The Scum Bets

You’ll know the story by now. Wayne Shaw the Sutton United reserve goalkeeper ate a pie whilst in the dugout of their FA Cup game versus Arsenal just days ago. Unusual and certainly not professional but it wasn’t until the following morning that it was revealed that it was seemingly part of a bet. 

What’s more it turned out that he knew of the 8/1 odds offered by S*n Bets of him doing so and then let a few of his pals know of the odds. 

Some say he often eats a pie in the dug out and perhaps this is why the betting firm put the odds up in the first place, but regardless of that, the implication is that he helped alter the outcome of those odds and thus broke sporting rules on betting. 

Shaw offered his resignation and was subsequently sacked over the incident and remains under investigation, as does Sutton United.

I am not though going to talk at any great length as to wether he should have been sacked but as it happens we think the club should have stuck by him, instead the real villains here are the betting firm that we ‘lovingly’ call Scum Bets and will refer to them as such throughout this article.

When you place a bet on a football game you are not reliant on one individual to produce a favourable outcome, there are dozens of people involved and various outside influences. Same as most other sports. You could cite snooker as an exception where one individual is capable of throwing an entire game but the betting firm, usually impartial, may lose money on the game that is thrown. Depends on circumstances, you’re also talking about a whole game being often in the full glare of the public.

Yes you can bet on pretty much anything through a bookie but there is often a level of unknowability, an element of unpredictability, that’s why bookies have odds.. the odds of something happening or not happening and the greater chance of something happening, the worse odds you’re likely to get for your money.

Then consider that Scum Bets sponsored this one off Sutton V Arsenal football game. Consider that they would have known about the keepers alleged mid match pie eating antics and then consider they offered what is actually brilliant odds of 8/1. As some have pointed out, if Shaw had seen these odds and decided not to eat the pie, he would still be influencing the outcome. It seems his error was informing a few friends of these odds, but it’s not like they might not have seen these odds themselves at some point anyway and if they already know of his mid match antics then they already have inside knowledge. 

Scum Bets proudly announced how much they paid out in winnings and what brilliant advertising it’s been for them, not heavily out of pocket and the media circus has bought them advertising they could only have dreamed of. 

Who offers 8/1 on wether one individual will eat a pie when they apparently have previous form for doing so? Even if they don’t have previous form for it… why would you put those odds up? Bit random isn’t it? It’s almost like they knew he would do so. 

Shaw may or may not be guilty of collusion but what this does show is that Scum Bets were heavily involved somewhere and wether they actually broke betting guidelines or not they certainly broke a moral code and in the end they ended one man’s footballing days and they walk away the Victor’s financially. They should be paying Shaw a payout if only out of goodwill. As compensation for messing around with the system. Unless of course he was involved directly, in which case he gets what he deserves but that investigation is ongoing. In any case this is after all just Sutton United and a reserve keeper who is as much danger to his opponents as a tortoise is to a cheetah in a running race. Let the man have his place back. 

As for Scum Bets, they should hang their head in shame, after all, they must be used to it by now. Many places put an asterisk in place of the ‘u’ in the word S*n and Liverpool has dropped the rag of a paper from the City altogether. Good job too. 

From Rebecca Brooks’ special relationship with Prime Minster David Cameron to the phone tapping scandal, from the denigration of the memories of the Hillsborough victims to their sensationalist headlines and from their outright lies to their outright bias the S*n along with Scum Bets should be put to the history books.


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