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The one question all politicians must answer. Who?

Our leaders are meant to protect us. We entrust that our leaders will make the correct choices and make rational judgements. 

Why then are we in a situation where we are using the Paris atrocity as a reason to go into Syria militarily? The reason is because IS are in Syria, but IS have been in Syria for well over a year so why now? If you have watched the wall to wall media coverage recently you will realise that it’s in large part down to the idea that IS terrorists have infiltrated our borders via the migrant crisis and that they are all heading this way en mass. 

Not one of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks have been shown to have come from Syria. Not one has been proven to have come via the migrant crisis. In fact every identified terrorist so far has been proven to be either a French or Belgium national. So why are we pushing to go to war in Syria? 

Yet again the people will have been duped into supporting more Bombs and more war and in the process creating more terrorists. History tells us that intervention in the Middle East ends the same way, more or less, each and every time. 

“The terrorists” already have british and U.S. weapons and vehicles. Going back until at least the middle of the 1990’s and beyond the West has been supplying and training “moderate” groups in the Middle East, to be used as proxies in our own interests and each and every time it has backfired on the West immensely. The most obvious example is Al Qaeda. Trained and armed by the U.S. When Iraq became a waste ground after the second Iraq war a group broke off from Al Qaeda and took many of the West’s weapons and vehicles and started their own organisation in their own vision. Their name? ISIS.

ISIS began their deadly assault across Iraq and it was quite some time before the West realised what was happening on the ground and soon it became apparent that IS were heading towards Syria. Syria was already in the midst of a civil war. Rebel groups there had decided that they did not want the Assad regime any longer. However it soon became apparent that other moderate terrorist groups were infiltrating the rebels including the likes of al-Nusra. The concern at the time was that IS would soon infiltrate these groups and recruit the rebels. 

Even prior to IS reaching Syria the West had been warning that IS posed the ‘single greatest threat to world stability’ and that they were ruthless and their numbers were growing day in day out, at one point figures were being quoted as the grip being 10,000 strong, possibly many more. We in the West were left in no doubt that IS were the most dangerous terrorist organisation we had ever faced. 

If anyone can recall, the efforts to stop them reaching Syria was quite frankly pathetic. The U.S. claimed they had started to Bomb them from the air and the Iraq forces were mobilised to try and stop them on the ground. They all failed. Having seemingly not even dented their numbers nor their resolve. Remember, this group were the single greatest threat to world stability and we had the access to Iraq and the permission of the Iraqi (puppet) government to be there. The efforts were paltry. 

At some stage IS entered Syria and the chance was gone. Fear not, the US and its allies promised they would follow IS into Syria and destroy them. The civil war continued but over a year and a half later.. Where are we? 

The U.S. has admitted that it is there in part to see that Assad is removed from power for his barbarous behaviour towards his people and that they have been funding and arming moderate rebel groups to fight the Assad regime. When this was discovered the US claimed they would pull the plug on the funding. Recall earlier we mentioned that these groups had been infiltrate by terrorist organisations but that didn’t seem to concern the US. As a side issue, IS remained in Syria, barely touched. What had the US been doing for a year and a half? 

Then of course Russia stepped in and within a couple of months has done more damage, along with the Kurds and support of the Iranians, to IS than America has done in the past year and a half. Think about that. How can that possibly be? 

We must not forget that if the US had been targeting just IS it is possible that the threat of European home grown terrorism would have been stifled. That the Paris attacks this year may never have happened. That intervention would have been legal. To look to tackle Assad though and to be in Syria for that purpose is against international law. Regardless of what you may think of Assad himself. Don’t be fooled. There are plenty of dictators around the world we could tackle but don’t and likely never will. 

What though does all this have to do with our intervention now? Surely tackling IS now is the way forward if everyone is on the same page. As Frankie Boyle put it, tackling IS by Bombing them is akin to dealing with a wasps nest by hitting it with a stick. If anything what you will be doing is making those bees far more angry and dispersing them.. Perhaps across Europe. 

If history in the Middle East has taught us anything it’s this; our strategy fails every single time. 

Afghanistan was a long war. The West lost plenty of troops. They said it could be another Vietnam. Unwinnable. The troops have all but left yet recent reports suggest the Taliban are beginning to take back ground and push the countries military back. Will this war have been for nothing? 

Don’t be fooled by Iraq either, it’s currently the focus of the world but it’s got a long history and it’s almost certain that rebel groups will emerge once more when the dust settles. 

The Middle East is like water. You can put pressure on it however much you like, it will just displace somewhere else until the pressure is released.

So what of the French bombing runs  on Raqqa, Syria? 

The reports coming in from the French sorties on Raqqa have already said that in some cases “empty buildings” were hit, and in other reports that IS have fled Raqqa and gone to the next town/city. Bombs dropped for nothing. Some reports have suggested that their have either been “no” reported civilian casualties or there have been  “some” civilian casualties. Any civilian casualty is too much. Especially if you haven’t found your target. 

Let’s hope that’s not the case because that’s one of the things Assad was accused of doing ‘to his own people’ and one of the reasons why the US wants to remove Assad.

But it’s France, so it probably doesn’t matter. 

We also heard that Emwarzi (aka Jihadi John) and the leader of IS in Libya were killed by US drone strikes within days of each other. 

Apart from raising the question of, if you knew where these people are why haven’t you done more to tackle IS in the last year and a half.. Have we had that ‘confirmation’ of either kill yet? Considering it was never reported as being definite or was this just part of the effort to outdo Russia’s involvement?

On PMQ’s today Jeremy Corbyn asked David Cameron what he will do about the people, institutions and countries that are funding and supporting IS. David Cameron said that it was banks “that had been taken over” by IS, the oil depos “that had been taken over by IS” that needed to be dealt with but did not address in any way whatsoever the question of countries or states that are supporting IS. Putin recently stated the same thing as Jeremy Corbyn, in fact he went further, citing the same charge but far more directly. This is not a coincidence. Someone is arming and funding IS. It’s high time the British people asked the question, “Who?”. 

It’s also high time the victims of the French terror attacks also asked the question, “Who?”

Syria is a mess and as sure as night follows day and day follows night this isn’t going to end well for someone and the effects of our actions today will continue to reverberate through generations of confused Middle Eastern citizens. One day they too will ask the same question we should be asking now. “Who?” 

Anti-Capitalist? What’s your excuse, Apathy?

“It’s only football, there are bigger issues to worry about”

      “It’s a distraction”

Do these statements sound familiar?

I wish that some activists would realise how two-faced and short sighted attitudes like this are.

This is the exact reason why FIFA has been able to get away with so much for so long. 

When non politically minded people don’t vote or don’t protest because of statements like 

“It won’t change anything” or 

        “Things could be worse”

We often accuse those people of apathy, of not seeing ‘the bigger picture’. 

We as activists often go after the big corporations such as Coca Cola, Nike, Walmart, McDonalds because their unethical values and big money play a huge part in the corruption and injustice in the world be it financial or with human cost in the sweatshops.

Yet, somehow when it comes to the people’s game. The game of football, which through no fault of its own has been turned into a rich mans playground at least at the very top of the game is lambasted as not worth our time.. It’s only football, right? It’s only a distraction, isn’t it?

Before I lose you through uninterest (apathy reigns?), allow me to quickly give a few points as to why you should be taking a huge interest. 

  • The human cost. In the recent Brazil World Cup communities were uprooted against their will to make way for the building of World Cup buildings
  • The human cost. In Qatar (an upcoming World Cup) migrants are literally dying in their thousands whilst working on World Cup buildings. Falling to their deaths because of a lack of safety equipments and awful working conditions. Migrant workers make up the largest percentage of the entire Qatar population. Not to mention the poor wages they earn. (Here is just one of many articles on worker deaths, the death toll by some estimates runs into the thousands)
  • It is said that the World Cup brings long lasting prosperity to a country, yet the evidence often  fails to support this. When Brazil held the World Cup prior to its most recent one they said the same thing, yet old stadia lie in ruins, dilapidated wrecks. Things had improved for a while but ultimately there was no long lasting wealth or job creation. So for the people of the last World Cup in Brazil or South Africa and Qatar, what price their suffering?
  • The cost itself. These smaller nations willing to fork out Millions and billions for the right to host the tournament in the false belief that they will reap some financial reward that will never come or if it does, won’t last, yet many of their people still live in abject poverty.
  • The Corporations. Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike and many more all put their brands to the World Cups. They spend their fortunes on the right to be a main sponsor. The money gained often through those unethical means we so often shout about.
  • The Internal corruption. Do we need to say any more on this?

Here we reach our final destination, our final point and perhaps we have saved the ‘best’ for last. 

Where does the corruption reach?

We know that high level FIFA executives have been at it for ages and it’s about time they had their justice but is that it? Does the corruption now stop? No. The recent FIFA arrests are likely the tip of the iceberg and we may never see what’s under the water. 

Still think it doesn’t concern you? 

There has to be little doubt that some nations football associations are complicit in the corruption and then you have to ask do they have the backing of their governments? Whilst many suggest that the African nation’s are at the forefront of the corruption there are FIFA employees who are also from the Western nations and would you put it past some of those governments to get involved in a few back hand deals? Examples include Russia and Qatar as two stand out possibilities. Who would argue that? 

What of our own government. Well, largely untouched by the controversies but let’s not forget a few key points 

  • The FA were found to be giving ‘gifts’ to other nations during the 2018 & 2022 bidding process
  • The FA refuse to take any decision regarding FIFA, why would you associate yourself with a clearly corrupt organisation?
  • The UK government remains strangely silent on a matter that stretches the globe when we know that David Cameron likes to put his two pence worth in on usually the most mundane of subjects. 

(I bet that bastard is up to his neck in it.)
In short. This has everything to do with us as activists. 

So what can you do? Here is the least you can do.

Visit and like the FB page here 

And either via the link above or if you prefer directly here, sign the petition to pressure the FA to withdraw from all FIFA related competitions and activities.

Don’t be apathetic. 

30/05/15 UPDATE:

This is exactly the kind of comment we mean. This is not to belittle the commenter, hence the blacked out name but to highlight the bigger picture people are constantly missing

Three words were given back: 

Migrant worker deaths.


FIFA & The Banks – The Truth Will Out

If you are not yet up to speed on the developments of the arrests of FIFA officials we have given a brief summary below. Over the coming days and weeks we will be following this closely and updating you with any developments. Also we will be doing our own research (because unless it’s given to the MSM on a plate.. You’re not going to hear about it) into;

Where does the money trail go? What banks are involved? Indeed are the banks involved? Who benefits from the corruption the most? Is there a pattern from certain continents? Why didn’t the banks notice the money laundering? How can a federation as large as FIFA get away with so much for so long? 

We hope to be if not answering, then addressing these issues and more over the coming days and weeks. Follow our blog or subscribe for all the updates. 


You can sign a petition to ask the FA to withdraw from all FIFA comeptitions here at the link http://tinyurl.com/q6fg32q
Today in Zurich seven top FIFA officials were arrested and indicted on corruption charges in a U.S inquiry whilst seven others were arrested as part of an investigation by Swiss prosecutors into the 2018 & 2022 World Cup bids.

The Following are the arrested persons. 

  • Jeffrey Webb – head of Concacaf, and Fifa vice-president
  • Costa Rica’s national football chief Eduardo Li, who was due to join Fifa’s executive committee on Friday
  • Uruguay’s Eugenio Figueredo, president of South American football governing body Conmebol
  • Venezuelan Football Federation president Rafael Esquivel
  • Brazil’s Jose Maria Marin, a member of Fifa’s club committee
  • Fifa development officer Julio Rocha from Nicaragua
  • Costas Takkas, of the UK, an attache to the Concacaf president
  • Former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner
  • Nicolas Leoz
  • Aaron Davidson 
  • Alejandro Burzaco 
  • Jose Margulies 
  • Hugo Jinkis 
  • Mariano Jinkis.

The BBC ‘s Nick Bryant tweeted this diagram from US prosecutors showing the alleged scheme
Quote below taken from the BBC 

“…..Several officials have already pleaded guilty, the US Department of Justice says. These include Charles “Chuck” Blazer, the former head of Concacaf, who was previously on the Fifa executive committee…..”

Subscribe or follow us for the Full report and updates on the FIFA and banking corruption. The Truth will Out. 

Bankster Cartels Caught In The Act, Plead Guilty, Given The Largest (tiny) Fine In Banking History, And Yet Nobody Goes To Jail?

(Excerpt taken from The Telegraph)

Barclays has been handed the biggest UK bank fine in history as six banks were ordered
to pay $6bn (£3.9bn) over manipulating the foreign exchange markets.
The Financial Conduct Authority ordered Barclays to pay £284.4m as part of the British
bank’s £1.5bn settlement with the City watchdog and four US regulators.
Royal Bank of Scotland, JP Morgan, UBS, Citigroup and Bank of America were also fined
by the Federal Reserve, while all but Bank of America were forced to plead guilty to
criminal charges and penalised by the US Department of Justice.
Regulators detailed how traders at the banks, referring to themselves with names such as
“The Cartel”, colluded to rig euro-dollar currency benchmarks, profiting at the expense of
The bankers attempted to manipulate vital benchmarks used by companies around the
world as a peg for foreign exchange transactions in the $5.3 trillion-a-day market. One
Barclays trader wrote in electronic chats: “If you aint cheating, you aint trying.”

These banks eh, when is enough going to be enough? It said in the article there that they had
pleaded guilty to criminal charges. Apparently these shysters were still fixing the currency
exchange rate (FOREX) in 2014. So having being fined for their fraudulent Libor activities
they were still manipulating the financial markets for their own ends, after the Libor
It appears that everywhere you look in the financial industry there is corruption, there is
fraud, but what happens? Nothing!
You manipulate interest rates to make you and the banks billions and yourself millions and
you get caught, the bank has to pay a few hundred million in fines, the net result is, the
bank and its fraudulent banksters are billions to the good. They don’t care, they see a fine
for getting caught for their criminal activity as a hazard of the job. It’s an utter disgrace.

The actions of the bankers is appalling, totally unacceptable and criminal. They should be
in jail! It affects all of us and how much we have to pay. They are stealing from us to line
their own pockets by billions, literally, but no one goes to jail. Billions in fines, hundreds of
millions in bonuses, admitted fraudulent activity, and still no one goes to jail. What has a
banker got to do to go to bloody jail?

I put a quick search into Google and I found this piece…
(Excerpt taken from Hull Daily Mail)

[Somebody from] Boothferry Estate, west Hull, was jailed for 16 weeks for stealing washing
powder and deodorants from various shops.

So this poor guy goes to jail for stealing washing powder and deodorant, but bankers steal
billions, literally, and nobody really gets into any trouble, let alone go to bloody jail. But get
this. I don’t know this guy who went to jail for stealing items but I bet his story goes
something like this, just like millions of others from around the country.
‘Because the banks recklessly gambled and manipulated the markets for their own ends
and for their own selfish bonuses, the banking system collapsed causing the government
to have to bail out the banks to the tune of over a trillion £’s. The government then had to
introduce Austerity to cut costs so that they could start to pay back the money owed by the
government for bailing out the banks who collapsed because the banks gambled and lost.’

This guy could well have been made redundant by a company that had to lay people off,
because the company he worked for had to downsize, because the economy was
shrinking, because of the banks that did all they could to line their own pockets by cheating
and committing fraud, weren’t lending because the same bankers collapsed the system
with their greed.

This guy would then have to go onto benefits because so many companies have closed
because they just couldn’t find any work. He may well of had his benefits sanctioned and
lost them, which means the only way for him to survive would be to steal. He gets caught,
he goes to jail. But the bankers, who wear thousand £ suits, who are responsible for the
financial collapse carry on as if nothing had happened, being paid hundreds of millions in
bonuses despite losing billions.

This is where our so called economic recovery has come from, the £100bn that has been
paid out in banker bonuses since the financial collapse that they caused and has cost
everybody else.

What shows us that our government has absolutely no interest what so ever in stopping
the banks fraudulent practices, or interfering in anyway how the banks are run is the
governments handling of the the Royal Bank of Scotland. Even though the tax payer still
owns 80-82% of RBS, who have been heavily fined for illegally manipulating the currency
market as well, the government couldn’t care less about the tax payer that bailed them out
to the tune of £46bn. Despite losing £50bn in 7 straight years of losses, the government
has still allowed RBS to pay hundreds of millions in bonuses to its staff. More proof, if ever
we needed it, that this government, and Labour before them, are not going to change the
way bankers work, for anybody. Why would the Conservatives when 50% of their funding
comes from these very bankers.

They will sanction people’s benefits for being late for an appointment, but you lose £50bn
after having been bailed out to the tune of £46bn and you get hundreds of millions in
bonuses as a reward.

In 2014 despite RBS losing another £3.5bn in that year alone, the bank handed over
£421mn, including 72 employees that received over £1m that year. The banking system is
sick, it’s corrupt, it’s fraudulent, it’s parasitical, they must be broken up, the high street
banks must be broken down into smaller entities.

How on Earth can we sanction people’s benefits for being late for an appointment meaning
they literally have nothing, but reward such obvious failure with hundreds of million of £’s.

What cost us more, paying hundreds of millions in banker bonuses for multi, multi, tens of
billions of loses, or somebody that’s claiming benefits because they can’t find a job
because of the system that has been destroyed by those paying out hundreds of billions in bonuses and losing our economy hundreds of billions every single year?
The banking losses outweigh the benefit losses by hundreds of millions of times. It’s utterly
ridiculous. It’s almost as if the government are ethically cleansing the poor.

In this so called sensible, civilised society, this is completely insane, and it shows that a
sensible, civilised society we certainly aren’t. But like most things, you don’t see any action
against the banks, you don’t see people gluing pieces of paper on the front of the bank
windows saying “SCUM” on them until they can’t get them off, you don’t see people in
general, protesting them. There was a banker bonus protest a few years ago led by Billy
Bragg bless him, but now it’s just accepted that bankers get paid billions and that’s it. No
wonder they’re saying that the UK is the most unequal society in the western world. That
isn’t something to celebrate, and will eventually lead to riots, because when people have
nothing left to lose, they lose it, and bankers will be targeted, mark my words.