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Our Blog Has Changed – UKI Left

We have changed the name across our social networks from Fifth Opinion to ‘UKI Left’ which is short for ‘UK & International Left’. We are providing the same content as before but we feel our ‘re-brand’ better reflects what we are about. We have a new URL which is please save it to your bookmarks and replace the old one.

We can still be reached on Facebook at 

We are also on Twitter @RevoSocUK 

We hope you like our new look and feel.


Syria, Black Out

Black Out for Syria #blackoutforsyria

We have witnessed some horrifying videos of atrocities in Syria committed by all sides. We blame governments, especially western governments for their ineptitude and failing to learn from past mistakes but ultimately the people that suffer the most are innocents civilians and particularly children who don’t even know what is going on.

If nothing else, it’s clear that Bombs are going to add to that misery. #blackoutforsyria


Whatever your position on the Syrian crisis we can all agree on one thing, Syria is a mess. Syria is a pawn for the political players. It’s time we sent a message via social media that instead of supporting one atrocity over another or ‘choosing sides’ or deciding how many Bombs to drop we should all stand in unity and say to our governments no more suffering. No more bombs. No more revenge. No more proxy wars. No more arming so called moderate groups. We want transparency and openness. #blackoutforsyria

***WHAT TO DO***

Please join us and help start something by blacking out your profile photo and cover photo for one week starting Monday 23rd November until 30th November. You can start now and end whenever you like but please black out for that week at least. #blackoutforsyria

Make your profile photo AND your cover photo black & blank. NOTHING ELSE. 

The more people do this the more questions will be asked and the more will join and with some luck it may be picked up by the media and the message will be heard loud and clear. 

Please share this event with others. 

BLACK OUT FOR SYRIA! #blackoutforsyria

Please visit our Facebook Event page and add your name to the numbers showing support, click here or the link below