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Theresa May asked 5 times to condemn Saudi Arabia

Theresa May was in fact asked just once. She wasn’t even asked to condemn Saudi Arabia, just instead asked a generic question on why we supply arms to them. The first answer she gave was accepted. (You can read of one of her recent responses to the question of Saudi Arabia here)

Contrast this to Jeremy Corbyn who on Sunday was asked to condemn the IRA on the Sophie Ridge show on Sky News. He was asked 5 times to condemn the IRA. The answer he gave was a cerebral, intelligent one but the likely highly paid journalist couldn’t seem to grasp the answer, instead looking for a headline to give credence to her Sunday morning TV slot and sure enough it became headline news across all the major news networks and on anticipation will have likely made the front pages of some if not all of the right wing print media today. 

If you’re for Jeremy Corbyn you may wish to share this with anyone asking the question “Why does Jeremy Corbyn support the IRA?” If you’re against Jeremy Corbyn you may wish to read what follows to get a better understanding of his stance before you go believing everything you read and hear. 

Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the question “Do you condemn the IRA?” was thus; 

“I condemn the bombings” and when pushed again and again went on to say ‘I condemn all bombings and violence’

The very fact that his answer was not accepted five times was for the simple reason that Sophie Ridge wanted to hear Corbyn say ‘I condemn the IRA’ no matter the nuanced point he was making because asking the same emotive question again and again without getting the response you want makes a good headline. 

The question some will have is ‘why doesn’t Jeremy just condemn the IRA?’

Here’s the thing. You can absolutely, quite legitimately hate what the IRA did and how they conducted their campaign but their claim for a unified Ireland was a justified one and they represented whole communities within Ireland. To condemn the IRA as an entity implies you are for the loyalists in Northern Ireland and you would be picking a side. 

He unequivocally condemned the bombings, he does not support war and violence and did not support the IRA’s use of those tactics. It is this kind of understanding about grievances that makes the likes of Jeremy Corbyn incredibly suitable for leading the UK in international affairs. If anything it is the attitude of the UK at the time that helped prolong the violence on our shores. Our inability to listen to the other side for many years led to the deaths of countless people. Indeed, only the IRA can be blamed for the deaths of innocent people but when you’re trying to find a solution to conflict you must be willing to engage with the other side on a certain level. That is strong leadership rather than a reactionary one which seems to be always be courted by Conservative governments.

It’s also worth remembering the atrocities committed by the British Army and the treatment of the Irish in a time when they were seen as lesser people than in Northern Ireland. 

The IRA were supported in Ireland for their cause of unifying Ireland away from the UK, it was a legitimate claim and still is. No less than Scotland asking for independence. These are all the reasons Corbyn won’t outright condemn the IRA but will condemn their tactics. To condemn the IRA might be seen to condone the loyalists and condemning or condoning either side may have been, or may be, a dangerous stance to take. 

It needs to be asked why Theresa May and the Conservatives don’t get a hard time over Saudi Arabia. The troubles in Ireland ended quite some years ago now yet Saudi Arabia is in the here-and-now. 

Saudi Arabia bombs, often indiscriminately, children and adults in Yemen in a war that once again is a war over regime change, one that is backed by the West. Saudi Arabia have used old banned bombs supplied by the UK, they have bombed civilian water supplies and then when the rebels in Yemen respond by taking pot shots at Saudi Arabia the UK respond officially by stating that Saudi Arabia “has a right to defend itself” in response to Saudi Arabia throwing all its UK and American weaponary at the rebels in responseAdd to this that Saudi Arabia is well known for being an epicentre of Middle Eastern terrorism and has a terrible human rights record and you have to begin to think that by comparison the IRA were lightweights. How can you argue any different? 

Of course the response will be that Saudi Arabia isn’t bombing mainland UK. Of course, but what that says is that you’re ok with our hand in what Saudi Arabia is doing as we sell them multi million pound contracts in arms in exchange for alleged security information. You can not possibly condemn Jeremy Corbyn for taking a neutral stance on one issue and yet not condemn Theresa May for taking a biased corrupt stance towards the corrupt and human rights breaching Saudi Arabia. It’s two faced and a blot on the reputation of our nation and it’s a scandal. 

It seems Thersea May can’t see the irony of talking of humanitarian aid when the weapons that the UK sells to Saudi Arabia are the cause of the need to supply humanitarian aid in the first place. 

‘Asked about alleged human rights abuses by the country, Mrs May said it was an issue she would bring up and pledged Britain would continue supporting the people of Yemen through humanitarian aid.’ 

Source – ITV 

Yet the media seem to by-pass this issue. It’s a conundrum of epic proportions. 

You have to remember also that the centre ground Tony Blair government and the right wing Conservative governments have all had similar international policies when it comes to conflict and especially the Middle East. There is no question that the fall of Saddam Hussein led to the destabilisation of the entire Middle East and is still felt today in Syria and with ISIS. The very fact we have Extreme Islamic terrorists within Europe can be traced back to successive foreign policies that interfere with the delicate balance that is within the Middle East. 

So instead of asking why Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t condemn the IRA why aren’t you asking Theresa May why she doesn’t condemn Saudi Arabia and instead of insisting that Jeremy Corbyn is not strong on defence why aren’t you asking Thersea May why she insists on conducting a foreign policy that proliferates international terrorism, the very same terrorism that affect us today, not 20-30 years ago. 


Labour Traitors Will Trigger General Election

Watson and Co. are damaging Labour more than Corbyn ever could and it will likely pave the way for Theresa May to call an early general election. What happens next within Labour will determine when that election is called. 

Watson, Smith, Eagle and the likes of Mandelson behind the scenes are either deliberately derailing Labour or they just don’t see it that way. If Corbyn wins the election, and he almost certainly will, then the Blairites (let’s call them exactly what they are) must get behind Corbyn and work towards winning in 2020 no matter how much they think they won’t win. They must at least act like they will win and never again backstab Corbyn in public. Labour must appear United. Failure to do so will indeed lead to a loss in 2020 and the tories will reign for another 5 years. What they seem to forget is that if they can back or show solidarity with Corbyn and then go on to lose in 2020 they can turn around and say “told you so”. If Corbyn however did win in 2020 then it is they who will have been proved wrong. To continue down this path of self destruction will only further alienate the public the Blairites are trying to win over and potentially Labour will never see power again. It will be even more acute if the party ends up splitting. 

So what exactly do the Blairites hope to achieve by continuing down this path? The answer seems to be that they are running scared of the party becoming unelectable. They believe that if Labour becomes too left wing it won’t appeal enough to the centre ground and thus keep Labour out of power for many years to come. This is why they continue to smear the membership as entryists and Marxists and Trotskyists. The incorrect negative connotations those words have will play on the minds of the centre ground public and they hope this will get people to vote for Smith. The truth is no one really cares. The people who think that those kinds of supporters are a threat to Labour are the same people who believe that communists are the same as the Red Army. Communism is not bad. Trotskyism is also not bad. They can both be a positive force in politics. 

Have a listen to the short video below. Polly Toynbee speaking on Dateline BBC on 14/08/16. She speaks of everything mentioned above including the idea that Labour must appeal to the centre ground and attract Tory voters.

What is very important to many people is that a party stands for its beliefs and principals. Labour was founded for the workers it was founded and rooted deep in Socialism. It created many of the most socialist aspects of our lives today including of course the NHS. What good is a party if it goes against or at the very least waters down its founding principles purely to gain power? The Labour Party or any party may as well not exist if it doesn’t want to stay true to what it stands for. Those that are happy to change to fit the ethos of others may as well join another political party. The Blairites should go and join the Liberal Democrats. Corbyn is true Labour. Win or lose in 2020 Corbyn has, far from taken the party off course, has in fact put Labour back on course. If staying true to your beliefs is not good enough to win power then the challenge is to convince people to convert to our values not change the parties values to suit the electorate. 

So why and when will May call an early election? If The Blairites continue to destabilise the party in the event of a Corbyn victory or they split the party then May will wait until the optimum moment between the disarray of Labour and the stability of the UK in terms of Brexit. At that moment she will gamble on an early election, she won’t want to wait for things to right themselves within Labour or indeed for any element of Brexit to come back and haunt her re-election chances. 

Stability or unity within Labour will not be a good thing for the tories. Secretly they must be hoping that Corbyn doesn’t get his own way because the truth is, politics around the world is changing, people have had enough of the status quo. 

Isn’t it odd that for years we have heard the public and some MP’s parrot those members of the public saying that politicians are no longer trusted, that MP’s are not in touch with the public, that things need to change. Well Corbyn is perhaps that change personified, yet now we see those same politicians beating down on Corbyn at every opportunity. What are they afraid of. When did fairness in society become a dirty phrase? 

Corbyn has promised a mass house building programme, a re-nationalisation of the railways, tenancy protection for renters, a people’s bank, people’s quantative easing and a bank of the North to build a truly competitive Northern industrial centre. The difference between Corbyn and other politicians promising similar things? I believe Corbyn. 

(Video) The Left Is In Turmoil As UKIP Lurks

Historically the left wing in politics has always been divided. There are so many variables in left wing culture that there will always be differences of opinion.

If there was one thing you could normally take for granted from the left however is that nearly the entire left spectrum is often found to be anti establishment and anti capitalist. Or at least that’s what you would expect.

For those on the centre ground it’s been a confusing time of late as Labour is reinvigorated by the Corbyn effect. For years Labour supporters have considered themselves on the left of politics, as the ‘real’ left wing spent years in the wilderness, rarely engaging in the political process so naturally the centre ground in Labour took up the mantle of the left wing in the politicial sphere. The result of this was Tony Blair. It’s why all the three main parties gained the title ‘LibLabCon’, they were all much the same.

To the shock of many, Corbyn’s nomination for Labour leader sent a shockwave through the left wing movement. Suddenly we had the possibility of a real left wing Labour MP leading the party and then out of the depths of obscurity came the floating and disengaged voters. They came from Left Unity, The Green Party and of course non voters made their voices heard too. Suddenly Labour was a force again, even if the PLP was strangling itself just to make a point.

The centre ground either sat quietly to see what would happen or they vociferously condemned the influx of the radical left. This is where the crux of the problem now lies for that radical left. Many of the people that joined Labour or began to back them from the moment Corbyn joined are having to battle the centre ground and to do so the game of politics is having to be played. It’s caused many to forget why they are protesting and how to do it. They are trying to do battle with the politicians on their own turf and the truth is the radical left wing can not fight them there. The political system wasn’t built for a battle. It’s designed to defend against infiltrators with aplumb. It’s a capitalist system, not a radical one.

The EU referendum then has made stark the divides of the left.

So who in Labour voted to remain in the EU referendum? The Labour right and Labour centrists who long backed the likes of Tony Blair and the long disenfranchised Labour voters who felt that Labour wasn’t quite to the left of centre enough. These are the same people who are defending the financial institutions, justifying the treatment of the establishment against the Greek people and those that are oblivious to the fact that the EU can not be reformed. If they were on the radical left then they would never have voted to remain in the European Union. These are also the same people who believe that campaigning for more housing, raising wages and stopping austerity are their top priorities for a Corbyn Labour government. Never mind radical.. these people just want reform, not realising that reform tends to happen in every government and just helps the status quo to continue.

Instead we have had Jeremy Corbyn who was blackmailed by the PLP to back remain with those same disenfranchised voters following him like the pied piper. Corbyn’s heart though wasn’t in it and the PLP are baying for blood and as for the Labour voters they are laying blame with the radical left who unsurprisingly voted leave in the referendum.

Here though is the curious thing, both the radical left and the disenfranchised left prior to the EU referendum were often championing the same things, they were calling for Cameron to resign back in April this year, calling for the end to the dominance of the financial institutions, the redistribution of wealth, the end to austerity, the death of Capitalism, the end to the EU and calling out the elite, establishment and the 1% and in one fell swoop on 24th June 2016 that call was answered. The people of the UK collectively voted to leave the European Union. It was a blow to the financial institutions and the elite, a blow to Capitalism and a blow to David Cameron. He has now served just 13 months as prime minister of a controlling government. Everything that the left championed has been achieved in the space of 24 hours.

So even more curious then that the left are now seemingly at war with each other.

The original working classes who used to vote for Labour seem to have voted for leave along with the radical/far left, it’s these groups that are representing the working person in reality and with Labour having been in the wilderness for so long as the working persons party is it any wonder that it’s alleged that UKIP is fast becoming the party of the working people. Rightly or wrongly. Smaller far left parties like the Socialist Party and the TUSC appear to have attracted the far left in fairly large numbers.

If Corbyn can not hold on to his reign as Leader or if Labour will not field other left wing candidates then the membership will dwindle back to previous Corbyn numbers. Labour will be finished. Perhaps this is why Labour can never be considered the working persons party every again. Their left wing element, the workers element, is almost done with.

What the radical left along with the disenfranchised and original Labour voters should do is Unite elsewhere, at the very least in the future when Corbyn has gone. Either under a new party or with the likes of the TUSC or SP or perhaps even Greens, but even the Greens showed that they still suffer from the one-issue effect when their whole stance on the EU was decided by environmental issues, never mind the working person.

It’s unlikely to happen though but if the left want to take on UKIP they need to offer the working man and woman something. An alternative, before the right wing UKIP takes them all under their wing.

It’s one thing to engage in the political process to make things better than the status quo, but taking on capitalism and fighting for the common cause will not be won by a vote to remain in the EU. It also won’t likely ever be won at the ballot box, but if that’s the way people want to do it, via the ballot box then we at least need to be backing a party that truly wants to take on the capitalist elite. After all, for those that voted remain who consider themselves left wing… it should be a cold day in hell before you’re ever seen sharing anti-capitalist sentiment again.

Regardless however it’s imperative that the left finds a way forward together, somehow.

(Video Below: Sat 25th June, are UKIP the working man’s party?)


Why Corbyn isn’t the answer but you are

Jeremy Corbyn is not the answer. Jeremy Corbyn is not the solution. His win in 2020 will be just the start, a minor victory, a million miles from the resounding success everyone thinks it will be.  

A victory will be the start of something potentially huge but if the Corbyn voters think that will be ‘it’ then they are sadly mistaken. Of course they will say that they are more than aware of that fact but how far down the track are they focusing? 

One of the biggest obstacles to change is Parliament itself. Also known as ‘the system’. 

When Corbyn decides to put a bill through parliament it will, at one point or another, be considered a big change. Perhaps a change to military engagement or a huge tax change to the wealthy or perhaps a change to domestic law. Maybe even a change to the democratic process itself. At that point there will be vested interests for those bills not to see the light of day. There is a long process for a bill to come to pass including a couple of times round parliament and then the House of Lords. Plenty of scope for change never to come to pass. 

When that happens, and it likely will, what then? Where is the democratic process left? 

Sure, as things stand now the likes of the House of Lords can and do block bills such as recently the reduction in Tax credits introduced by the Conservatives. The potential for Corbyn to have multiple bills blocked is stark. The people in charge will not want there to be such huge change. 

Of course Corbyn doesn’t have to go all out guns blazing ripping up the rule book but that won’t wash with the people who vote him in. They will want change, they will want results and if it doesn’t come then it may be seen as a false dawn for the traditional left and an excuse for blue Labour to return the party to what will be a resurgent centre ground or even centre right. 

Labour voters and especially Corbyn supporters will need to not just campaign for a Labour victory but be out in voice and show genuine passion at wanting the changes that Corbyn will try to implement and if parliament manages to block several bills in succession then Labour voters must go out in force, because this wouldn’t be just a blip, a one off, an exception to the rule, this will most likely be a concentrated effort to knock Corbyn from power. At any cost. 

The point is that at some point it will all come to an end. Either Corbyn will be ousted, or he will step down after one or two unsuccessful terms or he will lead the charge to glory and win back-to -back terms but at some point, as sure as night follows day, there will be another Labour leader and they likely won’t be of the ilk of Corbyn, or indeed as is just as likely, the Conservatives will return to power and if nothing has been achieved by Corbyn to effect democratic change then all of this will have been for nothing. 

Corbyn is the best chance the traditional left and indeed human kind within Britain has had at redressing certain balances within our democracy for many many years. It really is an all or nothing moment. Failure to deliver means returning to the politics of old where the people are ignored and politicians talk double speak at the drop of a hat. No one like Corbyn is going to be given the chance again after this, not unless he is such a resounding success that everyone in the country suddenly sits up and realises what they have been previously voting for all these years.  

Whether you’re an anarchist, a communist a social democrat or just a plain old Labour voter or simply a nice human being 2020 will be the time to start the fight against the establishment, to take back parts of our true democracy lost to us decades and decades ago. Some may say it never existed but this is a chance to make a significant incremental change. If this can be done, it’s a step closer to our ideals than we have ever been before. 

After that, we can all return to our own versions of our ideology in the knowledge that we did something practical and beneficial for the majority of the country and that’s a damn sight more than had been achieved by many, if any, before us. 

The system is indeed rigged against us. The system is broken, but change can come. We just need to believe that it can happen and fight for that because doing nothing just because we don’t believe in that particular ideology is setting ourselves up to fail. 

A start is better than no start at all. 

The battle against the establishment hasn’t even begun. 


Support for Cameron in decline. Support for Corbyn on the rise.


Our article makes one error where it suggests 50% of people overall would prefer to see Corbyn stay on as leader. This is incorrect. The figure we came to was based on what figures the Daily Mail had reported on and they had not made clear that the 19% of people who strongly agreed that Corbyn should stay on was in fact part of the 31% who agreed he should stay on. 

In response, we apologise for any misrepresentstion. That is more of an apology than you will get from the likes of the Mail or Express. 

It leads us to two points to raise. Firstly that 21% of people are undecided and secondly that all the other points we raise are accurate and are backed up by the graphs within this article. 

The original article in its original state continues below. 

Yet again today two newspapers lead with headlines in the negative about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. 

A telephone based Ipos MORI poll of around 1,000 people conducted for the Evening standard led the Standard to lead with the following headline; 

“Dump Jeremy Corbyn before election, say 42% of voters”

– Evening Standard 26/10/15


Whilst based on the same poll the Daily Mail ran with the headline; 

“Fresh blow for Corbyn as poll reveals more than 40% of voters want him gone BEFORE the next election”

– Daily Mail 26/10/15

This is not new territory for us. We highlighted a similar poll conducted around a month or so ago where similar headlines were featured only for us to show that whilst some aspects of the poll were not great there were other aspects of the poll that were favourable to the Labour Party. In fact the entire poll was better for Labour than for the Conservatives. 

We are going to do the exact same thing here today. 

The photo below shows how the Daily Mail began their article.

How the daily mail began their article

It looks very bad and to the average reader wether they know much about Corbyn or not will now subconsciously believe that Corbyn is unpopular amongst Labour voters, however the poll result details make no reference to who the respondents supported in the first place. Are they Conservative supporters saying he should go?

However, a deeper look through the poll results, as are buried within both the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard articles themselves anyway, shows that things are not as bad as they seem and in fact in some cases are more detrimental to the Conservatives.

Here is our own headline as if we were reporting the results ourselves;

“Tories more unpopular with the electorate than Labour”

– RevSoc

Here is our findings. The Daily Mail touched on just two areas of the poll as highlighted below.

  • Four out of 10 voters think Labour should replace Jeremy Corbyn as leader before the next election, a new poll has revealed.
  •  The IpsosMori poll found a third of voters feel ‘strongly’ that the 66-year-old leftwinger should be axed. Around the same the number say Mr Corbyn should be allowed to stay on to fight the 2020 election – with just two in 10 voters who claimed they felt ‘strongly’ about this.

The above two points refer to the same thing and the Standard goes deeper into those stats saying that 31% felt he should stay on, 19% felt strongly that he should stay on and with 42% saying that he should go it leaves 8% undecided. So you could easily say that 50% of voters think Corbyn should stay on with 8% undecided and when you factor in that you don’t know who is answering the poll, why would the Daily Mail lead with their headline unless there was an ulterior motive?

  • Older voters are particularly dissatisfied with Mr Corbyn. While 57 per cent of 18-34s think he is doing well, only 22 per cent of over-55s say the same.

Here it could easily be argued that the people who are going to be around the longest, the people that are the future of the country, the people that are fresh into politics, the people who are more aware of the type of politics needed in a modern age are the ones backing Corbyn in this age of ‘new politics’. Of course we don’t necessarily believe that but it could be argued that way. 

This was all that The Daily Mail reported on and finished that section of their article with the following words. “Mr Corbyn’s dire poll ratings will spark fresh concern among Labour MPs over the party’s chances of winning back power in 2020″

When you analyse the data though, it doesn’t appear to be as ‘dire’ as the Daily Mail makes out.

The Express continued their article with one more question that is quite important. ‘Satisfaction of the party leaders’ and in an almost exact repeat of the last poll that we reported on, more people are dissatisfied with David Cameron than they are with Jeremy Corbyn. 

51% are dissatisfied with David Cameron compared to just 39% with Jeremy Corbyn.

Neither paper linked to the MORI poll so we have done it for you. You can find the poll results here

On one final note we have provided a little visual representation below as sourced from the Ipos MORI website. 

The first photo below is hugely important because the figures both of the articles in the Mail and Express give are the figures on the right, ‘headline voting intention’, this is MORI’s own way of deciding how a vote would have panned out during a general election. For the ‘actual’ answers as to who people would vote for as given by respondents in the poll you need to view the left hand image. 35% Tory. 35% Labour.

voting intentions amongst respondents

Here is the same photo again but with the small print at the bottom in regards to MORI’s methods of working out the voter intentions.


voter intention is based on a ‘method’
satisfaction ratings of party leaders

This final photo below is also important. Cameron’s satisfaction rating could be viewed as plateaued or on the decline and Corbyn is on the rise. 

satisfaction rating over time for party leaders

We anticipate that like the last time we exposed a poll for being in fact favourable to Jeremy Corbyn we will get some cries of “How do you figure out that the Conservatives are doing badly compared to Labour when some of the results indicate that the Tories are doing better?” Well we have three responses;

  1. Yes some parts of the poll suggest the Tories are doing better, but only when written a certain way. If you look at them from a different perspective the results are not as bad for the Labour Party as the newspapers above seem to indicate. Highlighting their bias.
  2. When you factor in the early stage of the Corbyn led Labour Party and the fact there is four and a half years until the next GE. Plus the grassroots movement and the inspiration that Corbyn is whipping up, the results, again, look very promising. Especially when you consider the hard time Corbyn has received from the Press. In fact, it makes it even more impressive.
  3. Some parts of the poll are, front and centre better for Labour than the Tories. It’s a simple fact that the right wing press refuse to report.

The Perfect Storm 

Can you feel it? Can you sense the change? 

The dogs are barking, the cows are lying down, it’s the proverbial calm before the storm, but it’s coming. 
The signs are there if you look close enough, but they are there. 

The Conservatives are battening down the hatches and the winds are whipping up and Labour had better be ready to strike. They need to let the storm take its own course, then when the eye of the storm passes overhead they need to strike and make their case, then let the rest of the storm play out. Then at the end, the calm will come again and it will be fresh, clear and obvious. Labour will be ready to lead onwards. 

That may right now seem like speculation and of course it is, maybe things will be different, but I suspect probably not. You see, there have been several things recently in the press about the Conservatives that could really hit them hard. With the EU vote just around the corner it can all add up to a perfect storm. That storm will be given the name ‘Labour’, because it will be the movement of the people that finally undoes the Tories. They scoff at the Corbyn supporters yet ignore their own potential demise. 

The loss of Steel jobs at both Redcar and Tata with a possible 15,000 more to come. The broken promise not to cut tax credits which will leave 3 million people worse off. The loss of Child tax credits to parents with 3 or more children will potentially only see more children enter poverty. 

The betrayal of handing (potential) contracts to China for HS2, Nuclear power stations and more, where ironically the Chinese government subsidies it’s Steel industry. 

The ever more reported lack of awareness or acknowledgement  of human rights abuses in both Saudi Arabia (who we did a deal with to get them into the Human Rights council of all things and whom won’t be investigated for war crimes in Yemen) and in China. 

Then of course you have Cameron’s insistence on taking us to war in Syria despite it being nonsense to do so. Any prolonged intervention there not only will get much of the publics back up but puts us at risk of an all out war with nations such as Russia if something goes wrong. 

David Cameron’s inability to address any green issues. (Go Blue, Go Green anyone?) and to ride roughshod over a large voice that says no more fracking and of course the attempt to overturn the fox hunting ban. 

If I keep going i will be here all day but just finally the EU. With everything mentioned above you have to remember it is because of strict EU legislation, that our government chooses not to subsidise the steel industry. It is because of the EU that we can not trade outside Europe. It is because of the EU that the refugee crisis has been handled ineptly (although I acknowledge that many other factors are at play) It is because of the EU that the banks have been bailed out but sod the people of countries like Greece who have not only suffered but taken in a huge number of refugees and are at breaking point. 

When people realise that we can develop our own charter, our own human rights laws, our own world trade that makes our economy stronger, then Cameron may realise there is nothing he can negotiate that stops people voting to come out of the EU. He may lose that vote and to many people, that may be too much to take.

All of this and whatever else is on the horizon, including people getting bored of them talking about Labour and not their own policies, could create that perfect storm or opportunity for Labour to pounce on their dissaray. 

It’s the people who will push that through with their determination and enthusiasm. Then when the rest of the country sees the mess the Tories are in and how vibrant and hopeful Labour and their supporters are.. and how honest Jeremy Corbyn is.. That may swing it for Labour in 2020.

As we have said before. Watch this space. Mock Labour at your peril. 

“We’re not frightened” Tories on shaky ground

On BBC Question Time last Thursday a couple of Pro-Corbyn supporters voiced their support for Corbyn with one particular audience member suggesting the Conservatives were “frightened of the establishment threat”

Amber Rudd, the Conservative energy secretary could only reply “we’re not frightened” (Video below)


Amber Rudd. Tory Energy Minister
The fact that she felt the need to even say that suggests that perhaps they are. If you analyse the psychology behind that statement it shows that it’s just possible that the Tory elite have had their feathers ruffled at the very least. 

If something doesn’t faze you, if something is a non entity in your life you wouldn’t feel the need to acknowledge any suggestion that something is concerning you. To directly parrot the key word ‘frightened’in a statement of rebuttle would indicate that something is playing on your mind. Even to a small degree. It may even be an unconscious process. 

Our own Angela Eagle doesn’t get fazed by much as the video below shows. 

This though would be indicative of something that is unfolding within the Tory party that they probably wouldn’t want to admit to. The ground is becoming shaky. Cracks are starting to appear within the otherwise staunchly straight laced ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ Tory machine. Couple this with a resurgent Labour Party and its Corbyn movement and it’s no wonder that it would be reasonable to suggest that the Tory party are underneath it all, frightened. 

It all looked like perfection shortly after the 2015 General Election for the Tories but no sooner had the conference season ended the cracks began to appear. 

First came the Tax Credits Cut mess which is still rumbling on. One commentator on the Daily Politics shows described it as “David Cameron’s poll tax”. Even the Sun newspaper is out to get Cameron and Osbourne on this one. The public can no longer be lied to. They know that 3 Million people will be adversely affected. Financial bodies have said that his figures don’t add up and the Tories have repeatedly given assurances that other measures will top people’s income up.. But we all know that these ‘assurances’ won’t come into play for a few years by which time millions more will be struggling. If the Conservatives do implement this, and there is nothing on the horizon to suggest they won’t, then this really could be their ‘poll tax’.

1,700 people lost their jobs at Redcar Steel in Teeside the other week and today it’s been announced that 1,000 jobs are to be lost at Tata Steel. With those job loses set to impact unemployment figures added with the fact that more may be on the horizon it doesn’t bode well for Osbourne when you keep hearing him refer to the “Northern Powerhouse”. 

The problem is that due to EU bureaucracy the state can not subsidise or bail out our steel industry which is exactly what the Chinese are doing, because they are not governed by another political elite outside of their control.

That brings us neatly onto the EU referendum. It’s widely expected that Cameron will come back with a list of things he has got the EU to agree reform on but that the reforms will be irrelevant of “cosmetic”. He likely won’t tell us what he asked for and didn’t get. If he brings nothing of significance back and the public can see what happened regarding our Steel industry due to EU regulation, it’s just possible that the UK public will vote to leave the EU. Not to mention that Tony Blair is backing the UK to remain in. Who wants to side with that war criminal? 

Whilst in an of itself an ‘out’ vote on the EU won’t be a big problem, the press, business and the elite will not like it and he will feel the pinch as a result. 

Then of course you have the Corbyn movement. Labour membership is at record levels and growing. There is a buzz in politics which is entirely  down to Mr.Corbyn. The Conservatives can’t even bring themselves to admit what their membership is (video below).. But it’s ok, they’re not frightened.