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Daily Fail – ‘The Commies are coming!’

There is no doubt that the right wing press are on the offensive against Corbyn and the Labour Party and some are not making any effort to hide the rhetoric.

This particular front page for 28th September by the Daily Fail is worthy of a mention.

We have re-printed some of the language used in today’s Daily Fail for you here (in bold);

‘John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor and a follower of Karl Marx…’ (Who is this Karl Marx and is he on Facebook? Is he the new Joe Carroll?)

‘…Will use his speech to call for a ‘new economics’ to redistribute wealth…’ (good so far right?)

‘…from the better off to those on benfits.‘¬†(On benefits. Not just the ‘less well off’ then?)

‘Mr Corbyn alarmed moderates by saying he would welcome communists, Trotskyites and militant tendency supporters into the party’ (This is almost an anti ISIS piece. ‘Moderates’? ‘Militant tendencies’? Doesn’t paint a good picture does it? You kind of expect Mr.Corbyn to walk out of a cave in Wales and declare war against the Tories, only for Cameron to conduct a Bombing run on North Wales. Also, what’s wrong with Communism? They say it likes its a bad thing.)

Primarily what they have done here is used the terms ‘Karl Marx’, ‘Communism’ and ‘militant’ all in the same article as if it’s somehow the best way to highlight the USSR-esq quasi Politcs that is ‘Jeremy Corbyn’. We are surprised they didn’t shoe-horn Russia into the article.

The Daily Fail readers have been warned.. The Commies are coming..The Red Army are here, they’re after Middle England and they’re after all their cash.

zoomed screenshot of the article in the Daily Fail