About us

‘UKI Left’ (UK & International Left) is a left wing blog that comments on politics, social justice and current affairs aiming to decipher the truth in the headlines and bring you a different perspective.

We follow and comment on the entire left wing spectrum wether it be democratic socialism, anarchism, minarchism, communism or libertarianism and everything in between. As a result not everyone will agree with all Postings. We do not follow the MSM in terms of our blog postings. Our thoughts are our own and the blog articles will always reflect that, even if the opinions appear to be against popular concensus. 

We are not a popularity contest and we follow no particular concensus on any issue. We exist to ask questions, create debate and consider all sides even if they appear to be at odds with our own side of the debate. We are not an echo chamber.

If you want different opinions or different view points then follow our page and blog. 

To find our page on Facebook, click here. We can also be found on Twitter @RevSocUK

UKI Left has previously had articles re-blogged and shared by;

Vox Political

David Icke

International Times

and unofficially our content on our post  ‘Safe Tory MP comes under fire’ regarding Tory MP Tim Loughton was used extensively on a Skwawkbox post here 

We are 100% Independent. We take and ask for no contributions and do not host advertising beyond WordPress’ own advertising. 

Please support our blog and social media pages by following us and sharing our content.


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