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Evidence of collusion in plain sight between BBC and Anna Soubry 

If you don’t know by now how last night’s BBC Question time went then I can only suggest you seek out the videos in relation to the attacks on John McDonnell by the entire panel but specifically Anna Soubry, Alistair Campbell and David Dimbleby himself.

We though have noticed something that others may have not.

There is always debate around wether panelists are pre-prepared for the questions that will be levelled at them and somehow we expect that to be the case even if the BBC says it isn’t, but what if evidence arose that showed collusion?  Collusion between the BBC and another panelist(s) on attacking another panelist. 

Well, we believe that footage from the episode last night at the very least shows a good probability that collusion occurred. You can see the video at the end of this article but allow us to explain first what we are seeing. 

The video shows John McDonnell at the end of answering why Labour are behind in the polls. He is replying that the coup has been to blame and has been a “distraction” 

McDonnell is then interuptted by a query from David Dimbleby where he begins by saying..

“I’m interested in one thing do you think the country as a whole has moved to the left, I mean you make no bones about saying you’re a Marxist…”

McDonnell repeatedly states “I’m a socialist” but Dimbleby keeps repeating the same line about McDonnell being a Marxist. 

Here is where it gets interesting. At 31 seconds into the video Anna Soubry begins to intervene by saying “you said look…” whilst looking down at her piece of paper pointing with her finger.. she is unable to complete here sentence as Dimbleby continues his attack on McDonnell.  

At 42 seconds into the footage Soubry interrupts once again whilst also pointing to her piece of paper in the exact same position with her finger and says “you said ‘I’m a Marxist’” before exclaiming that people can go on YouTube to find the offending statement. 

As McDonnell continues to try to explain Soubry again interrupts saying “I’ll tell you something else, you’re a very nasty piece of work”

Now think. Dimbleby appears to have randomly brought up a prior talk by Mr McDonnell around his Marxist comment, it’s either an incredible coincidence that Soubry had the same comment about Marxism written down in front of her at that very moment or she was pretending to read off the piece of paper in front of her. 

As the footage twice caught her seemingly reading from the piece of paper it does suggest it was written down. Did she know that the comment about Marxism was coming from Dimbleby? If so, then it shows collusion in one way or another. Perhaps Dimbleby had pre-prepared the comment he was going to make but it’s odd that Soubry had the exact same comment written down. How could she have known it was coming? Or were the entire panel just so obsessed with the idea that McDonnell might be a Marxist that they all happened to write down that same quote? 

In fact it suggests that Dimbleby had told Soubry that he was going to bring it up during the show and Soubry had then written the quote down on her paper. The fact that Dimbleby allowed the tirade to continue against McDonnell without intervening shows a level of collusion we haven’t seen before. 

Make up your own mind. To us, it suggests collusion in which case an explanation needs to be given by the BBC around impartiality and bias.

Footage from BBCQT 

McTernan’s views reek of the elitism he refutes. Plus McDonnell possibly just lost Scotland forever.


John McTernan
John McTernan, Political commentator, political advisor and Political  secretary to Tony Blair 2005-07 was a guest on the Daily Politcs TV show today. (Video Below)

During the show he said “most people do not live in a world of raging class consciousness and fuelled with anger at an elite”

It was rightly pointed out to him that there has been a large anti austerity movement aimed at the elite and those in power. That, Culminating in a 500k strong anti austerity march this Summer. Couple that with multiple other smaller rallies and protests along with the recent Scottish ‘Yes’ to independence campaign and the movement that saw Anti austerity SNP destroy labour in Scotland and the unprecedented campaign by Jeremy Corbyn, you have to ask what planet McTernan is living on. 

During the show he was highly dismissive and critical of Corbyn and the parties chances, let alone their policies and promises. 

His attitude reeks of the elitism that he refutes even exists. He clearly believes there is no elitism and any idea that there is a class war out there is to him, nonsense. 

There is class consciousness out there and it’s been exasperated by David Cameron and his university chums. It’s not just exclusive to these shores, it’s happening across the world including Greece where Syriza have just been re-elected, Pademos in Spain and Bernie Sanders in the USA. Yes, even the USA is fed up with the capitalist elite. 

A lot can happen between now and 2020 but all being well, with no surprises along the way, with the wind in our favour I highly predict the Tory machine will start to break down. The facade will break and by 2020 the majority of the 34% of the electorate that didn’t vote in 2015 will give a nod to Labour, at least in England. 

Most people do not live in a world of raging class consciousness and fuelled with anger at an elite

– John McTernan

So why has Ternan made such a dismissive claim of Corbyn and Labour? Because there is no precedent for this situation. The right wing press and Judas’ of the party don’t understand what is going on. The next generation of thinkers and political commentators are coming and they have grown up with Social media and the Internet unlike the ‘Educated’ elite and the brainwashed graduates who only know how to think with a text book telling them how to do that thinking. It’s this new generation that is shaping things. The power of independent media and the Internet is coming home to roost.

It will take a grave error in judgement from Labour to derail this freight train. Let’s just hope that Corbyn can privatise it before Cameron gets his claws into the electorate any further. 


John McDonnell
On a side note John McDonnell, shadow chancellor made his views on the SNP clear at today’s conference.

We think that far from wooing the vote up in Scotland with his speech he has vastly under- estimated the lay of the land. 

Labour have lost Scotland for a generation or more, at least. Labour would have done more for their cause if they had either shut up about the SNP or worked with them. All that has been achieved with this speech is to prolong any possible come back for Labour in Scotland, if it was ever even on the cards.
See his comments in the video below.