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2016 : A False Dawn Of Truth Amidst Chaos

This will be short but it’s an important reflection of 2016.

This was a year of political chaos for many people around the world. From the UK Brexit vote to Donald Trump’s victory in the USA, from the destruction of parts of Syria to the destruction of Yemen, from the Austrian near far right vote to South Korea’s demonstrations to oust their corrupt leadership and all of that is really just the tip of the iceburg, but what a tip it is. The ramifications from many of these situations will continue long into 2017.

All of these things though have something in common and that is their truth value. A truth that people have had enough and that people were willing to rock the boat of stability in order to effect a change. Love it or loath it, these situations cast a light on public sentiment and not all of it is good. Far from the belief of the left that things must change for the better and calling on the public to heed that message, it’s been far easier for the public to express their anger in the most obvious of human traits and that isn’t good either.

It does represent the truth. That people are fed up with things and who can blame them after a decade of austerity, rising costs and stagnating wages but what does it mean for 2017 and beyond? 

It would be easy to say “more of the same” and perhaps the trend may continue in some respects, but within choas, even if it is of the people’s own making and volition, comes the desire for stability and safety and that may actually translate into people reflecting on a turbulent political year and voting for stability instead and if that happens we can expect to at least see Donald Trump towing the well trodden path so many have taken before him rather than branching out into a cauldron of Trump-Politics, Theresa May continuing to enjoy high polling in the UK rather than Corbyn breaking the mould, Italy, France and Germany voting for what they know best of all and the Middle East finding an unusually quiet year ahead and come December 31st 2017, we may just return to what we do best.. burying our heads in the political sand and avoiding the notion that politics is corrupt. 

After all, the politicians know best and the people need leaders.