How To Recognise Class Difference 

The working classes, also known as the lower classes or the unemployed or working poor are statistically in decline according to the UK government. Wether you believe that claim is likely dependent on what statistics you believe and how you define class itself. 

So much has changed, much of it manufactured to cement the elite, the oligarchs and the corporate Capitalists in their safe space. 

So how do we define class? I could bore you with a thesis, perhaps an essay or well researched article but today I think it’s more pertinent to describe things exactly as they are in layman’s terms. 

The working classes tend to be the ones who give a damn about everyone to one degree or another, including themselves. They know what it’s like to suffer themselves at the bottom rung of society so develop an understanding of others and their positions. Empathy and even sympathy are two of the greatest traits of the working classes. Hardy, forgiving and loyal in the extreme to either family or country and fellow man or perhaps all three and nor do they suffer fools. This is not to say they are perfect, far from it, the working classes are just human after all. They can be dramatic, as unforgiving as forgiving and sometimes they will let you know in no uncertain terms how they feel about your sense of entitlement.. especially if you’re the next class.. the middles class. 

So how can you spot the middle classes? They tend to be the ones that really worry about little Andrew doing well at preschool, like his entire future prospects rest on how well he can paint by the time he joins the reception year at Primary school. They really worry about how much dog turd is on the local green. (Of course even the working classes don’t like dog poop on their local green, but really… you don’t know what ‘dislike’ is until you hear the middle classes chattering). They tend to ensure that little Jennifer knows how to do arts and crafts better than that women off changing rooms.. throughout their entire childhood! 

More importantly they worry about traffic and how long it takes to get to work… yet won’t protest at the lack of investments in new transport systems, they worry about the environment but insist public transport is only for those people.. over there. They are contradictory in their opinions and usually don’t have a grasp on reality out in the big bad world.

When they do protest it’s usually on local issues rather than national issues because their local area is far more important than those poor little towns in the North. They pretend to really care about others but watch them have an argument with someone from the working classes and just watch the contempt ooze from their skin.

They tend to worry about the cost of roaming charges if the UK leaves the EU or the cost of a holiday, unlike the working classes who primarily focus on the national issues at home. 

Quite simply the middle classes tend to be about self interest and closed to what is really going on in this world and the effect it all has on others who are not ‘like them‘. Whereas the working classes tend to see the bigger picture yet supposedly are the more stupid in our society, the bigots, the uneducated, the poor. The have-nots. 

The two classes can probably be summed up as ‘Life Vs Self’.
The middle classes are easily manipulated but not by the working class. They don’t mix with the working class enough to be able to be manipulated by them, it’s the final lot that somehow manage to manipulate them. The Upper classes. 

They are ones consumed with figuring out ways to manipulate the middle classes into thinking that the ‘self’ is what it’s all about and insisting that the working classes are irresponsible, unproductive and troublesome. 

The government and the elite system in place in our society tends to be governed by that very upper class. 

Far from Thersea May making Britian work for everyone, what she really means is that with enough divisional tactics and policies she may just succeed in making middle England believe that there are no problems in society because as was mentioned, the middle classes are easily manipulated.  

It was recently said that class divides and class war is on the decline but it really isn’t. It’s the lack of recognition of that fact that results in the manufactured divisions that has resulted in voter apathy, the destruction of the NHS and the decline in public services because if you’re from the middle or upper classes something like NHS privatisation sounds like a really good idea. 

When the working classes recognise that there are enough of them in the country who haven’t been dealt a fair hand then they may just be able to rise up and demand fairness and equality for everyone. 

The working classes have in places been manipulated themselves into believing that they are middle class and that they can aspire to be even better citizens by minding their own god damn business and leaving the government alone.

Whilst everyone can aspire to better things, everyone also knows full well the chances and prospects they have in life and there are only so many well paid jobs in this land of ours that will provide a wealthy lifestyle and the truth is.. most of us won’t even see a job like that. The sooner we accept that, the sooner the working classes can fight back and the sooner our communities can find cohesion again and with that, themselves.


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