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Owen Jones’ brave call on Labour, Corbyn and the Left (Video)

Some people have criticised our recent stance on Jeremy Corbyn (see our last blog post here, ‘We’re Left Wing, We’re Calling It, Corbyn Is Finished’) and the outrage that some of you felt over the article is understandable. 

Here in the video below Owen Jones speaks candidly about Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the Left in almost exactly the same tone we did in our article. Even if you dont agree on the similarities, be assured we agree with much of what he says. No doubt he too will be shown some similar outrage. 

He talks at the end about desiring a radical left party with the right leadership, he has clearly no desire for a return to Blairism. If Labour could have Corbyn’s policies with the right leadership it really could work. He’s right.

The only difference between us and Owen Jones is that he believes a radical left Labour is possible. We don’t, especially with the question of Brexit. The left, as he even mentions himself in the video, is split on this issue. As a result, whichever leader comes to the fore must take a stance on Brexit and that may well alienate the opposing side to that leadership, potentially splitting Labour’s support into two again. 

As a result we still believe that forming a dedicated Socialist party or joining a ready made smaller Socialist party is the lefts best hope for the long term future, if not the immediate future. 

If we’re wrong on Corbyn, then so is Owen Jones. He’s not the lefts best friend at the moment, but he was the lefts best friend when he was vocal against the Blairites. How fickle some of us on the left can be.

No doubt some will refuse to watch this video but it’s perhaps the most considered piece on Corbyn, Labour and the left we have seen. 

Some of you said we were “talking bollocks”  and other such nice things in our article. You’re entitled to disagree but we feel that with such similar views to other well known people such as Owen Jones here, who is also on the left, that our stance has been vindicated. 

Owen Jones has had to defend himself against allegations of being a left wing sell out or a right wing PLP supporting traitor. We were also called that, but we won’t be openly defending our position. People who have followed us for some time know full well, we are still left wing and always will be. Owen Jones video is worth the listen, even if you’re sceptical. 

He has made a brave decision in compiling this video, knowing the backlash he may receive. It’s brave to swim against the tide and that’s what he is doing, but more and more people on the left are now starting to have major doubts about the future, so it’s right that the issues are openly discussed. 

If anyone wishes to discuss the future of the Left and finding a way forward you’re invited to join Solutions for the Left on Facebook. 

Here’s the video from Owen Jones 


Victory! Corbyn defies establishment again as he increases mandate

As expected Jeremy Corbyn has won the challenge to his Leadership from Owen Smith by a landslide. He won the contest by 61.8% to 38.2% for Owen Smith.

The contest was ultimately ill conceived, even from the outset, and a huge misjudgement on the part of the coup plotters and now the message has been received loud and clear that the membership want Jeremy Corbyn to lead the party to 2020.

The 80% of MP’s who voted ‘No Confidence’ in Jeremy Corbyn now have a decision to make. 

They can either publicly accept the vote and silently do their best for the party in the lead up to 2020 and begin to challenge the Tory party or they can choose to at worst split the party or at ‘best’ continue to bring the party into disrepute by speaking out against Corbyn and Labour’s chances in 2020. 

It’s a new chapter now and the next 24 hours may mark the next phase of events. For once the people at the top have not got their own way and that’s credit to people power and the leadership that Corbyn is displaying and the hope he is giving to thousands upon thousands and potentially millions of people who have had enough of the same old politics.

Time will tell if the reports of a party- within-a-party in the form of the mooted Co-operative Party will come into play or if a breakaway party is formed, for now though Jeremy Corbyn has defied the expectations of the elite again and that’s important for democracy and Owen Smith will do well to remember this moment as he mulls over his claim that members should be given more say in how Labour Party democracy works, one of his corner stone policies if he had won the leadership contest.

Official figures:

Possible Votes 654,006

Votes Cast 506,438

For Smith 193,229

For Corbyn 313,209

Jeremy Corbyn 61.8% of the vote

Owen Smith 38.2% of the vote

Jeremy Corbyn is elected leader of the Labour Party for the second time in a year with an increase of around 2% of the vote.