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Corbyn & Labour: Home Truth’s From The Left

Labours explosion of new members making it the largest left wing party in Europe is down almost entirely to Jeremy Corbyn’s personal views on things such as Nuclear disarmament. 

When Corbyn first came to power it was policies like these that made the headlines and the fact he had rebelled consistently against the likes of the Iraq war when Tony Blair was in power. Here was a man that was truthful, honest and had radical ideas that some on the left held dear. They were policies that would otherwise never have a chance of seeing the light of day in any fringe party. This was their chance to force these issues into the public consciousness. This is how Corbyn came to power and this is why he is popular with many on the left.

The trouble is that those people who support radical or far left policies are not necessarily the same people who would support the traditional working class left in all their guises. 

Sure, the far left would support an end to war and the interference in international affairs and so would the traditional working class but the two would have very different outlooks. The far left would support an end to all forms of military intervention and the abolishment of many aspects of the armed forces. They view the army and its personnel as a spent force in a modern new world. The traditional working class left do not share that opinion. They are actually patriotic in nature and even if it’s not out and out patriotism they do none-the-less believe in their armed forces and the protection they afford the nation. They want a nuclear detterant. They value their armed forces. The differences are slight but significant. 

There are several examples along these lines but perhaps one of the most stark of recent times is the EU referendum. 

The working class traditional left have often been anti EU whilst the Conservative crowd has by and large despite the splits, been in favour of the EU. Cue then the anti establishment anti EU Jeremy Corbyn and surely this was a recipe for success? The Working classes must have been reeling when Corbyn decided to back remain in the EU referendum sparking immediate questions around how honest Corbyn was being with himself let alone the public. No sooner had Vote Leave won the EU referendum and Corbyn was calling for the triggering of Article 50. What was the pro Corbyn crowd going to do with this news? 

In many forums on the Internet if you dared suggest that Corbyn was actually pro Leave but had to campaign for remain due to political internal issues you were told that you were barking mad and that Corbyn was always for remain. Now he backs leaving the EU (with caveats) and that same crowd will tell you that he still believes in the EU and he just accepts the “will of the people”. To them, it’s that simple, unable or unwilling to read between the lines. This is the perfect scenario for him. Back remain and keep the PLP on side and now having lost the EU vote, vehemently back leaving the EU. The truth is, he doesn’t care if we are out of the EU because, actually, it suits him. If he were vehemently for remain he would do an Owen Smith.. after all, surely he wouldn’t lose votes because the Pro Corbyn crowd have always vowed to stick by Corbyn no matter what and then of course they wouldn’t leak votes to the Lib Dems as has been proved in recent by-elections as the Lib Dem share of both votes in Stoke and Copeland increased.  

This goes hand in hand with the mixed messages from various Labour MP’s including those close to Corbyn. Even on Immigration there have been repeat car crash interviews given by Dianne Abbott where she is unable to give a straight answer, contradicting other MP’s like Kier Starmers. We, those close to politics, understand full well the detail behind Corbyn’s immigration policy but the problem as has so often proved to be the case is the message. 

Corbyn supporters are often oblivious to the fact that most people still get their news from mainstream media at 10pm on a weekday night. The message matters and if you cant get it across in two sentences then don’t expect the general public to ‘get it’ . Some will exclaim that people should read Corbyn’s Facebook page or the Labour Party website yet this completely dismisses the issue around political engagement in the country. Here’s the bottom line… 

..most people don’t care enough to bother! 

That’s why they still primarily base their opinions on the 10pm News. Social media serves a purpose up to a point. It didn’t work for Bernie Sanders in the US and it’s not working for Jeremy CORBYN here in the UK. 

There is a good reason why Donald Trump won in the US. There were several long winded reasons but perhaps the one thing that has so often proved to be missing both from Bernie Sanders campaign and indeed Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign is soundbites. Trump is the expert in that regard and he got his message across quickly and effectivley. There is little doubt that his message got across to the disenfranchised and the people most affected by mainstream elite politics. It was this that inspired millions to vote for him. In troubled times people do want change, but they want change they can relate to and understand. It’s this that is missing from Corbyn’s insurgency. It’s this that could eventually wipe him out. 

It’s worth quickly mentioning here that many of the traditional working class won’t care one bit if Trump comes to the UK. It’s not on their list of concerns yet the far left or the new modern left turned out in their hundreds of thousands to protest his visit yet they have not afforded that turnout to any other issue since 2015 during the Union anti austerity protest. It remains to be seen if that many turn out on March 4th. If the new left are not addressing every day concerns here in the UK like this then why should the working class relate to it? 

Do the working classes with all their issues really care about Trump visiting the UK?

It’s no good door knocking, you’re never going to reach enough people to make a difference. Momentum split and that has just watered down the grass roots efforts. The Morning star and the Word newspapers don’t reach enough people to make a difference. What is left to reach the people? Mainstream media? They work with soundbites. Labour needs soundbites to reach the masses and it needs Corbyn to make his positions clear and understandable. 

Very few people, including Corbyn’s detractors, have anything bad to say about the man himself. He is always billed as honest and a man with integrity. It’s not Corbyn himself that is the problem, if people voted based on honesty then Corbyn would win hands down.. That’s got to be an unequivocal fact that can be disputed by no person and if that’s true then you have to ask yourself “why won’t people vote for him?”. If you don’t know the answer, read this blog post from the beginning.

It really doesn’t matter who’s fault it is that Corbyn is in this position, you can blame the PLP, the media, even Corbyn himself, something isn’t working and until those issue are addressed or until we accept the inevitable then this mess will continue. The damage is done and the game is up. Barring a miracle of sorts there is no coming back from this. 
Corbyn perhaps should carry on until there is no juice left in the tank, but what good will that do? 

What the left, working class and modern far left alike, should do is come to a consensus on the way forward. Addressing all the concerns of the working classes and then move forward and if that can’t be done then the far left needs to find and build up a party in its own image. Leave the Labour Party to rot, as it should now do. The Labour Party is without a shadow of a doubt for the centre left ground. It will never be radical nor far left. 

We, the left, should take a fringe party to the next level and make it big, stop avoiding the elephant in the room that Labour is not fit for purpose and focus on forming a new ‘largest socialist party in Europe’ that’s the way to go about this. Some on the far left jumped on a bandwagon at the start but they joined it when it was still in full flow. Now they have weighed the float down and it’s grinding to a halt because the float we find ourselves on wasn’t built for this. 

Forget the Greens, they were not built for this either. If we were honest with ourselves we should know that many of the new Labour members never even supported Labour of modern times, they only support the man at the top and so it needs to be asked, if they like his policies but not the party why did the left never en mass join a fringe left party and turn that into a force instead?

The left needs to regroup and regroup fast. Right now, some are clinging on to the float like that cliff edge isn’t really coming towards them. It is. 


Victory! Corbyn defies establishment again as he increases mandate

As expected Jeremy Corbyn has won the challenge to his Leadership from Owen Smith by a landslide. He won the contest by 61.8% to 38.2% for Owen Smith.

The contest was ultimately ill conceived, even from the outset, and a huge misjudgement on the part of the coup plotters and now the message has been received loud and clear that the membership want Jeremy Corbyn to lead the party to 2020.

The 80% of MP’s who voted ‘No Confidence’ in Jeremy Corbyn now have a decision to make. 

They can either publicly accept the vote and silently do their best for the party in the lead up to 2020 and begin to challenge the Tory party or they can choose to at worst split the party or at ‘best’ continue to bring the party into disrepute by speaking out against Corbyn and Labour’s chances in 2020. 

It’s a new chapter now and the next 24 hours may mark the next phase of events. For once the people at the top have not got their own way and that’s credit to people power and the leadership that Corbyn is displaying and the hope he is giving to thousands upon thousands and potentially millions of people who have had enough of the same old politics.

Time will tell if the reports of a party- within-a-party in the form of the mooted Co-operative Party will come into play or if a breakaway party is formed, for now though Jeremy Corbyn has defied the expectations of the elite again and that’s important for democracy and Owen Smith will do well to remember this moment as he mulls over his claim that members should be given more say in how Labour Party democracy works, one of his corner stone policies if he had won the leadership contest.

Official figures:

Possible Votes 654,006

Votes Cast 506,438

For Smith 193,229

For Corbyn 313,209

Jeremy Corbyn 61.8% of the vote

Owen Smith 38.2% of the vote

Jeremy Corbyn is elected leader of the Labour Party for the second time in a year with an increase of around 2% of the vote.

What is going on in Labour & is Corbyn electable? (Video)

Just what is the truth behind Jeremy Corbyn and the Coup? Is he really unelectable? Does the electorate really hate him and what can Jeremy Corbyn really offer that’s different?

This video is for the supporters as well as those who are on the fence. If you’re anti Corbyn, you still may want to listen to this. 

UKI Left brings you a down to earth honest opinion of the situation at hand.

Owen Smith beaten by grammar trickery

On searching Owen Smith under Google images I came across this poster linked to his campaign website. I read the words and something didn’t quite fit. I read it perhaps four or five times before working out what the problem is. Have a read and see if you can work it out before reading on below the image.

First of all, we all know the phrase “breathe life into..” and let’s get out of the way the fact that there is no accepted phrase that says “breathe hope into..”. 

So the passage in the poster can not be meaning to say “breathe hope back into Britain”.

Maybe he just meant ‘hope back into Britain’ to be a separate phrase all together from ‘breath life back into our communities’. Problem with that is that at worst it means nothing, at best it’s poor English and it’s here that I tend to think it is poor English because perhaps it should have read 

“..and put hope back into Britain”

It’s up to us to breathe life back into our communities and put hope back into Britain again

– There, fixed it. (UKI Left)

Get it together Owen! (Scrap that, keep on as you are)

(Original Photo below as seen on Google with link underneath leading to his Web page here)

The game is up and there is only one thing left to say to the Coup plotters

It’s too late Smith. The polls show you are way behind, the CLP’s have overwhelmingly nominated Corbyn up and down the country. The majority of trade Unions are behind Corbyn and the clear majority of new Labour members have joined because of and for Jeremy Corbyn. Andrea Leadsom stepped down from her leadership contest against Theresa May because May was so far ahead. That’s what happens during these contests. For some reason though, you just can’t concede the contest can you Mr.Smith?

In some ways you have to feel for Owen Smith. He must have felt that with the backing of the majoroity of his fellow MP’s and a few encouraging words from a few sporadic Labour members that he was heading for a victory where he would become an overnight hero. From nowhere the little known Pontypridd MP rose to power.. at least that’s what must have been floating around in his head.. even for a fleeting moment. 

The very fact he has not conceded yet however is cause for concern in many respects, not because he might actually win but because you have to ask, is the result already ‘known‘? The sheer vitriol levelled at Corbyn has been immense and to think that wealthy donors have backed Smith’s campaign and shady bastards like Tony Blair and Peter Madelson have made their feelings known from the start is it possible the vote has already been rigged in Smith’s favour? Ok, with the huge lead that Corbyn has it is probably a conspiracy that will never come to fruition. Maybe though if their plans to purge thousands of Corbyn supporters and ban the rest had been immensely more successful than it has been (and they are certainly still trying) then maybe a rigged vote would be more possible.

As it is though, I am not now sure they even have a plan. The entire coup against Corbyn was ill judged and smacked of self entitlement from the those at the head of the coup and that’s one of the greatest mistakes they have made, believing that as MP’s their power is greater than that of the people. They would like you to think that the new members, sorry, ‘entryists’ and ‘trotskyists’ are not the electorate that in fact they are nothing but people to be sneered at and brushed aside as irrelevant. Well sad day for them because every member and the thousands that support Corbyn but are not members are indeed the electorate, likely the very same electorate that removed themselves from Labour under Tony Blair after eventually realising that Labour no longer represented the common man/woman and are now returning. Labour are pulling voters in and with each passing day are creating, under Jeremy Corbyn, policies that are stirring more and more people. 

Perhaps the biggest lack of foresight by the coup plotters is not just the misjudgement of support for Corbyn and his policies but also how fed up the electorate are of the same old politics and politicians. They talk about Corbyn like he is separate from them, like he is different. He is. That’s the point. He is different and they are damned afraid.

On one final note it’s worth mentioning that the patronising calls for Corbyn supporters to behave with integrity and good grace and to condemn all bullying are nothing short of a public relations stunt for Smith. Bullying should always be condemned, but let’s face it, the PLP almost without exception are getting precisely what they deserve. There is a big difference between rebelling from the back benches or having disagreement behind closed doors to openly sabotaging your own parties chances, to sabotaging your leaders chances, because that’s exactly what has been going on and the electorate is not blind to it. We respect democracy but we vehemently oppose deliberate anti-democratic behaviour at the expense of the people. A large number of the PLP deserve to be castigated, not bullied, they deserve to be called out, not bullied and they deserve to be deselected or sacked, not bullied. Democracy is the single thing we have that separates us from dictatorships and if that is attacked then as far as I am concerned you can expect the full force of the very people that support you. Quite simply, if you want to tell a traitorous, anti democratic MP to fuck off, tell them to. When they try to claim you’re bullying them tell them to fuck off some more. 

Corbyn Can Win But Coup Damage To Party Is Terminal 

When Corbyn wins the second Labour leadership contest in September it will be well deserved and it will also be justice for the membership. What happens next will determine the future of Labour. 

It is possible Corbyn can win a general election despite the scaremongering and doubters protestations that Corbyn cannot win but what will be crucial will be how the PLP at large play their next hand. 

If they back Corbyn at least publicly and keep any arguments and disagreement to private quarters then there is every chance that the fight against the Tories can be won. If they continue to publicly berate Corbyn then it will further bring the party to its knees. The disunity could end any chance of a victory in 2020. That will be on the shoulders of the coup plotters, no matter how much they pretend it is the fault of Corbyn’s policies. Corbyn has been given little time or chance to develop his policies, after all, the plotters were out to get Corbyn from day one. That is a fact, not a conspiracy. 

Even if the PLP succeed in ousting Corbyn or even if Corbyn loses in 2020 and steps down it is hard to imagine the thousands upon thousands of Corbyn supporters voting for any of the 80% of MP’s who stabbed Corbyn in the back. The result of such an eventuality will lead to Labour being out of power for many, many years to come, the damage to the party has been done by the coup plotters. Irreparably so. Corbyn supporters will look at any future election failure as the result of sabotage within party ranks and that is a bridge that will not be crossed easily. 

I can hear the plotters now, “Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has dealt a blow to Labour’s chances at being elected for ten or more years, the damage he has done is long term and it is up to us now to rebuild this party and make us a credible force once more in politics”

No. The damage to Labour has not been caused by his leadership but their incessant sniping and backstabbing and public condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn. It is this that will have done the damage and they should be made to pay. Few people will ever vote for them in the future, no matter what they say or claim. Quite simply without the memberships voice and vote being honoured and respected there will be no trust between membership and PLP for a long time, if ever again.

Owen Smith Emerges From 1997 Deep Freeze

In news that won’t shock anyone the Conservatives have a secret plan to privatise the NHS. 

However it appears that Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith has awoken from a deep freeze and realised what is happening. So incensed at the news he unwittingly released this ‘news’ to the mainstream media who also appears to have failed to notice this ‘news’ has been circulating for quite a few years now. 

In an incredible faux pas he released this ‘news’ off the back of claiming that he will do things ‘differently’ and be more than just ‘talk’. However Jeremy Corbyn had realised what the Conservatives had been up to for quite some time and it turns out that Smith is just repeating – again – what Corbyn had been saying all along. 

The BBC article this morning along with Sky News have also been one step behind leading some to think that there may be a joint media-PLP conspiracy to put Corbyn in a light of ‘being behind’ and Smith being ‘in-the-know’.

However people who haven’t been in the deep freeze for the past 19 years were quick to clock on to this utter tripe and turn to the man that is already spearheading the challenge against the Tory party, that man being Jeremy Corbyn.