Our natural instinct is to survive, so how do you explain this…? 

​Our instinct to survive is right up there as a human trait but like all animals in the world we have little appreciation of long term consequences. We would like to think we do but we don’t. 

We can predict the long term, science is our greatest learnt achievement, yet we so often fail to act on that science, it’s like we can see the science but we have no ability to deal with it. 

So often we wait for something to tangibly happen in front of our very eyes before we will respond. Consider then, this..
Most of us accept climate change is real. Most of us believe the experts and if you believe the experts then we don’t have that long left. 10 years maybe 50. Possibly even 100 before we hit a point of no return. Some experts say we need to cut global emissions by up to 70% within 50 years. That’s in my lifetime and yours. Certainly in our children’s lifetime.

Yet our efforts to tackle it are weak. Our answer is to build more roads, more rail, more airports, some people want to return to producing more coal. Our efforts to reduce emissions are thwarted by developing nations disregard for it all.

So with such a severe consequence looming and so little action what are we to believe? Either that climate change isn’t real or that it is real but those in power know that we can not do anything about it, that it is already irreversible and are merely placating our worst fears. 

How else do you explain such a cavalier approach to the greatest threat to our own existence? If our survival and that of our children’s is so acute then why are we standing idly by watching this slow car crash? 

Why are we not demanding radical changes.. now! We have the technology and yet no will. We have the foresight yet few good intentions. We have the knowledge yet little action. 

If I told you the world ends tomorrow? Of course it would be too late. If i told you that it will end in 50 years, what would it take to get you angry enough to do something about it so I don’t have to turn round and say to you “the world ends tomorrow”.

Radical needs to happen now. Not in 50 years.

It’s under our noses but we are obsessed with NOW. Tomorrow doesn’t wait for NOW.


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