afghanistan 

-Failed to enact a referendum on the EU in parliament (as was promised for that parliament)

-Promises to reform the EU but has not shown how they can do this (later came back with negligible promises)

-Overseen failed attempts to organise an internal review on failure to Document child abuse allegations

-Contempt of the people by calling people who believe a child abuse cover up has taken place as ‘conspiracy theorists’. 

-Contempt of the people by suggesting that fringe left are considered domestic extremists

-Altering policy to suit UKIP voters

-Privatisation of the NHS can be seen but is denied as being the case. 

– “All in it together” slogan (we’re not)

– No advancement in improving the housing crisis

– Demonisation of the poor evidenced in part by their use of pie chart on Tax forms regarding welfare spending

– Downsizing council tenants despite not making available new properties to cope with demand

– Affordable housing, not being affordable

– The unpopular universal credit scheme 

– Introduction of the Badger Cull

– Advancement of Fracking despite major opposition. 

– Negotiating a 1% compensation scheme from Fracking companies to residents despite the US government negotiating an 11% package. 

– No energy policy in place

– Advancement of the unpopular TTIP

– GCHQ/NSA debacle & illegal monitoring

– Zero hour contracts and part time work being used to manipulate unemployment figures

Additions were made below as a result of reader contributions:

– (Beverley) Promised flood defence finances were not released in 2014 resulting in further flooding in 2015

– (William) Revelation that multiple Tories who voted for cuts to ESA benefits are patrons to charities whose users rely on such payments

– (Graham) 2013 Conservative government lost Britians ‘Moody AAA’ rating.

– (Graham) Called Corbyn and people voting against Syrian air strikes “terrorist sympathisers”

– (James) Forcing schools into academy status

– (Cristina) Despite over 80% of people being against a return to fox hunting the Conservatives have tried to repeal the ban.

– (Cristina) Not only did they introduce the Badger Cull as mentioned above, they extended it despite overwhelming scientific evidence that the Cull was ineffective.

– (Bob) Refusal of IDS to release evidence into suicides as a result of benefit cuts and ATOS interventions

– (Bob) Suggestions that welfare cuts don’t matter because ‘they don’t vote for us anyway’ 

– (Ruth) At its peak over 1 million people in the UK using food banks

– (Ruth) Sharp Increase in suicides rates amongst poorest in society

– (Ruth) Increase in homelessness under the Conservatives

– (Karen) Drastic cuts to the education budget and teacher wages have resulted in a teacher shortage crisis

– (Michael) Lack of provision for ex-servicemen as Military spending slashed by government. Angela Merkel suggests Britian looking to contribute to European Army

– (Jackie) Misleading on state pensions for women.

– (Jo) Conservatives have borrowed 4 times more money than any other Labour government in theit time in office.

– (Jo) Sold off the land registry

– (Jo) Taxpayers face £20 Billion loss on RBS sale

– (N McFarlane) Dirty tricks campaign during Scottish Referendum

– (Malcolm) The use of sanctions to manipulate employment figures let alone the hardship people face when sanctioned. Scandal of sanctions being given for frivolous breaches of ‘rules’

– (Josh) Bullying Scandal within the ‘Young Conservatives’

– (Vim) Changing trespass laws to allow Fracking companies to drill under private properties

– (Vim) Over ruling local authorities on Fracking applications or/and making decisions on Fracking applications where local authorities take too long to decide

– (Lorraine) Allowing pesticides that they know affect the bee population

– (Donna) UK government under investigation by United Nations for human rights violations against disabled.

– (Pat) Cuts to part of the NHS that takes care of the elderly, particularly social care.

– (Derek) Whilst in coalition gave the banks £200 Billion in Quantative easing to stimulate lending which failed to occur

– (Kelly) 56% cuts to local authorities meaning essential services cuts

– (Neil) Cuts to prison services leading to record level of assaults on staff.

– (Johanna) Google paying just £130 Million as back payment for 10 years worth of unpaid taxes.

– (Derek) Carbon capture project dropped.

– (Malc) Altering child poverty guidelines to artificially pull children out of poverty statistics.

and finally the most recent things…

• Prison strikes

• Rail strikes

• Investigation into child abuse scandal mismanaged resulting in several resignations of the chair of the investigation and top solicitors.

• Southern Rail debacle

• Carbon levels in atmosphere reach ‘permanent’ 400ppm as described by the UN. 

• Government leave war crimes investigation in Yemen to Saudi Arabia.. who find themselves not guilty.

• Cuts due to Universal Credits of between £1000 – £3000 for poorest workers and unemployed 

• Unpopular Snoopers charter due to be passed into law. 

• Schools told that the previous certainty of being turned into Academies will now no longer go ahead

• Thersea May insists, with no mandate, that they will create more divisive Grammar Schools 

• Brexit Debacle 

• Theresa May insisting that she will help those that “just get by” whilst stating later that globalisation must work for the people as around the world people fight back against globalisation.

• Cuts to local authorities results in serious underfunding of mental health care and care for the elderly.

• Tory MP has Contempt for the public after insisting that the film based on true accounts ‘I daniel blake’ depicting problems with the benefits system and sanctions is incorrect… despite admitting that he had not even seen the film. 

• Junior doctors Defeated by government on 7 day NHS despite threatened strikes designed to protect the public from overstretched and overworked NHS workforce as no extra staff will be made available for the 7 day service.

Can you add any more to this ever growing list? 

Fancy making your voice heard? Feel it’s time for radical change within our system and society? Had enough of incremental changes? Had enough of the Tory government?

Join the people’s protest at – instructions to follow.

Our natural instinct is to survive, so how do you explain this…? 

​Our instinct to survive is right up there as a human trait but like all animals in the world we have little appreciation of long term consequences. We would like to think we do but we don’t. 

We can predict the long term, science is our greatest learnt achievement, yet we so often fail to act on that science, it’s like we can see the science but we have no ability to deal with it. 

So often we wait for something to tangibly happen in front of our very eyes before we will respond. Consider then, this..
Most of us accept climate change is real. Most of us believe the experts and if you believe the experts then we don’t have that long left. 10 years maybe 50. Possibly even 100 before we hit a point of no return. Some experts say we need to cut global emissions by up to 70% within 50 years. That’s in my lifetime and yours. Certainly in our children’s lifetime.

Yet our efforts to tackle it are weak. Our answer is to build more roads, more rail, more airports, some people want to return to producing more coal. Our efforts to reduce emissions are thwarted by developing nations disregard for it all.

So with such a severe consequence looming and so little action what are we to believe? Either that climate change isn’t real or that it is real but those in power know that we can not do anything about it, that it is already irreversible and are merely placating our worst fears. 

How else do you explain such a cavalier approach to the greatest threat to our own existence? If our survival and that of our children’s is so acute then why are we standing idly by watching this slow car crash? 

Why are we not demanding radical changes.. now! We have the technology and yet no will. We have the foresight yet few good intentions. We have the knowledge yet little action. 

If I told you the world ends tomorrow? Of course it would be too late. If i told you that it will end in 50 years, what would it take to get you angry enough to do something about it so I don’t have to turn round and say to you “the world ends tomorrow”.

Radical needs to happen now. Not in 50 years.

It’s under our noses but we are obsessed with NOW. Tomorrow doesn’t wait for NOW.

Trump anti establishment victory is not good news for Jeremy Corbyn 

For the past 24 hours it’s been a repeated mantra that the anti establishment votes for Donald Trump and the recent Brexit vote are a sign that the public will vote for Jeremy Corbyn. 

That would be a positive and encouraging thought except for one thing. Both the Brexit vote and success of Donald Trump are built on traditionally right wing sentiments. The idea that you blame others for your own problems rather than the government. You are likely to buy into the idea that foreigners are to blame for a lack of jobs or housing rather than the government making bad decisions. It should be noted that there are certainly genuinely left wing reasons for voting for both Trump and Brexit but not much thought is given to that context in the grand scheme of things. As a side note the establishment largely voted to remain in the EU for example. 

In any case, consider the following right wing events of recent months; 

Brexit, UKIP votes totalling 8 million in the last UK election, Trump being elected in the US, the rise of the far right in Germany and Eastern Europe. One European country recently almost voted in a far right candidate. The EU doing deals with Turkey to keep out desperate migrants. 

The common denominator here is that the world appears to be skewing towards the right of politics and that in the UK will favour the Conservative party who are moving more and more to the right since Cameron stepped down and UKIP, if they ever get their act together. 

Jeremy Corbyn may be a worthy anti establishment candidate but he appears to be on the opposite side to where public sentiment seems to be right now. It doesn’t bode well.

Of course we have to hope he can buck that trend but with the media shutting him out and the PLP refusing to back him publicly as well it’s going to be tall order at this juncture. 

As someone mentioned elsewhere, perhaps the best we can hope for is the right wing to destroy themselves and give a clear run for the left to surge forward.

Americans must now usher in the legacy of Bernie Sanders 

​Bernie Sanders, the one time 2016 Democrat nominee had huge support and almost considered standing as a third party or more specifically an independent candidate. That was considered an option at very short notice. His campaign was already in full swing. 

Sanders almost did it. Defying the odds against the establishment he was indeed the left wing anti establishment candidate even though he ran on a Democrat ticket having had concerns about lack of exposure as an independent candidate. It’s worth considering then what he could have achieved with perhaps a few years lead time, building his movement up and gaining grass roots traction. Campaigns do not have to be started just a year prior to an election as we all know. 

With Trump now having won the day in the US election it will surely open the flood gates of discussion around democracy and the political system in the USA. So many more people have been invigorated and are aware of anti establishment candidates and third party candidates, it’s almost like someone let the cat out of the bag. Psssttt… you don’t have to limit your vote to the establishment candidates and neither Trump nor Sanders were establishment candidates as we know it. They may have ran on establishment party tickets but both were up against it from the true establishment. 

The modern day Labour Party here in the UK began many years ago as a people’s movement and soon became the people’s champion introducing the NHS and social welfare. All political parties have to start somewhere and unless we break the mould of two party systems then we will unlikely escape the clutches of the status quo.

Many people have said that if Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, was ousted now then they would follow him if he started his own party or joined a smaller one. That would instantly become a very large party over night. 
If activists across the USA can harness the legacy now left by the Bernie Sanders campaign over the next 4 to 8 years then there is no reason they can’t build a movement that either leads a third party candidate like Jill Stein of the Greens to seriously challenge the Democrats and Republicans or indeed have a populist left wing candidate standing as an independent or forming their own party. It would fit well with the coming debates around a political shift in the country. 

Jill Stein, Leader of the Green Party

Left wing Americans now need to decide on the path forward. Do nothing and expect more of the same in the future or decide collectively on the path of all left wing progressives. Jill Stein or even a new political party or movement and that will require a people’s champion of the highest order.

Americal liberals unleashed the Trump monster

The earth has been shifting under our feet for a while, but all liberals want to do is desperately cling to the status quo like a life-raft. Middle-class Britons are still hyperventiliating about Brexit, and now middle-class America is trembling at the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House. And, of course, middle-class Americans are […]

Trump and Right wing global surge result of ‘too nice’ socialists

Once upon a time sometime between the years 2008 – 2016 a left wing surge seemed to be engulfing the world. 

The western described ‘Arab Spring’ took hold across several nations, the people rising up against dictatorial powers. Podemos in Spain was surging and threatening to take the country by storm. Syriza in Greece tried to lead the country in a new direction. In the UK Jeremy Corbyn became leader of Labour and in the US Bernie Sanders threatened to bloody the nose of the Democrat Party.

So where has it all gone wrong? 

The Arab spring never went the whole hog, Podemos haven’t really gone beyond a peak that would help them take power, Syriza lied and broke promises and shot themselves in the foot, Jeremy Corbyn faced an internal coup and still faces the threat of being ostracised by MP’s and Bernie Sanders just missed out on the Democrat nomination and to add insult to injury the far right are on the rise across Europe especially in Eastern Europe and Germany, the UK voted the ever more right wing Conservative party in for another 5 years and Labour’s poll ratings remain worryingly low and America has just voted in Donald Trump, the UK equivalent of Nigel Farage. 

What the left need to understand is that anti establishment sentiment is not owned just by them, the right also have anti establishment sentiment and both the left and right are generally the working classes. They all share the same concerns and have the same fears. The only difference is that the left and right blame different people. The left blame the government whilst the right blame other people for their problems. The left believe only the people or a politician of the people can solve their problems whilst the right believe that only a hard line right wing politician can solve their problems. 

As with Brexit the media highlights people without a further education as voting for the right. Not a way to appeal to the working classes.

Human nature dictates that when faced with hardship the first reaction is anger. Of course though anger creates resentment, fear and crisis and only at the darkest moment do the people in the middle tip the balance of power to something considered more left wing or socially acceptable. 

This might read as a call to move to the centre ground. A ‘New Labour’ perhaps? Far from it. A centre ground creates little progress just like a right wing and left of centre government, progress is incremental. Even a left wing government will produce only incremental changes for the good and when you’re faced with a right wing movement increasing its reach around the globe you need more than incremental changes because voting for the right is a backward step especially when it comes to the environment and social progression. 

So why are people reluctant to vote for the left over the right? 

What Donald Trump and the Brexit campaign in the UK did was speak to the heart with undeniable passion and vigour. It was loud, at times brash and most importantly to many, inspirational. People believed that change could come even if it meant some hardship. People certainly in the working classes simply said to themselves ‘things can’t get much worse’ and yet what the left campaigns lack is that passion and vigour. It lacks that loud inspirational message that galvanises the right.

Both Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders speak in soft tones but can barely muster a rallying cry that is convincing. The EU remain campaign was built on fear and not aspiration. When you’re blaming others for your woes and you have an anti establishment candidate ringing the bells of change why would you vote instead for a lack lustre candidate that fails to inspire? 

That’s not to say the likes of Jeremy Corbyn or Bernie Sanders are lacklustre. They appeal to the left wing crowd as bastions of honesty and unity but they lack the passion that speaks to the anger. 

How else do you explain people in the UK voting for a party that promotes privatisation of the NHS, continued arms sales to a nation accused of war crimes, a party that takes away from the most vulnerable and gives to the rich and resists the smallest of asks to take in child refugees from war torn nations. 

The left need to find their voice. As well as calling for social unity, fundamental change to the system and to the way the powerful conduct their business, the left also needs to speak passionately about change and the vision. The left needs to convince people that life will be better under a left wing government for everyone. 

The fact that Theresa May can get away with saying she wants to be the champion of the ‘many not just the few’ is an incredible state of affairs and what the left certainly in the UK need to do is be far more vocal and active and stand up to a right wing establishment government in a far more active way than just talking in echo chambers if they ever hope to convince a nation. 

It’s no time to speak softly. It’s time to shout. It’s no time to worry about sensibilities. It’s time to go on the offensive. Otherwise things will go backwards long before we can ever hope to move forward.