Trump, Tillerson And The Conspiracy In Plain Sight 

Back in early 2016 a story broke that made headline news, years earlier it had been dismissed as a conspiracy theory by some. This year the cards are falling into place as Donald Trump the climate sceptic (we’re being generous with that description) begins to wage war against eco activists in favour of big business and the oil corporations. You already know that Donald Trump is business hungry and was always likely to forego climate issues in favour of the energy firms but what you might not realise is how deep the conspiracy may actually be about to go. 

Posing the question…
Nope. Just a conspiracy.
Not true.. what would have been the point?

THEN in 2016 The Guardian broke a story around documents that had been found indicating that ExxonMobil’s forerunner had not only purchased the patents of environmentally friendly advances in technologies but had systematically withheld the research into these technologies from governments. This was going back as far as the 1940’s. Back then governments were lobbied, as they are now, by the large oil companies and as a result the findings of advances in technology were kept from competing industries such as vehicle manufacturers. The technology existed even back then to produce electric vehicles buy the oil companies were clearly afraid that the advances would put their profits at risk. The oil firm even knew of harmful C02 gases and the impact they were having on the atmosphere but failed to make their findings public, again fearing a hit on their profits. The report says that technology was even being researched into weather manipulation, perhaps giving rise to theories such as geo engineering and HAARP.

The American Petroleum Institute, the main oil lobby, opposed government funding of research into electric cars and low emissions vehicles, telling Congress in 1967: “We take exception to the basic assumption that clean air can be achieved only by finding an alternative to the internal combustion engine.” – The Guardian 

ExxonMobil funded a disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting scientists and blocking government efforts to fight climate change for 50 years. Only in 2008 did they “disavow” climate denial.

“What we saw was an array of patent technologies that demonstrated that these companies had the technologies they needed and could have commercialised to help address the problem of C02 pollution,” said Carroll Muffett, president of the Ciel (The organisation that released the files).

“They then turned to Congress and said you don’t need to invest in electrical vehicle research because the research is ongoing and it’s robust”

You can read more on the documents at the Guardian article here.

A year on from the release of that trove of documents and Donald Trump has within the last few days chosen Rex Tillerson as the new Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson was until the last few days the Chief Executive of ExxonMobil. The role of secretary of state is one of the most high powered roles in the USA as the chief foreign policy advisor.

What’s even more important to note is the connection between Donald Trump’s Pro Putin stance and Rex Tillerson’s past. Tillerson and Putin worked together to pursue energy and drilling deals whilst Russia was subject to US sanctions. Tillerson later received an award from Moscow.

It’s ok though, Tillerson has signed a deal meaning he cannot invest in ExxonMobil whilst in office and cannot work in the industry for 10 years. There is definitely no way around that and no way whatsoever that other deals will be done behind the scenes. 

Now consider Donald Trump’s climate denying opinions including purging the EPA climate change page from its official website (they have rowed back on this action within the last 24 hours) and via executive order reviving the Dakota access pipeline. He previously told one interviewer on Fox News the following; 

‘…the cold weather (it was January) was evidence that there was no climate change’ – Washington Post

Not to mention his more recent comments that have been well publicised in the press.

In short this is the situation we find ourselves in;

•Donald Trump has been, and arguably still is, a climate change denier. 

•Donald Trump has openly stated he wishes to work with, and closely to, Russia (we make no comment here on the principle of working alongside Russia). 

•Donald Trump has authorised the continuation of the Dakota pipeline. 

•Donald Trump has just hired Rex Tillerson, a Chief executive of ExxonMobil. 

•Rex Tillerson worked with Russia on oil deals when the US government had sanctions against them

•ExxonMobil are under scrutiny for historic cover ups of technology that could have halved Co2 emissions and also covering up the effects of C02 on the climate.

Finally (this warrants a paragraph on its own), in October 2016 it was revealed that Donald Trump had received huge donations into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for his presidential campaign from one Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer Partners the firm behind the construction of the Dakota access pipeline. 

They used to think that the idea of oil firms covering up patent squatting and covering up the proof of the effects on the climate from C02 emissions was just a conspiracy. The truth is that the conspiracy is no longer such and instead the truth is now burying itself deep within the White House.


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