Trump anti establishment victory is not good news for Jeremy Corbyn 

For the past 24 hours it’s been a repeated mantra that the anti establishment votes for Donald Trump and the recent Brexit vote are a sign that the public will vote for Jeremy Corbyn. 

That would be a positive and encouraging thought except for one thing. Both the Brexit vote and success of Donald Trump are built on traditionally right wing sentiments. The idea that you blame others for your own problems rather than the government. You are likely to buy into the idea that foreigners are to blame for a lack of jobs or housing rather than the government making bad decisions. It should be noted that there are certainly genuinely left wing reasons for voting for both Trump and Brexit but not much thought is given to that context in the grand scheme of things. As a side note the establishment largely voted to remain in the EU for example. 

In any case, consider the following right wing events of recent months; 

Brexit, UKIP votes totalling 8 million in the last UK election, Trump being elected in the US, the rise of the far right in Germany and Eastern Europe. One European country recently almost voted in a far right candidate. The EU doing deals with Turkey to keep out desperate migrants. 

The common denominator here is that the world appears to be skewing towards the right of politics and that in the UK will favour the Conservative party who are moving more and more to the right since Cameron stepped down and UKIP, if they ever get their act together. 

Jeremy Corbyn may be a worthy anti establishment candidate but he appears to be on the opposite side to where public sentiment seems to be right now. It doesn’t bode well.

Of course we have to hope he can buck that trend but with the media shutting him out and the PLP refusing to back him publicly as well it’s going to be tall order at this juncture. 

As someone mentioned elsewhere, perhaps the best we can hope for is the right wing to destroy themselves and give a clear run for the left to surge forward.


One thought on “Trump anti establishment victory is not good news for Jeremy Corbyn ”

  1. I don’t agree with this. There’s a lot of people in the US starting to think that Bernie Sanders would’ve beaten Trump if the Democratic Party Machine and their super-delegates hadn’t shot him down. Bernie would’ve been highlighting the same issues as Trump but – rather than stoking up xenophobia and paying lip service to being anti-establishment (Trump IS a billionaire after all…) – Sanders would’ve been laying the blame squarely at the door of the political elite and their financial backers PLUS offering up the solutions he’d outlined in his campaign for the Democratic nomination. Wage stagnation and unemployment in the face of corporate greed and indifference isn’t an issue of either left or right – it’s just an issue and Sanders offered a coherent strategy to combat it. Blue collar people voted Trump because they bought wrongly into his fear-mongering rhetoric over who is responsible for their ills and also because Hilary represented the status quo and an ineffectual political class they had grown to despise. I think a great many of those same people could well have been convinced to vote for Bernie Sanders.
    Whilst the Republican party had Trump foisted on them as a candidate they must be counting their lucky stars now though it remains to be seen if Trump’s infrastructure spending plan will be the shot of adrenaline the US economy requires. I wish it luck. If only the Democrats had been braver though and selected Bernie Sanders we could’ve been on the brink of a quite different America.
    The UK needs to be braver in their next General Election – one that may well come sooner rather than later.


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