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Owen Jones’ brave call on Labour, Corbyn and the Left (Video)

Some people have criticised our recent stance on Jeremy Corbyn (see our last blog post here, ‘We’re Left Wing, We’re Calling It, Corbyn Is Finished’) and the outrage that some of you felt over the article is understandable. 

Here in the video below Owen Jones speaks candidly about Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the Left in almost exactly the same tone we did in our article. Even if you dont agree on the similarities, be assured we agree with much of what he says. No doubt he too will be shown some similar outrage. 

He talks at the end about desiring a radical left party with the right leadership, he has clearly no desire for a return to Blairism. If Labour could have Corbyn’s policies with the right leadership it really could work. He’s right.

The only difference between us and Owen Jones is that he believes a radical left Labour is possible. We don’t, especially with the question of Brexit. The left, as he even mentions himself in the video, is split on this issue. As a result, whichever leader comes to the fore must take a stance on Brexit and that may well alienate the opposing side to that leadership, potentially splitting Labour’s support into two again. 

As a result we still believe that forming a dedicated Socialist party or joining a ready made smaller Socialist party is the lefts best hope for the long term future, if not the immediate future. 

If we’re wrong on Corbyn, then so is Owen Jones. He’s not the lefts best friend at the moment, but he was the lefts best friend when he was vocal against the Blairites. How fickle some of us on the left can be.

No doubt some will refuse to watch this video but it’s perhaps the most considered piece on Corbyn, Labour and the left we have seen. 

Some of you said we were “talking bollocks”  and other such nice things in our article. You’re entitled to disagree but we feel that with such similar views to other well known people such as Owen Jones here, who is also on the left, that our stance has been vindicated. 

Owen Jones has had to defend himself against allegations of being a left wing sell out or a right wing PLP supporting traitor. We were also called that, but we won’t be openly defending our position. People who have followed us for some time know full well, we are still left wing and always will be. Owen Jones video is worth the listen, even if you’re sceptical. 

He has made a brave decision in compiling this video, knowing the backlash he may receive. It’s brave to swim against the tide and that’s what he is doing, but more and more people on the left are now starting to have major doubts about the future, so it’s right that the issues are openly discussed. 

If anyone wishes to discuss the future of the Left and finding a way forward you’re invited to join Solutions for the Left on Facebook. 

Here’s the video from Owen Jones 


We’re Left Wing, We’re calling it. Corbyn Is Finished

In over two years there has been no substantial evidence whatsoever that the dream of getting Jeremy Corbyn elected at the next general election is even remotely possible.

Before every modern left winger sends the hate mail, let me just make this point. We know it’s largely down to the PLP and we know the bias MSM have played their part in this too. The fact remains we have gone backwards not forwards. 

Join the debate. Share your thoughts on the way forward for the left at Solutions for the Left on Facebook.

At the turn of the year we were told Corbyn was to relaunch himself and the party. However if someone can point out where the relaunch disappeared to that would be great. It’s almost March. Almost three months since the relaunch and all we have had is several car crash interviews from Dianne Abbott, mixed messages over immigration from different Labour MP’s, a mixed message on Brexit and importantly, an unclear message. We have lost Copeland, (no, there are no excuses, the public don’t care if the candidate likes Corbyn or not) and now a ‘soft coup’ has started, out of the public eye. So the public won’t really care what’s going on that much behind closed doors. 

It also comes to something when a Tory MP becomes the first vocal opponent of the government’s PIP cuts.. this should be Corbyn’s bread and butter, and Labours. The messages are being lost. Yes Labour are opposing them, we know that, but who else knew? 

It doesn’t matter why Corbyn has not succeeded, he simply has not cracked this particular nut. The PLP remains (which was a huge mistake, they should have gone at the start), the old Blairites remain in the shadows, the public is no nearer backing Corbyn evidenced by Copeland and the 18 point gap in the polls. Yes, I know, polls don’t mean anything. But seeing as they were usually accurate prior to the last 12 months it appears it’s convenient for us to dismiss them all together now. So I am guessing that in truth Corbyn is the most popular leader around and Labour are going to swoop to power in 2020? No. Didn’t think so. 

There are some who insist in fighting on and fair play to them, you can’t criticise people for trying but sadly I still feel that no matter what happens here on in, Corbyn’s dream is dead in the water. Some people are behaving like a puppy lying by the side of their dead mother dog, pining for them and nudging them in the hope that they will stand up and play with them. Only for those on the outside to see it’s just a sad, sorry sight. 

When Corbyn has gone, some within Labour’s membership will vote for whoever comes to the leadership table, as they say “better Labour than the Conservatives”. Some will move to the Greens, some may back Labour under a fairly left wing candidate like Angela Rayner, some will move back to places like Left Unity, some ‘won’t bother to vote’ again. This will result in two things, the true left and their cause will have been set back several years at the same time as a probable centre left Labour Party re-emerges. Resulting in the original status quo of the Lib Lab Con. The Neocons will have returned. 

We think the long term solution (it won’t happen over night) is for the left to reconvene in one smaller fringe party, propelling it from obscurity into the limelight as what would surely be one of the largest socialist parties in Europe, taking over Labour perhaps? Any injection of membership fees means candidates can stand almost immediately and the battle for the true left begins. The disadvantage is that it will take time to build up MP’s, the advantage is that it will be a wholly left wing party built on truly socialist policies with the mechanism to ensure a left wing candidate goes all the way without any hindrance. The alternative is to keep fighting the PLP on their own turf. 

Even during protests today the flags that can be seen flying are ones promoting the likes of the Socialist Party, you don’t see Labour flags. That has to speak volumes for what the answer should be, Socialist Party or any other party.
Some say that Labour was not theirs (the PLP) to start with. Perhaps not. It was once the party of the left, but the tentacles of the Neocons have reached far into the mechanism like a Cancer merging with the hosts organs. The damage is done. 

If you want to discuss the way forward for the left, both here in the UK and abroad and you want to share your ideas about what should happen next then join the debate and discussion over at the group Solutions for the Left on Facebook.

The Left Are Oblivious To What’s Coming 

It’s a popular concensus to suggest that the likes of Trump and UKIP are a danger to us all. Described by some as either far right, right wing or just plain dangerous, the truth is that neither of these two are the real danger facing the left. 

In fact we have been facing this particular danger for many years, the only difference is that the focus has changed and we have put the real danger to the back of our minds. We are being distracted and it’s going to come and bite us all in the backside, hard.

The real danger is Neoconservatism, or Neocon for short. Neither Trump nor UKIP fit this billing. 

Trump and UKIP share a few qualities and they centre around protectionism. This will manifest in a desire to bring back industries lost to Capitalism (or progress), protect ones own country at the expense perhaps of foreigners, protect jobs and importantly keep out of foreign affairs as far as possible. The ideas often result in high levels of nationalism and that can be viewed by some as a good thing and others as bad depending on your take on things. In contrast protectionists do not usually like to interfere abroad, they tend to be militarily neutral and they have no desire to overthrow governments for whatever reason. To do so is considered expansionism or imperialism. It’s therefore extremely important to distinguish between imperialist nationalism and protectionist nationalism and both UKIP and Trump fall into the latter.

Today all the focus is on both of these political entities with UKIP constantly being labelled rightly or wrongly as racist and Trumps inauguration instigating one of the largest ever nationwide protests in US history and huge protests elsewhere around the world. Billed as perhaps the most dangerous man to ever enter the Whitehouse. In some ways that may well be true especially if your concerns are ones around the environment.

Whilst the world gazes almost hypnotically at the Whitehouse and the rise of right wing parties across Europe, the left is almost entirely taking its eye off the real danger. The Neocons. 

It’s not a great leap to suggest that Trump being elected was their plan all along. With the world seemingly turning against Imperialism and Neocons/Oligarchs and their domination under threat, what better way to scare the masses than put someone like Trump into power? 

One conspiracy too far? Perhaps, though the end result of Trumps leadership may well result in something equally as powerful to the Neocons. Cementing for many a year to come their unequivocal power and hold, on the electorate, rolling back the fear the people have of them and instead ensuring that the public embraces them.

Consider the image below; 

Taken from the article it explains how Conservatives are trying to literally turn people away from the likes of Bernie Sanders and Socialism such is their fear of real change. In the article it states; 

“Americans needed to be reminded of life under the Soviet Union, arguing that they were insufficiently aware of the dangers of authoritarian states under communism.”

 It goes on to say 

“The panel repeatedly mentioned lessons from countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and the former Soviet Union, saying that millennials had to understand that socialism is inseparable from dictatorship”

If that is not enough to convince you that the Neocons are vying to take back control listen to this recent video featuring Hillary Clinton speaking for the DNC. 

Here she takes credit for the protests against Trump and claims that the Democrats produced the most “radical” set of policies in “history” during the presidential campaign. If you believe any of that then you’re bound to be one of the ones voting for the Neocons at the next election. Heck! She even used the phrase “resistance and persistence” . This is the way it will go between now and whenever the next election is. The Neocons will be brilliantly executing their plans to convince you that Neoconservatism is ‘normal’. Chances are it will work too because the left have taken their eye off the ball. The threat is not Trump, it’s still the imperialist, expansionist neoconservatives. 

They will return to power and when they do they will have a vice like grip on the electorate like never before because, they will say, ‘we never want another Trump in power again’ and with the Conservative youth wings of politics promoting Socialism as ‘bad’ like ‘Communist’ Russia and Venezuela, what chances that people will take another gamble after Trump? 

Meanwhile the likes of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the US continue to try to fight the establishment tide within the Labour Party and Democratic Party respectively. 

When will the real left learn? To really make it work you have to break the mould. Stop trying to swing established Neocon parties to your way of thinking. Develop your own party, swell the ranks and turn the election into a genuine three horse race. The establishment clearly won’t allow you to win using their resources. Sure, it won’t be easy in a new party but at least you’ll get the right candidate and you will live and die by your policies and hard work and not at the hands of a secretive, bias DNC or in the case of Labour in the UK, the PLP. 

Perhaps the single biggest stumbling block though is the split running right through the Left at the moment on both sides of the Atlantic between the traditional working class left and the New modern left. I am in no doubt that many working class left, voted for Trump, as are many here in the UK voting for UKIP. 

The new modern left can’t understand this and having never likely been involved in old industries where workers rights and jobs was what it was all about, which includes curtailing migration when it needs to be done, the bridge between the two is hard to gap. 

The new modern left does include what many consider the far-left which entails Open borders and non nuclear policies but getting a traditional working class man to agree with you on those points I am thinking is going to be a tough job. 

As few left wing parties subscribe to this thought process the traditional left are turning to more right wing parties that offer protectionism. 

Unless these issues can be sorted out amongst the left then it will be hard to get a leader they want. Let alone the fact that right now the left are not even focusing on the right threat. The Neocons. It’s time the left opened their eyes to what lies ahead.

The Scum Bets

You’ll know the story by now. Wayne Shaw the Sutton United reserve goalkeeper ate a pie whilst in the dugout of their FA Cup game versus Arsenal just days ago. Unusual and certainly not professional but it wasn’t until the following morning that it was revealed that it was seemingly part of a bet. 

What’s more it turned out that he knew of the 8/1 odds offered by S*n Bets of him doing so and then let a few of his pals know of the odds. 

Some say he often eats a pie in the dug out and perhaps this is why the betting firm put the odds up in the first place, but regardless of that, the implication is that he helped alter the outcome of those odds and thus broke sporting rules on betting. 

Shaw offered his resignation and was subsequently sacked over the incident and remains under investigation, as does Sutton United.

I am not though going to talk at any great length as to wether he should have been sacked but as it happens we think the club should have stuck by him, instead the real villains here are the betting firm that we ‘lovingly’ call Scum Bets and will refer to them as such throughout this article.

When you place a bet on a football game you are not reliant on one individual to produce a favourable outcome, there are dozens of people involved and various outside influences. Same as most other sports. You could cite snooker as an exception where one individual is capable of throwing an entire game but the betting firm, usually impartial, may lose money on the game that is thrown. Depends on circumstances, you’re also talking about a whole game being often in the full glare of the public.

Yes you can bet on pretty much anything through a bookie but there is often a level of unknowability, an element of unpredictability, that’s why bookies have odds.. the odds of something happening or not happening and the greater chance of something happening, the worse odds you’re likely to get for your money.

Then consider that Scum Bets sponsored this one off Sutton V Arsenal football game. Consider that they would have known about the keepers alleged mid match pie eating antics and then consider they offered what is actually brilliant odds of 8/1. As some have pointed out, if Shaw had seen these odds and decided not to eat the pie, he would still be influencing the outcome. It seems his error was informing a few friends of these odds, but it’s not like they might not have seen these odds themselves at some point anyway and if they already know of his mid match antics then they already have inside knowledge. 

Scum Bets proudly announced how much they paid out in winnings and what brilliant advertising it’s been for them, not heavily out of pocket and the media circus has bought them advertising they could only have dreamed of. 

Who offers 8/1 on wether one individual will eat a pie when they apparently have previous form for doing so? Even if they don’t have previous form for it… why would you put those odds up? Bit random isn’t it? It’s almost like they knew he would do so. 

Shaw may or may not be guilty of collusion but what this does show is that Scum Bets were heavily involved somewhere and wether they actually broke betting guidelines or not they certainly broke a moral code and in the end they ended one man’s footballing days and they walk away the Victor’s financially. They should be paying Shaw a payout if only out of goodwill. As compensation for messing around with the system. Unless of course he was involved directly, in which case he gets what he deserves but that investigation is ongoing. In any case this is after all just Sutton United and a reserve keeper who is as much danger to his opponents as a tortoise is to a cheetah in a running race. Let the man have his place back. 

As for Scum Bets, they should hang their head in shame, after all, they must be used to it by now. Many places put an asterisk in place of the ‘u’ in the word S*n and Liverpool has dropped the rag of a paper from the City altogether. Good job too. 

From Rebecca Brooks’ special relationship with Prime Minster David Cameron to the phone tapping scandal, from the denigration of the memories of the Hillsborough victims to their sensationalist headlines and from their outright lies to their outright bias the S*n along with Scum Bets should be put to the history books.

How To Recognise Class Difference 

The working classes, also known as the lower classes or the unemployed or working poor are statistically in decline according to the UK government. Wether you believe that claim is likely dependent on what statistics you believe and how you define class itself. 

So much has changed, much of it manufactured to cement the elite, the oligarchs and the corporate Capitalists in their safe space. 

So how do we define class? I could bore you with a thesis, perhaps an essay or well researched article but today I think it’s more pertinent to describe things exactly as they are in layman’s terms. 

The working classes tend to be the ones who give a damn about everyone to one degree or another, including themselves. They know what it’s like to suffer themselves at the bottom rung of society so develop an understanding of others and their positions. Empathy and even sympathy are two of the greatest traits of the working classes. Hardy, forgiving and loyal in the extreme to either family or country and fellow man or perhaps all three and nor do they suffer fools. This is not to say they are perfect, far from it, the working classes are just human after all. They can be dramatic, as unforgiving as forgiving and sometimes they will let you know in no uncertain terms how they feel about your sense of entitlement.. especially if you’re the next class.. the middles class. 

So how can you spot the middle classes? They tend to be the ones that really worry about little Andrew doing well at preschool, like his entire future prospects rest on how well he can paint by the time he joins the reception year at Primary school. They really worry about how much dog turd is on the local green. (Of course even the working classes don’t like dog poop on their local green, but really… you don’t know what ‘dislike’ is until you hear the middle classes chattering). They tend to ensure that little Jennifer knows how to do arts and crafts better than that women off changing rooms.. throughout their entire childhood! 

More importantly they worry about traffic and how long it takes to get to work… yet won’t protest at the lack of investments in new transport systems, they worry about the environment but insist public transport is only for those people.. over there. They are contradictory in their opinions and usually don’t have a grasp on reality out in the big bad world.

When they do protest it’s usually on local issues rather than national issues because their local area is far more important than those poor little towns in the North. They pretend to really care about others but watch them have an argument with someone from the working classes and just watch the contempt ooze from their skin.

They tend to worry about the cost of roaming charges if the UK leaves the EU or the cost of a holiday, unlike the working classes who primarily focus on the national issues at home. 

Quite simply the middle classes tend to be about self interest and closed to what is really going on in this world and the effect it all has on others who are not ‘like them‘. Whereas the working classes tend to see the bigger picture yet supposedly are the more stupid in our society, the bigots, the uneducated, the poor. The have-nots. 

The two classes can probably be summed up as ‘Life Vs Self’.
The middle classes are easily manipulated but not by the working class. They don’t mix with the working class enough to be able to be manipulated by them, it’s the final lot that somehow manage to manipulate them. The Upper classes. 

They are ones consumed with figuring out ways to manipulate the middle classes into thinking that the ‘self’ is what it’s all about and insisting that the working classes are irresponsible, unproductive and troublesome. 

The government and the elite system in place in our society tends to be governed by that very upper class. 

Far from Thersea May making Britian work for everyone, what she really means is that with enough divisional tactics and policies she may just succeed in making middle England believe that there are no problems in society because as was mentioned, the middle classes are easily manipulated.  

It was recently said that class divides and class war is on the decline but it really isn’t. It’s the lack of recognition of that fact that results in the manufactured divisions that has resulted in voter apathy, the destruction of the NHS and the decline in public services because if you’re from the middle or upper classes something like NHS privatisation sounds like a really good idea. 

When the working classes recognise that there are enough of them in the country who haven’t been dealt a fair hand then they may just be able to rise up and demand fairness and equality for everyone. 

The working classes have in places been manipulated themselves into believing that they are middle class and that they can aspire to be even better citizens by minding their own god damn business and leaving the government alone.

Whilst everyone can aspire to better things, everyone also knows full well the chances and prospects they have in life and there are only so many well paid jobs in this land of ours that will provide a wealthy lifestyle and the truth is.. most of us won’t even see a job like that. The sooner we accept that, the sooner the working classes can fight back and the sooner our communities can find cohesion again and with that, themselves.

The Effect Of Trump And Brexit on the Left

Trump hates the media right now. He slates them at any given opportunity and oddly perhaps this is where the hypocrisy and a clear split in the left of politics is evident and it’s a clear simulation of what has happened with Brexit in the UK.

For many a year the left has seemingly been unified across the board with social justice, the fight against the elite and 1% and the campaign against mainstream media in favour or independent or alternative media being the order of the day. 

Yet when push has come to shove the left has split in two causing perhaps untold and permanent damage to the foregoing unity. 

When Brexit was on the menu many on the left decided to back remain in the EU for mainly two reasons. One reason was because Jeremy Corbyn said to and the second reason being that some genuinely felt that staying in the EU protected rights and jobs in the UK along with environmental protections. 

On the other side the traditional working class, often seen as the traditional left, voted to leave the EU based in large part on concerns over jobs and this then manifested in concerns over immigration but backing these large numbers up was another large chunk of the left, known during the EU vote as Lexiters (Left Exit), they believed that immigration had little to do with the issues and instead focused their concerns on what the left had usually been united on, the fall of the 1% and the attack on the elite. They also believed that by leaving the EU it would stop foreign workers being paid below the national UK minimum wage and also in turn protect jobs in the UK. By leaving the EU it would help curtail at least the European super state forming and make it harder for the elite and 1% to operate. With the loss of pan European finance legislations it would indeed make life much harder for the banks and corporations. 

The difference between Lexit voters and the pro-EU left was principal. Lexit voters would vote against what they had always campaigned against even if it meant harder times for those in the UK (and there has so far been little evidence of that) whereas Pro-EU left voters voted on the fear that a Tory government would slash and burn workers rights and become entirely anti-immigration even if it meant backing the elite and 1%…something they too had campaigned for over the years. What they perhaps failed to see was the long term solution that a Tory government would not always be in power and that even Jeremy Corbyn spoke of a different Europe based on Socialist values if the UK came out of the current EU and a Left government came to power.

Regardless of all that though, it meant the left had split and a new dividing line had formed. 

What then is the link between this and Trump? Principle. 

The left has for a long time campaigned against the mainstream media as corrupt and bias with around 6 corporations in control of much of the world’s mainstream media. The tycoon ‘Murdoch’ perhaps being the most hated figure within the media spectrum.

Now though the same split as Brexit is appearing around Trump’s dealing with the media. Much of the left is rounding on Trump for not taking questions from the media, shutting down the conversation and ultimately berating the media and sometimes even insulting it. This section of the left is demanding that he deal with the media properly, like Obama did and citing Trump’s attitude as evidence of his Incompetence and unprofessionalism. 

Yet those on the other side of the left divide recognise that Trump’s behaviour toward the media is exactly what the left has in some ways been campaigning for. To put the media in its place, to reject it. To call it out for what they often are, hyperbolic liars incapable of true journalism. 

Perhaps in some ways the stand off between Trump and the media will galvanise journalists to finally do some real investigative journalism but when it comes to principle, the left has split irrevocably on a number of issues including Brexit and Trump. 

Some may argue that those on the left that support Trump’s stance with the media and support Brexit are also in turn supporting the right. However when it comes to principle you are not meant to change your views based on what others are doing or want. You stick to them, regardless. Only if something truly horrifying is happening should you consider altering your values and so far, with just a few days under his belt and just a few months after the Brexit vote, neither Trump nor Brexit have come close to be truly horrifying… yet. What it does show is that some on the left are so focused on their label as social justice protectors that anything else pails and such a one track mind can be as dangerous as a right wing supporter also with a one track mind. It takes little intelligence and little forethought to stand for something without having given it some long term analysis.

I can’t let the article finish without mentioning the violence and destruction that some on the left are committing. The only violence or destruction that ever need be committed is when it matters and only then against the actual target of the anger, that being, usually, government or corporate property or persons. Targeting your own communities or fellow citizens is most often cowardly and ineffectual and very stupid. 

Jeremy Corbyn Facebook Groups Dealing A Death Blow To Labour

Right about now Corbyn and Co. are about to launch their 2017 strategy for engaging with the electorate. It seems to have already begun with the ‘Rail Fail’ campaign highlighting the need to re-nationalise the railways. Apparently we will see more of Jeremy on our TV screens too and not before time. 

Up to now the only place you could feasibly find information on Labour policy and actions is via the official Facebook pages and indeed from third party Facebook Groups. Already you can see, that without mainstream media air- time many of Labours messages are lost on the electorate especially when Dianne Abbott gets in front of a microphone. Her opinions on Brexit and immigration seem confused at times as further evidenced by Keir Starmers comments on immigration. 

We are Jeremy Corbyn supporters ourselves at UKI Left but we recognise that unless Labour gets itself in tune then the messages will be lost on the public regardless how much mainstream airtime they get. Of course nothing is helped when the right wing of the party are on a vow of silence, but the trouble with that is they are not going anywhere. Not any time soon. As a result Corbyn is regrettably walking a tightrope between abject failure and survival.

So what of these social media Corbyn supporting groups such as ‘We Support Jeremy Corbyn’? Surely they are good for the profile of Jeremy Corbyn? It seems not. With well over 30,000 members and the largest Jeremy Corbyn supporting group on Facebook you would think it an ideal place to air concerns and challenge the issues on Brexit, the economy and more. 

The group though systematically bans posts relating to Brexit discussions. The biggest talking point in British politics today is silenced yet it’s this issue more than any other that divides the nation and divides politicians alike. Being a left wing group you would expect huge discussions on this very subject as the left has notoriously backed both leave and remain in huge numbers. 

In fact many posters within this Facebook group appear to often be targeted by what can only be described as fanatical Jeremy Corbyn supporters. In both equal measure they on one hand criticise some members for daring to question a Corbyn led policy and denounce attitudes as “not very Corbyn like” yet on the other hand attack the poster in a manner that ironically is ‘not very Corbyn like’. These posts and their originators often end up being banned from the group, dismissed as trolls when in reality anyone passing an objective eye can see that the posts are usually not in the same ball park as “trolling”. It’s simply a matter of anything other than pro Corbyn sentiment being disregarded as an “attack on Jeremy corbyn” such is the seige mentality of some Corbyn supporters. It’s the ultimate echo chamber where nothing is challenged and nothing learned. 

Here is just one recent example:

One person recently posted the following 

The same person was called a ‘Tory troll plant’ and responds as below:

Another person in the same thread responds to the OP with this wonderful reply which highlights everything we have said in this article:

We would suggest highlighting the bad practice of admin shutting down debate is not negative or divisive, it’s highly pertinent.

Yet what this all goes to show is that if online criticism or questioning is disregarded by such large groups then what hope does that electorate have of learning about the intricacies of policy decisions? With little TV coverage to date, a vow of silence by the PLP, barely any positive news articles and now the issue around social media groups it will only spell one thing. Oblivion for Labour, certainly if things continue in this manner. 

This is not isolated, this occurs in many social media forums but particularly here in the biggest Jeremy Corbyn supporters group on Facebook and all this does is feed into a negative atmosphere, even turning some people against each other and they are meant to be on the same side.

This is important not only because of the situation Labour finds itself in but also because Social Media has been a bonus for many political campaigns over the past few years and if the campaigns and support groups can’t get to grips with genuine criticism then the Social media advantages will be worthless.

As left wing political supporters ourselves we pride ourselves on particularly this one thing, that despite a particular leaning towards one end of the political spectrum, we are no one’s pet. We do not support anyone unequivocally just because someone sits on the left. We question and we critique all to ensure that no politician ever forgets who voted for them and who backed them. To do otherwise is precisely what has landed us the two party system for such a long time and being rabidly supportive of one person or party without question just helps perpetuate the broken political system. Regardless of who they are.