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Church of morality. Charlotte should have kept quiet. 


Charlotte Church, singer and wet fish
We condemn the spitting incidents at the Conservative conference at the weekend but we do not condemn in any way the shouting of the word ‘scum’ or the surrounding of the press. 
Miss Charlotte Church will have now fallen foul of the down trodden.

In this article she condemns the behaviour shown towards people at the Tory conference and is to write an open letter of apology on behalf of ‘most’ of the protesters in attendence, as explained in this Sky News article.

“I would never call anybody scum. I think it’s fundamentally unhelpful in the issues that we are trying to talk about.

“Name calling is never a good thing. These are tiny instances which have happened in tens of thousands of people. 

– Charlotte Church

Church may soon realise that celebrities that put their head above the parapet in support of a cause, especially one such as austerity and anti government are held to a special kind of accountability and that is one of understanding and a shared element of hardship. 

They say that ‘Riot is the language of the unheard’ the same can be said of expressions of anger towards the very people in charge of the establishment that rules over them in times of boom and bust and right now for many people, it’s bust. 

One million people use food banks. Thousands are homeless and austerity continues whilst the bankers continue to get bonuses and Osbourne gives more money to businesses and the rich through tax breaks and incentives. It’s no wonder people are angry and they have every right to confront those politicians when they have an opportunity. They have a right to be angry towards people who voted for a regime that condemns the most poor in society just so they can be a little richer than yesterday. 

They also have a right to be angry at a press that condemns them through news bulletins and programming. The poor in society make up much of the car crash TV we see on our screens. They fail to bring politicians to account when interviewed and allow them to spout lies and deceit without challenging those very lies. 

People feel betrayed by the system that sets them up to fail. 

So when Miss Charlotte Church says she will apologise on behalf of ‘most’ protesters, she is saying that she is distancing herself from the most vocal element. She is distancing herself from the unruly. She is seperate from them. They are beneath her. Instead she will apologise to the establishment to save her own reputation.

This smacks of a situation where she wants to raise her voice.. But only so much, so as not to offend. The same can be said for the organisation that is The Peoples Assembly, set up and Ratified by members of the Labour establishment some time ago now, they behave because they need to keep the support of their Labour friends. After all, a Labor MP can not be seen to be associating with aggressive demonstrators. The People’s Assembly in this respect are nothing more than controlled opposition and Church is part of that as evidenced by her reaction. 

This is what is partly meant by controlled opposition. 

In May 2015 the People’s Assembly had organised a protest to coincide with the State opening of Parliament in Parliament Square. The People’s Assembly had every opportunity to be heard by millions on TV and thousands lining the square. 

They never did go into Parliament Square. They didn’t disrupt and they didn’t make themselves heard. State opening passed off peacefully without incident. A great opportunity deliberately missed. 

Well, you can’t have Labour MP’s disrupting an official government organised event can you now? 

(Polly Toynbee of the Guardian puts it in a slightly better way)