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Five Russian Diplomats Dead In Three Months

5 Russian officials in recent months have died, all in various circumstances. A sixth was believed to have been killed in Yemen but Russia has denied the death. Is this purely coincidence? 

On 19th December 2016 the Russian ambassador to Ankara, Turkey, Andrei Karlov was assassinated, shot by a Turkish police officer whilst at an art exhibition. 

Just hours later on 20th December Petr Polshikov reportedly a senior figure in the Latin American department of the Russian foreign ministry was assassinated at his Moscow home. He was killed from a bullet to the head.

On 9th January 2017 the head of the consular section of the Russian embassy in Greece, Andrey Malanin, was found dead in his apartment. The verdict was natural causes. 

Days later on the 14th January Vladimir Dedushkin was reportedly shot and killed at the Russian embassy in Sanaa, Yemen according to Saudi media. However Russia has denied the killing and insists he is alive and well although at the time of writing UKI Left has been unable to find any articles proving Dedushkin is alive. 

On 26th January Alexander Kadakin, Russian ambassador to India, New Delhi, died after an alleged brief illness. 

The latest death to date was yesterday on 20th February. Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin was found dead in the office of the deputy Russian UN ambassador in New York, USA. At the time of writing there was no official cause of death provided but it has been reported that Churkin had a possible heart condition. 

Also of recent interest was the death of Belgium auditor general to NATO, Yves Chendelon. He was found in his car in Andenne, Belgium 60 miles away from his home in Lens. He had been shot dead. Official reports say it was a suicide but the family dispute this due to several anomalies surrounding the incident. Chendelons role was partly to investigate terror groups. He was found dead on December 16th 2016, three days before the assassination of Karlov in Turkey.

Prior to the slaying in Turkey the last confirmed assassination of a Russian diplomat was in 1985 during the Lebanese hostage crisis. Four were taken hostage and eventually one was shot dead, Arkady Katkov. 

Whilst only two of the forementioned Russian deaths were officially assassinations, suspicion surrounds the others, even if only for the number of Russian diplomats being found dead in just the last three months.


Is the political left in the West unfairly pro-Russia?

Many on the left can be considered on the face of things to be pro-Russia or more specifically pro-Putin in many cases. Certainly when it comes to a stand off between Russia and the US it is common to see anti-US sentiment in favour of Russia. 

When it comes to Ukraine it is rarely seen as Russian aggression as the issue but more US imperialism being the cause of the conflict. In fact many believe that US meddling in Maiden has led directly to the Russia/Ukraine conflict.
Does that view hold up to scrutiny? Is Russia a world threat or perhaps just a local agitator or is Russia unfairly criticised by the imperial West? Just what is the truth? 

Even if Russia has a lot to answer for in Ukraine does that automatically translate into a more global threat? Do the people of Ukraine want to be part of Europe or Russia? 

I will be doing a left wing self-critical investigation into the truth of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. I will be taking comment from Ukrainians and Russians directly from their respective nations via groups, message boards and social mediums such as Periscope as well as taking opinions of Westerners from places such as the US and UK. 

With all the available information from mainstream media and independent media I will be trying to decipher wether our understanding of Russia is fair or unjust. 

I am asking you, our readers, to join the debate tell us why you support Russia or why you back Ukraine and what you think is going on in Ukraine itself. We may use quotes from the responses to make up part of the investigation.

By doing this investigation we aim to give a voice to those in Eastern Europe affected by the conflict and to challenge our own perception as left wing political activists. 

You can help by either commenting on this blog or by contacting us at revsocuk@gmail.com and soon we will release the findings of our investigation.

Hate Russia? Why It’s just a distraction. 

Russia is a threat to the national security of the UK, USA, Eastern Europe and.. Oh.. Let’s just throw in the entire globe, why not? After all, Russia is the awakened bear that is snarling it’s way through conflict after conflict. It’s human rights records are the worst second to none. Clearly. I heard it from David Cameron’s own mouth so it must be true. 

Which is the odd one out? China, Russia or Saudi Arabia? No, the answer is not Saudi Arabia. 

The answer is Russia. Why? Because Russia is consistently vilified in the press, consistently vilified by governments for all sorts of ills, inlcuding invading territories, it’s human rights record and it’s threat to national security. Yet neither China nor Saudi Arabia are afforded the same response. There is a reason I am including China and Saudi Arabia in this contrasting double standard and if it doesn’t convince you to question the narrative then you can have your proverbial money back. 
Recently we have seen many news articles coming out of China in relation to prominent businessmen going missing for weeks on end with no word of there whereabouts and more recently we saw the news that Chinese duel-national book writers living in Hong Kong have also gone missing, believed abducted by Chinese agents. 

Of course there is no evidence of this an there is no word on wether these enemies of the state are dead or alive or even just alive but tortured. 

Where else have we heard about such state interference? Litvinenko. The man that UK authorities have decided was murdered by poisoning on the order of the Kremlin. In fact they go beyond that and say that President Putin ‘probably’ ordered the ‘hit’. Note the word ‘probably’. Never mind that sections of the press have called into question the allegation as shown in this article and that prominent thinkers have ridiculed the UK decision to question the findings, the UK government are so convinced of Putins guilt that they have openly condemned Russian authorities in the press and lobbed these findings into statements on the ongoing ‘threat’ that Russia poses to world stability. 

Whilst this story relates to a death  on UK soil it would be amiss to think that espionage doesn’t occur in foreign countries at the hands of the UK secret service, especially in regions of the world that would command less scrutiny such as Afghanistan, Syria and so forth. It would also be amiss to not question the alleged actions of Chinese officials in Hong Kong against duel-nationals including nations such as Sweden. No such condemnation by the UK authorities on China’s actions. China is also not a threat to world stability so their actions probably don’t count in the minds of the UK government.

Is China not a threat to world stability though? Their actions in the South China Sea would seem to suggest otherwise. The tensions in the region are felt across the globe including countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. Even the Americans have been testing their military resolve by flying fighter planes within the claimed borders of Chinese territory at the disputed islands. It’s not just the disputed islands either, it’s the artificial islands that China have built in what is meant to be international waters. 

Whilst there has been condemnation against China for its actions there has been little in the way of public media statements against the regime and certainly no ridiculing the state authorities. 

The same can be said for Saudi Arabia. The clear Shia/Sunni divide is clear and present with constant allegations against Saudi Arabia of Human rights violations against the  Shia minority population including recently where around 47 people were executed by the Saudi regime for acts of terrorism. One of those was a well known Shia civil rights activist and respected figure. 

Far from condemning such actions the UK government appear to support the Saudi Regime in its actions as shown in this video

Recently we have seen Saudi Arabia accused of Human Rights violations in Yemen yet no investigation is forthcoming. They are known to export terrorism to foreign nations such as Pakistan and even countries like the UK where special schools are funded to teach a specific type of Islam that certainly is not conducive to the public good. No actions from the UK government on this yet the Conservative PM, David Cameron, has the nerve to suggest the people who recognise these aspects of the Saudi reach across the world are terrorist sympathisers. 

Of course Saudi Arabia is heading a coalition of regional nations and factions of around 40 all of which are supporters of Sunni Muslims, something Iran sees as a direct threat to itself and its easy to see why. The amount of power that seems to be coming from Saudi Arabia seems to be growing of late, maybe it has something to do with the fact Saudi Arabia are currently at the head of the United Nations Human Rights council. The only reason they got to that position is thanks to a deal they reached with David Cameron. A “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch ours” type of deal. 

No such luxury for Russia as thanks to its involvement in Ukraine it has now been singled out as the greatest threat to world stability. This is not made up. Both the UK and US openly condemn Russia, openly criticise it’s every move and openly ridicule its leader. A leader with immense internal popularity. 

Ukraine is anything but black and white. The young populous of Ukraine want change, they want rid of corruption and see allegiance to the EU as opposed to Russia as far more democratic. They experienced Russian interference in Crimea, the far right trying to impose their will during maidan, a president fleeing in what was essentially a coup and a newly reformed government beset with corruption. Ukraine is essentially as it stands a largely local issue. Certainly not one that threatens world peace. More than anything right now it needs its parliament to be rid of the corruption blocking its progress. 

Russia didn’t do Its image any favours in Syria but it’s important to tell the truth, no matter how ugly that truth is. Russia were invited into Syria by an elected government. Everyone else that is in Syria was not, with the exception of Iran. Whether we like it or not, Russia had every right to assist assad against armed insurgents and jihadist groups, whom, as it happens were armed, trained and backed by the West. That is a fact admitted by politicians in the USA. 

Then you have civil rights issues such as LGBT issues. So often we here condemnation from UK authorities and spokespeople and even do-gooder activists but it’s important to recognise Saudi Arabia’s treatment of the gay community, they openly behead people for these ‘crimes’, and China doesn’t exactly welcome homosexuality either. Yet we focus consistently on Russia. Why? 

Russia is a deeply religious country, the church there still hold much sway in what happens in society far unlike anything here in the West. To think shaming Russia into changing its laws is fantasy land. Speaking out against it is commendable but we tend to be taransfixed with changing Russian society right down to asking for a Boycott of its Winter Olympics and its upcoming football World Cup. 

Although media talks of the same issues in China and Saudi Arabia it’s not with the same regularity and we rarely see anyone focus on the LGBT rights issues in African nation’s where often they make Saudi Arabia’s discrimination towards the gay community seem tame. 

Let us here in the UK also not forget our own place in all of this. Only in recent years have we allowed gay marriage. Only under Tony Blair was Section 28 repealed as installed by Margaret Thatcher in 1988. 

“Section 28, which became law in 1988, banned local authorities from portraying homosexuality in a positive light. It became a totemic issue for Conservative modernisers. In 2003, when it was abolished by the Labour government, Mr Cameron voted for only the partial lifting of the ban.”

Section 28 is a very similar law to what Russia has implemented recently, which has caused the recent condemnation.

With only such a recent history of writing our wrongs how dare we act as the worlds police on Gay Rights issues and how dare we vilify Russia to such a degree at the clear expense of other far worse nations. 

We move finally to trade. We sanction Russia and prevent it from trading with certain nations amongst many other minor sanctions, the effects of which has had an effect on its economy at the expense of its people. 

Yet we allow China to dump steel at low prices in Europe, an illegal practice but do nothing. We offer huge UK contracts to build our railways and our new unclear power stations. 

We sell billions of pounds worth in arms to Saudi Arabia who then use those weapons in places like Yemen where a humanitarian crisis is occurring and thanks to the instability ISIS is threatening to expand. 

Is there not a huge glaring disparity with how we treat nations? It boils down to one thing. Trade with us, ally with us, work with us and we will never criticise you or belittle your leaders in public. 

If you’re against us or just simply don’t do what we ask of you.. Think Syria.. Then you make an enemy of us. That’s all this boils down to. 

There is no reasonable logic to why Russia is vilified the way it is. We may not like all that Russia does, we may criticise its actions and arguably rightly so, but when there are such glaring contradictions and the way we allow other nations to do as they please with impunity it makes it clear that the rhetoric against Russia is nothing but that, rhetoric. The government vilifies Russia to appease its allies. The US still fears the Red Commies, Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Russia and Ukraine wants to be part of Europe and we have no trade with Russia. It’s easy. Too easy to slate the Russian regime. 

Of course for much of the UK public it’s a green light to agree with the government and by into the anti Russia, anti Putin ideology. 

If as much pressure was applied by the public against the likes of Saudi Arabia or China it may be a more justified and righteous course of action. It’s easy to ridicule Russia, not so easy to ridicule a national ally. Try it, you might just help make a genuine difference. 

The one question all politicians must answer. Who?

Our leaders are meant to protect us. We entrust that our leaders will make the correct choices and make rational judgements. 

Why then are we in a situation where we are using the Paris atrocity as a reason to go into Syria militarily? The reason is because IS are in Syria, but IS have been in Syria for well over a year so why now? If you have watched the wall to wall media coverage recently you will realise that it’s in large part down to the idea that IS terrorists have infiltrated our borders via the migrant crisis and that they are all heading this way en mass. 

Not one of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks have been shown to have come from Syria. Not one has been proven to have come via the migrant crisis. In fact every identified terrorist so far has been proven to be either a French or Belgium national. So why are we pushing to go to war in Syria? 

Yet again the people will have been duped into supporting more Bombs and more war and in the process creating more terrorists. History tells us that intervention in the Middle East ends the same way, more or less, each and every time. 

“The terrorists” already have british and U.S. weapons and vehicles. Going back until at least the middle of the 1990’s and beyond the West has been supplying and training “moderate” groups in the Middle East, to be used as proxies in our own interests and each and every time it has backfired on the West immensely. The most obvious example is Al Qaeda. Trained and armed by the U.S. When Iraq became a waste ground after the second Iraq war a group broke off from Al Qaeda and took many of the West’s weapons and vehicles and started their own organisation in their own vision. Their name? ISIS.

ISIS began their deadly assault across Iraq and it was quite some time before the West realised what was happening on the ground and soon it became apparent that IS were heading towards Syria. Syria was already in the midst of a civil war. Rebel groups there had decided that they did not want the Assad regime any longer. However it soon became apparent that other moderate terrorist groups were infiltrating the rebels including the likes of al-Nusra. The concern at the time was that IS would soon infiltrate these groups and recruit the rebels. 

Even prior to IS reaching Syria the West had been warning that IS posed the ‘single greatest threat to world stability’ and that they were ruthless and their numbers were growing day in day out, at one point figures were being quoted as the grip being 10,000 strong, possibly many more. We in the West were left in no doubt that IS were the most dangerous terrorist organisation we had ever faced. 

If anyone can recall, the efforts to stop them reaching Syria was quite frankly pathetic. The U.S. claimed they had started to Bomb them from the air and the Iraq forces were mobilised to try and stop them on the ground. They all failed. Having seemingly not even dented their numbers nor their resolve. Remember, this group were the single greatest threat to world stability and we had the access to Iraq and the permission of the Iraqi (puppet) government to be there. The efforts were paltry. 

At some stage IS entered Syria and the chance was gone. Fear not, the US and its allies promised they would follow IS into Syria and destroy them. The civil war continued but over a year and a half later.. Where are we? 

The U.S. has admitted that it is there in part to see that Assad is removed from power for his barbarous behaviour towards his people and that they have been funding and arming moderate rebel groups to fight the Assad regime. When this was discovered the US claimed they would pull the plug on the funding. Recall earlier we mentioned that these groups had been infiltrate by terrorist organisations but that didn’t seem to concern the US. As a side issue, IS remained in Syria, barely touched. What had the US been doing for a year and a half? 

Then of course Russia stepped in and within a couple of months has done more damage, along with the Kurds and support of the Iranians, to IS than America has done in the past year and a half. Think about that. How can that possibly be? 

We must not forget that if the US had been targeting just IS it is possible that the threat of European home grown terrorism would have been stifled. That the Paris attacks this year may never have happened. That intervention would have been legal. To look to tackle Assad though and to be in Syria for that purpose is against international law. Regardless of what you may think of Assad himself. Don’t be fooled. There are plenty of dictators around the world we could tackle but don’t and likely never will. 

What though does all this have to do with our intervention now? Surely tackling IS now is the way forward if everyone is on the same page. As Frankie Boyle put it, tackling IS by Bombing them is akin to dealing with a wasps nest by hitting it with a stick. If anything what you will be doing is making those bees far more angry and dispersing them.. Perhaps across Europe. 

If history in the Middle East has taught us anything it’s this; our strategy fails every single time. 

Afghanistan was a long war. The West lost plenty of troops. They said it could be another Vietnam. Unwinnable. The troops have all but left yet recent reports suggest the Taliban are beginning to take back ground and push the countries military back. Will this war have been for nothing? 

Don’t be fooled by Iraq either, it’s currently the focus of the world but it’s got a long history and it’s almost certain that rebel groups will emerge once more when the dust settles. 

The Middle East is like water. You can put pressure on it however much you like, it will just displace somewhere else until the pressure is released.

So what of the French bombing runs  on Raqqa, Syria? 

The reports coming in from the French sorties on Raqqa have already said that in some cases “empty buildings” were hit, and in other reports that IS have fled Raqqa and gone to the next town/city. Bombs dropped for nothing. Some reports have suggested that their have either been “no” reported civilian casualties or there have been  “some” civilian casualties. Any civilian casualty is too much. Especially if you haven’t found your target. 

Let’s hope that’s not the case because that’s one of the things Assad was accused of doing ‘to his own people’ and one of the reasons why the US wants to remove Assad.

But it’s France, so it probably doesn’t matter. 

We also heard that Emwarzi (aka Jihadi John) and the leader of IS in Libya were killed by US drone strikes within days of each other. 

Apart from raising the question of, if you knew where these people are why haven’t you done more to tackle IS in the last year and a half.. Have we had that ‘confirmation’ of either kill yet? Considering it was never reported as being definite or was this just part of the effort to outdo Russia’s involvement?

On PMQ’s today Jeremy Corbyn asked David Cameron what he will do about the people, institutions and countries that are funding and supporting IS. David Cameron said that it was banks “that had been taken over” by IS, the oil depos “that had been taken over by IS” that needed to be dealt with but did not address in any way whatsoever the question of countries or states that are supporting IS. Putin recently stated the same thing as Jeremy Corbyn, in fact he went further, citing the same charge but far more directly. This is not a coincidence. Someone is arming and funding IS. It’s high time the British people asked the question, “Who?”. 

It’s also high time the victims of the French terror attacks also asked the question, “Who?”

Syria is a mess and as sure as night follows day and day follows night this isn’t going to end well for someone and the effects of our actions today will continue to reverberate through generations of confused Middle Eastern citizens. One day they too will ask the same question we should be asking now. “Who?” 

Mind-bending Hypocrisy: The Art of Self Defence From an Habitual Liar

Our Primary Objective

“PM: Russia Backs ‘Butcher’ Assad With Strikes”
“Russian strikes in Syria are hitting citizens and helping the “butcher” Assad’s regime, David Cameron has said.”
“The Prime Minister said that Vladimir Putin’s military intervention was making the situation worse and called for regime change in Syria to end the fighting.”

How bloody dare our PM call for regime change in Syria. He’s such a spineless wannabe. Regime change went really well in Iraq didn’t it?! Regime change went really well in Libya didn’t it!

Could you imagine if the Chinese Prime Minister called for regime change in the UK, stating that the UK Prime Minister is a ‘BUTCHER’ because their government policies on the poor are killing them, and they appear not to give a shit about it.

Has everyone forgotten what Cameron helped to achieve in Libya. Up to 60,000 innocent people were killed.
That’s not 60,000 fighters loyal to Gadafi. That’s 60,000 innocent men, women, and children. Apparently dead children didn’t matter when Cameron bombed Libya.

Remember also that the west teamed up with al-Qaeda in Libya to oust Gaddafi?
Cameron’s murder spree in Libya also allowed ISIS to turn Libya into a recruitment haven and saw their numbers increase dramatically whilst they were killing every Christian they’d run across. And as for Cameron calling Assad a ‘BUTCHER,’ well this was obviously about chemical weapons that Cameron said Assad fired on his own people on the very day that Assad invited the UN into his country to check for chemical weapon attacks. Would any leader be that stupid to launch an attack on the day that they invite the United Nations in to check for chemical weapon attacks?

You see, Cameron is counting on you not having a brain. Cameron is counting on you not thinking for yourself. Don’t prove him right, because even the UN said when it came to the “chemical weapons attack in Syria” that it was the American backed rebels in Syria that fired the chemical weapons, NOT Assad. Here is also the official PDF of mission statement:
Cameron knows this, but he’s desperate to remove Assad for his Zionist Rothschild puppet masters.

Could you imagine a journalist say to Cameron after Cameron said that “Vladimir Putin’s military intervention was making the situation worse.” Wouldn’t it be great if a journo actually had some bollocks and said to Mr Cameron…
“Well, shouldn’t you Mr Cameron shoulder some responsibility for the destruction of Libya and handing the country to ISIS, and for increasing their [ISIS] numbers, thus making the ‘situation a whole lot worse.’ ”
“Another thing Mr Cameron. You say that Russia are killing innocent people but how can you justify the cold blooded murder of 60,000 innocent people in Libya with your bombs. Do you not care about the children you killed in Libya Mr Cameron, just like you don’t care about the children of the poor in your own country, eh Mr Cameron?”
“Oh by the way Mr Cameron, you saying that Russia’s bombing in Syria is making things worse. But isn’t bombing Syria exactly what you want to do, or would your bombs not make everything worse?
“And were you aware Mr Cameron, that the United Nations found that it was the rebels, that the west are supporting to take out Assad, that fired the chemical weapons in Syria, and not the Assad regime?”
“And one final thing Mr Cameron. Have you learnt nothing from Libya. If the Assad regime falls, this will simply hand another country over to ISIS on a plate. So by taking out Assad, you will once again be supporting ISIS and making things a lot worse. Or would this be part of the bigger picture for destabilisation in the middle-east, and to assist Murdoch and the Rothschild’s make billions drilling for oil in the Golan Heights. Is that the case Mr Cameron?”

The fact that Cameron is so ready to bomb and murder innocent people, that he WOULD fire nuclear weapons, makes him as bad, if not worse than Kim Jong Un, but I bet Kim Jong Un has never had sex with a dead pigs head. I bet also that Cameron has killed more people than Kim Jong Un.

Just to prove that it’s not just the UK and America that are ISIS supporting hypocrites:
“France ‘opens war crimes inquiry against Assad regime’ in Syria: UN debate”

Now I’m one for consistency. I love consistency, justice as well as fairness. Who doesn’t?!
So while France opens a war crimes enquiry against Assad, because Assad’s enemy ISIS, fired chemical weapons, they then blamed Assad, and therefore hoodwinked Pinky Pig Cameron and the rest of the west into believing them.

A new figure regarding the death toll caused by Tony Blair and George Bush in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars has come to light. I’ve always used the figure just over a million people were murdered by these war criminals, but the actual figure may be closer to 6 if not 8 million people killed by Blair and Bush in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and is also labelled as an “irrelevant inconvenience by NATO.”

If you’re going to go after Assad for killing rebels that are fighting him, but you’re not going to go after Bush and Blair for killing between 6 and 8 million people, that’s unbelievable! Blair and Bush need to be rotting in a prison. That’s not being very consistent now, is it?!

I mean, a leader of a country that the west don’t like, because the so called elite want to take it over and drill for oil is being charged with war crimes for his enemies killing some people with a botched up chemical weapon, probably given to them by Saudi Arabia, but Tony Blair and George Bush murder up to 8 million people and they fly around the world earning millions.

Who doesn’t know that Blair’s earnings is just a thank you from the elite for murdering all those people, getting the oil deals done, and getting the drug deals done!

The U.S bombed a hospital in Afghanistan over the weekend killing at least 19 people, and the UN is calling this “inexcusable” and a “war crime,” but…. because America did it, and Obama sent his condolences, nothing will be done and nobody will get in trouble. Could you even imagine if Russia had bombed a hospital and killed 19 people, it would literally be the start of World War 3.

The Independent news paper is reporting that there looks like there will be a vote on bombing ISIS within Syria in a few weeks:
“British air-strikes on Isis in Syria expected within weeks”
“Moves to authorise air strikes on Isis fighters in Syria are expected within weeks after the Defence Secretary said it should not be left to other countries to keep British streets safe.”

So, Cameron says “bombing Syria will make things worse” so what’s he going to do, he’s going to add to the bombing and carnage with….more bombing and carnage, that in Cameron’s own words “will only make things worse,”
This will increase the refugee crisis which ISIS themselves said they are using to send jihadis to fight in Europe which will cause more terrorism on our streets.

These politicians simply haven’t got a clue. They really are stuck in a bubble. They cannot think beyond what they are told to think.
Make no mistake, the UK and the west are on the wrong side of this one.

Do we want justice, or do we want to be run by dictators who can do what the hell they like with virtually no oversight, and who keep the public busy with X Factor and Strictly Come bloody Dancing, and just lie their way through life for the good of the so called elite?

Come on people. It’s obvious what is going on in Syria. We have to start getting our acts together and thinking beyond the box in the corner of the room.

Syria for Dummies


President Assad created a prosperous society. But he had his brutal side, so the people rose up and formed rebel groups and a civil war began.

ISIS came along having conquered Iraq and infiltrated the rebel groups in Syria and are attacking anyone who disagrees with them. 

The U.S and UK  have said Assad must be destroyed as well as ISIS
They also have support from France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Canada

Russia is friendly with Syria and said that only ISIS should be targeted. 

Syria also has active support from Belarus, Iran, Iraq, according to some reports North Korea and of course China. 

Russia has openly stated it will not help depose Assad. The U.S. and UK has openly stated it will depose Assad. 

Japan has just recently repealed a law disallowing its own military to be able to intervene in International affairs and are allied largely to the U.S. They have no active role in Syria, yet, but it raises the prospect of their involvement especially with China’s intervention in Syria.

If Iran becomes militarily involved in any action against the U.S. then that puts at risk, no doubt, the US-Iran nuclear deal and may lead to a U.S. Invasion of Iran in the worst case scenario. 

Simple to follow? 

Prior to the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the U.S. And its allies the greatest threat wasn’t ISIS but Al- Qaeda. Since the invasion, Iraq was left in a terrible state and out of the ashes arose ISIS who largely began life as Al-Qaeda operatives. They subsequently pretty much took control of Iraq. 

Al-Qaeda were originally trained and armed by the US military 

Al-Qaeda is an off shoot of an even more extreme fundamentalist group known as the Wahabbi who follow the teaching of Wahabbism.

Wahabbism originated in Saudi Arabia whom incidentally has one of the worlds worst human rights records, but, that doesn’t matter too much because the British government is supplying Saudi Arabia with arms to keep them protected from Iran, because you see Iran is a world threat which is why the U.S. has managed to get this nuclear deal with Iran which says they must not build nuclear weapons or have the means to do so. 

This whole stand off may change all that.

Then there is the history of invasion. Iraq was invaded on a pack of lies and Saddam Hussein was executed. The country has been left in a mess and is controlled by ISIS. Libya to a lesser extent was also bombed by the ‘allies’ and as a result Gaddafi was also executed. 

Libya is now also in a mess with its rival factions and the U.S. is trying to broker a deal between those rival factions primarily through the United Arab Emirates. 

We appear to be about to do exactly the same again in Syria only this time we are taking the whole world with us. 

A Molotov Cocktail

“..Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, said on Sunday evening that his country’s outlook was close to the Russians’. Tehran was willing to work with other countries in Syria but only if their priority was to fight terrorism, not change the regime in Damascus, he said..”

– Taken from this article in The Guardian 

It’s hard to see Russia changing their stance In Syria and I can’t see the US changing theirs. The U.S. openly wants regime change and rid of ISIS. Russia only wants rid of ISIS. With that impasse it means either Obama or Putin has to back down, and who is going to do that? Or, we go to war. What other options are there apart from doing nothing and we are probably too far down the road to do nothing. 

With Iran already in Syria and their stance as quoted at the top of this post you have to wonder, if the U.S. continues its path on ousting Assad, will the Iran-US nuclear deal withstand the pressure? 

If Iran does get involved in Syria and to some extent they already are, then surely the nuclear deal will become null and void. That could then be the catalyst for the U.S. to scrap the deal and focus their attention on Iran as has been long predicted.

It doesn’t take a great leap to see where this is all heading. 

Currently every country you wouldn’t want to see facing off with each other is doing so right now in Syria. 

“Do you see what you have done….you keep making the same mistakes”

– Vladimir Putin

The USA, the UK, France, Turkey, China, Russia, Syria as well as to a lesser extent Iran, Iraq, Belarus and even North Korea has poked it’s nose in. Not to mention ISIS and the Syrian rebel groups.

This may not end well for anyone. This scenario has crept up on the world in that I am willing to bet that not many people realise just exactly who is involved in Syria and what stage we have reached. 

Who would have thought that in 2016 we would have a situation where the U.S. China the UK and a large chunk of the Middle East would be at an impasse militarily and in the same location at the same time… Actually.. Many of us did think it and predicted it was coming and those people have been called conspiracy theorists for a long while. 

It’s time people stopped listening to and believing the politicians. 

As Putin said at yesterday’s UN address  “Do you see what you have done….you keep making the same mistakes”