Jeremy Corbyn Facebook Groups Dealing A Death Blow To Labour

Right about now Corbyn and Co. are about to launch their 2017 strategy for engaging with the electorate. It seems to have already begun with the ‘Rail Fail’ campaign highlighting the need to re-nationalise the railways. Apparently we will see more of Jeremy on our TV screens too and not before time. 

Up to now the only place you could feasibly find information on Labour policy and actions is via the official Facebook pages and indeed from third party Facebook Groups. Already you can see, that without mainstream media air- time many of Labours messages are lost on the electorate especially when Dianne Abbott gets in front of a microphone. Her opinions on Brexit and immigration seem confused at times as further evidenced by Keir Starmers comments on immigration. 

We are Jeremy Corbyn supporters ourselves at UKI Left but we recognise that unless Labour gets itself in tune then the messages will be lost on the public regardless how much mainstream airtime they get. Of course nothing is helped when the right wing of the party are on a vow of silence, but the trouble with that is they are not going anywhere. Not any time soon. As a result Corbyn is regrettably walking a tightrope between abject failure and survival.

So what of these social media Corbyn supporting groups such as ‘We Support Jeremy Corbyn’? Surely they are good for the profile of Jeremy Corbyn? It seems not. With well over 30,000 members and the largest Jeremy Corbyn supporting group on Facebook you would think it an ideal place to air concerns and challenge the issues on Brexit, the economy and more. 

The group though systematically bans posts relating to Brexit discussions. The biggest talking point in British politics today is silenced yet it’s this issue more than any other that divides the nation and divides politicians alike. Being a left wing group you would expect huge discussions on this very subject as the left has notoriously backed both leave and remain in huge numbers. 

In fact many posters within this Facebook group appear to often be targeted by what can only be described as fanatical Jeremy Corbyn supporters. In both equal measure they on one hand criticise some members for daring to question a Corbyn led policy and denounce attitudes as “not very Corbyn like” yet on the other hand attack the poster in a manner that ironically is ‘not very Corbyn like’. These posts and their originators often end up being banned from the group, dismissed as trolls when in reality anyone passing an objective eye can see that the posts are usually not in the same ball park as “trolling”. It’s simply a matter of anything other than pro Corbyn sentiment being disregarded as an “attack on Jeremy corbyn” such is the seige mentality of some Corbyn supporters. It’s the ultimate echo chamber where nothing is challenged and nothing learned. 

Here is just one recent example:

One person recently posted the following 

The same person was called a ‘Tory troll plant’ and responds as below:

Another person in the same thread responds to the OP with this wonderful reply which highlights everything we have said in this article:

We would suggest highlighting the bad practice of admin shutting down debate is not negative or divisive, it’s highly pertinent.

Yet what this all goes to show is that if online criticism or questioning is disregarded by such large groups then what hope does that electorate have of learning about the intricacies of policy decisions? With little TV coverage to date, a vow of silence by the PLP, barely any positive news articles and now the issue around social media groups it will only spell one thing. Oblivion for Labour, certainly if things continue in this manner. 

This is not isolated, this occurs in many social media forums but particularly here in the biggest Jeremy Corbyn supporters group on Facebook and all this does is feed into a negative atmosphere, even turning some people against each other and they are meant to be on the same side.

This is important not only because of the situation Labour finds itself in but also because Social Media has been a bonus for many political campaigns over the past few years and if the campaigns and support groups can’t get to grips with genuine criticism then the Social media advantages will be worthless.

As left wing political supporters ourselves we pride ourselves on particularly this one thing, that despite a particular leaning towards one end of the political spectrum, we are no one’s pet. We do not support anyone unequivocally just because someone sits on the left. We question and we critique all to ensure that no politician ever forgets who voted for them and who backed them. To do otherwise is precisely what has landed us the two party system for such a long time and being rabidly supportive of one person or party without question just helps perpetuate the broken political system. Regardless of who they are.


20 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn Facebook Groups Dealing A Death Blow To Labour”

  1. its a group for Corbyn supporters, there are other groups to discuss critical opinions on, its a group for people to re-charge and network with like minded people, its supposed to be an echo chamber. They set up a separate group specifically to discuss Brexit related issues on, rather than on that group. They do get a lot of trolling by fake profiles. You opinion is based on cursory research and poor interpretation of circumstantial evidence and has no validation what so ever.

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  2. Well blow me! I’m a Green Party member and a socialist who has been posting the occasional Corbyn/Labour critical post from time to time and they have been politely received and enthusiastically debated, maybe the article is talking about a different “We Support Jeremy Corbyn” group because this one seems to tolerate diversity on the Left.

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  3. You might want to add that there is a separate group that spins off of this page for brexit debate which is advertised on this page in the sticky at the top of the page. The reason brexit is not debated on the page is because it is such a big issue and it drowns out everything else.

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  4. It is a shame that this is what you have chosen to report on about the “We support Jeremy Corbyn.” group. I’ve been a member in there for a long time and it is full of active discussion – most of which is very positive, inclusive and engaging. I do not speak for the group or any other member, and I am not an Admin – but its fairly easy to get a feel for the overall way things work after being in there for a while.

    It genuinely seems as though there has been an influx of ‘trolling’ recently – I would guess in the last 3 or 4 months it has increased 10-fold, and a fairly quick scan of the user profiles of most of the culprit posters often shows that they are new Facebook users, with very few “friends”. They will often ignore all responses or questions directed back at them – so I think its fair to assume they are mostly not interested in active discussion.

    Call me paranoid if you like – but there are definitely people out there who stand to gain from disruption in Corbyn’s support, including many on Labour’s right; all Conservative party voters or members; plus a planet full of Internet trolls and bored people.

    The Brexit issue is one that can not be discussed in the group without causing friction – and so the Admins decided to create a separate group for such talk. This was a very sensible, diplomatic response to what was becoming a difficult place to hold discourse – as the Brexit vote is clearly divisive – and that is not something specific to Corbyn or Labour.

    Members seem rightly concerned that there is a concerted effort to disrupt (divide and conquer logic etc) – knowing full well that stories just like the one you have written here are probably being mined from our content, exacerbating the issue – and ironically highlighting the need to shut pointless arguments down. It is not beyond comprehension that such divisive threads are started solely for that purpose.

    It is also worth considering the group members’ paranoia in the context of the infamous Labour “Purge” (where social media was trawled for excuses to ban members, and prevent us voting in the Labour leadership contest) – something that was discussed often in the group, creating a real feeling of solidarity.

    Its a strange time to be a Labour party supporter, but in that small part of Facebook we must all have one thing in common: We support Jeremy Corbyn.

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  5. This group is for supporters of Mr Corbyn to discus issues pertaining to Mr Corbyn and in fact the admin of the group opened up a whole group for the purpose of debate on brexit to prevent the whole page being swamped by the subject ..this is just more fake news

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  6. This has been my experience on my local official Labour Party sites. Not on the topic of Brexit, but very definite shutting down of debate on ‘progressive alliances’. I was immediately banned from one group for linking to a Guardian article on the subject. I’m a Corbyn supporter, for the record.


  7. I found it difficult to be in a political facebook group which is supporting a politician no matter what he is proposing…and when I see that in some Corbyn Group the discussion about what happened 30 years ago during the miner strike is far intense than the Brexit, then I have no idea how to reach out to wider electoral. Aside, if Corbyn would follow his conscience and not hiding behind a sickening referendum and would propose to oppose the Brexit he would show real leadership and could win the next election…and the amazing thing is that JC is the only politician in the UK who could propose this turn with some credibility as nobody would think he would do it for personal gain.


  8. I stopped reading after you mentioned the banning of Brexit conversations. I am a member of that group and there are many, many talking points but Brexit was taking over so they set up a new group entirely for Brexit conversations.

    Also those screenshots have been taken completely out of proportion. Yes the moderators do delete comments or threads because sometimes they get too heated and personal. The page sometimes has people in support of Tories or Owen join the group just to cause trouble. So of course the moderators will shut it down before it gets too far.

    EVERYBODY on that group can have a good clean debate or conversation about whatever they like as long as it is in relation to Corbyn.

    Maybe the journalist should do their research a bit better next time. OR are you one of those who likes to put negative things out there about Corbyn and his supporters?

    30k+ people disagree with this article!

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  9. “Up to now the only place you could feasibly find information on Labour policy and actions is via the official Facebook pages and indeed from third party Facebook Groups.”

    Not exactly true as there policies are on their labour website


    1. Perhaps we should have clarified, we said this in regards to third party locations, ie: social media, print press, TV. Of course it should go without saying that any information can be obtained from the originating source.


  10. You cite in your artical “Being a left wing group you would expect huge discussions on this very subject as the left has notoriously backed both leave and remain in huge numbers.”. Well there’s your answer, the left does not hold a position on Brexit, therefore to discuss it can only cause division, as did the referendum as a whole. The fact that you are pushing them to do so is evidence (in my mind) of a sustained and merciless attack upon Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters dressed up to look like something else. If you want to know the UK’s position on Brexit, ask the Government, as they are entirely responsible for the referendum. I think you’ll find that they don’t have the foggiest either. Brexit means Brexit ergo I don’t have a fucking clue means I don’t have a fucking clue either.


  11. I tend to agree with the majority here – it is a real positive that Brexit is debated in the dedicated group as it became a particular contentious & divisive issue; there are a indeed a good number of Tory/BNP/right wing trolls and fake accounts; and the admins do a good job especially considering the size and liveliness of the group.

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  12. Oh seriously, I think you have lost all sense of perspective old chap. To suggest that pro corbyn Facebook groups are killing Labour is frankly ridiculous.
    The party has been doing that all by itself for decades. Don’t you think that the failed PLP coup against corbyn dealt a huge blow to Labours credibility. What about the right wing press’s anti corbyn bias and its failure to talk about his policies.
    What about the growth of champagne socialism?

    The idea that the fair and proper administration of Facebook posts that breach group rules is killing Labour is pathetic. The group rules for these groups are clear and are properly enforced.

    Your time would be much better spent supporting the party

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  13. The Brexit conversations that do appear are always saying JC should ignore the referendum and push to stay in the EU which is not an option and all these posts lead to are disunity with a few die hard remainers saying Corbyn is not up to the job because he will not do as they want, may I point out on the all even those who voted remain still say JC must now carry forward the referendum vote.

    The only people who get banned from the group are those that start being nasty.

    The writer of this article really has either not done enough research before writing this blog, is one of those kicked or have we once again got a Labour First/Progress article here disguised.

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  14. How can you support Labour with such an article? You have isolated some negative conversations in one group and are trying to make it have some bearing on the subject matter in your article. You need more than this to make your case. It is not representative of Labour as a whole. People seem terrified of Jeremy Corbyn and want to take him down and I want to know why?

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