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UK Trump obsession puts NHS & Syria bombing in shade

We have no love for Donald Trump. Rude, crass, xenophobic, misogynistic are just a few words to describe him. He is a danger to the environment and a complete loose cannon on the world stage. It’s certainly going to be an ‘entertaining’ presidency. 

When it was announced that Donald Trump would be having a state visit the total panic and anger of UK citizens was palpable, certainly amongst many on the left, so much so that over 100,000 people protested in London alone in an international show of support against Donald Trump. 

Is it all really justified though? We have been no stranger to criticising our own left side for hyping up the fear levels. He is after all no more of a danger on the international scene than say George Bush Jr. The epitome of a Neocon hell bent on destroying the Middle East. If anything he is more of a danger to the environment and his own people than anything else. 

So we decided to see how much of a threat Trump has been to the people of the UK by looking at how many people have signed petitions in support of a few various causes, including some of the largest ever petitions to government. It may put some things into perspective. 

Even the NHS, with all its problems couldn’t get anywhere near the level of support the Donald Trump petition achieved.

There was then this first Donald Trump petition to stop him coming to the UK at all. Big enough in itself at over half a million signatures. 

Thankfully there was some respite from the insanity as over 800,000 people signed a petition to give all new borns a vaccine against a form of Meningitis.

But that was shattered by a colossal petition which puts everything in the shade. At almost 2 Million signatures, a petition to stop the state visit of Donald Trump to the UK. 

The two Donald Trump petitions combined means that of the petitions shown here Donald Trump has attracted in the region of 400,000 more signatures than the other 8 petitions put together including War, child abuse, the NHS and benefit cuts to the most vulnerable in society. 

We realise this is not scientific and doesn’t take into account perhaps other signature based petition websites or individual circumstances such as how widely a petition was shared but it does give us an idea of perhaps how skewed our sense of outrage is. 

This is why we refuse to get too hung up on Donald Trump. Before we know it, he will be gone, only to be replaced by a new Neocon and the battle for the Middle East will likely commence again, and besides, our NHS is far more important than Mr.Trump. 

Perhaps if we focused more on our own problems we might do better at getting the message across to the wider public about how this Conservative government is ruining people’s lives. 

You can view a list of the largest ever government petitions that have been signed here


Hate Russia? Why It’s just a distraction. 

Russia is a threat to the national security of the UK, USA, Eastern Europe and.. Oh.. Let’s just throw in the entire globe, why not? After all, Russia is the awakened bear that is snarling it’s way through conflict after conflict. It’s human rights records are the worst second to none. Clearly. I heard it from David Cameron’s own mouth so it must be true. 

Which is the odd one out? China, Russia or Saudi Arabia? No, the answer is not Saudi Arabia. 

The answer is Russia. Why? Because Russia is consistently vilified in the press, consistently vilified by governments for all sorts of ills, inlcuding invading territories, it’s human rights record and it’s threat to national security. Yet neither China nor Saudi Arabia are afforded the same response. There is a reason I am including China and Saudi Arabia in this contrasting double standard and if it doesn’t convince you to question the narrative then you can have your proverbial money back. 
Recently we have seen many news articles coming out of China in relation to prominent businessmen going missing for weeks on end with no word of there whereabouts and more recently we saw the news that Chinese duel-national book writers living in Hong Kong have also gone missing, believed abducted by Chinese agents. 

Of course there is no evidence of this an there is no word on wether these enemies of the state are dead or alive or even just alive but tortured. 

Where else have we heard about such state interference? Litvinenko. The man that UK authorities have decided was murdered by poisoning on the order of the Kremlin. In fact they go beyond that and say that President Putin ‘probably’ ordered the ‘hit’. Note the word ‘probably’. Never mind that sections of the press have called into question the allegation as shown in this article and that prominent thinkers have ridiculed the UK decision to question the findings, the UK government are so convinced of Putins guilt that they have openly condemned Russian authorities in the press and lobbed these findings into statements on the ongoing ‘threat’ that Russia poses to world stability. 

Whilst this story relates to a death  on UK soil it would be amiss to think that espionage doesn’t occur in foreign countries at the hands of the UK secret service, especially in regions of the world that would command less scrutiny such as Afghanistan, Syria and so forth. It would also be amiss to not question the alleged actions of Chinese officials in Hong Kong against duel-nationals including nations such as Sweden. No such condemnation by the UK authorities on China’s actions. China is also not a threat to world stability so their actions probably don’t count in the minds of the UK government.

Is China not a threat to world stability though? Their actions in the South China Sea would seem to suggest otherwise. The tensions in the region are felt across the globe including countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. Even the Americans have been testing their military resolve by flying fighter planes within the claimed borders of Chinese territory at the disputed islands. It’s not just the disputed islands either, it’s the artificial islands that China have built in what is meant to be international waters. 

Whilst there has been condemnation against China for its actions there has been little in the way of public media statements against the regime and certainly no ridiculing the state authorities. 

The same can be said for Saudi Arabia. The clear Shia/Sunni divide is clear and present with constant allegations against Saudi Arabia of Human rights violations against the  Shia minority population including recently where around 47 people were executed by the Saudi regime for acts of terrorism. One of those was a well known Shia civil rights activist and respected figure. 

Far from condemning such actions the UK government appear to support the Saudi Regime in its actions as shown in this video

Recently we have seen Saudi Arabia accused of Human Rights violations in Yemen yet no investigation is forthcoming. They are known to export terrorism to foreign nations such as Pakistan and even countries like the UK where special schools are funded to teach a specific type of Islam that certainly is not conducive to the public good. No actions from the UK government on this yet the Conservative PM, David Cameron, has the nerve to suggest the people who recognise these aspects of the Saudi reach across the world are terrorist sympathisers. 

Of course Saudi Arabia is heading a coalition of regional nations and factions of around 40 all of which are supporters of Sunni Muslims, something Iran sees as a direct threat to itself and its easy to see why. The amount of power that seems to be coming from Saudi Arabia seems to be growing of late, maybe it has something to do with the fact Saudi Arabia are currently at the head of the United Nations Human Rights council. The only reason they got to that position is thanks to a deal they reached with David Cameron. A “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch ours” type of deal. 

No such luxury for Russia as thanks to its involvement in Ukraine it has now been singled out as the greatest threat to world stability. This is not made up. Both the UK and US openly condemn Russia, openly criticise it’s every move and openly ridicule its leader. A leader with immense internal popularity. 

Ukraine is anything but black and white. The young populous of Ukraine want change, they want rid of corruption and see allegiance to the EU as opposed to Russia as far more democratic. They experienced Russian interference in Crimea, the far right trying to impose their will during maidan, a president fleeing in what was essentially a coup and a newly reformed government beset with corruption. Ukraine is essentially as it stands a largely local issue. Certainly not one that threatens world peace. More than anything right now it needs its parliament to be rid of the corruption blocking its progress. 

Russia didn’t do Its image any favours in Syria but it’s important to tell the truth, no matter how ugly that truth is. Russia were invited into Syria by an elected government. Everyone else that is in Syria was not, with the exception of Iran. Whether we like it or not, Russia had every right to assist assad against armed insurgents and jihadist groups, whom, as it happens were armed, trained and backed by the West. That is a fact admitted by politicians in the USA. 

Then you have civil rights issues such as LGBT issues. So often we here condemnation from UK authorities and spokespeople and even do-gooder activists but it’s important to recognise Saudi Arabia’s treatment of the gay community, they openly behead people for these ‘crimes’, and China doesn’t exactly welcome homosexuality either. Yet we focus consistently on Russia. Why? 

Russia is a deeply religious country, the church there still hold much sway in what happens in society far unlike anything here in the West. To think shaming Russia into changing its laws is fantasy land. Speaking out against it is commendable but we tend to be taransfixed with changing Russian society right down to asking for a Boycott of its Winter Olympics and its upcoming football World Cup. 

Although media talks of the same issues in China and Saudi Arabia it’s not with the same regularity and we rarely see anyone focus on the LGBT rights issues in African nation’s where often they make Saudi Arabia’s discrimination towards the gay community seem tame. 

Let us here in the UK also not forget our own place in all of this. Only in recent years have we allowed gay marriage. Only under Tony Blair was Section 28 repealed as installed by Margaret Thatcher in 1988. 

“Section 28, which became law in 1988, banned local authorities from portraying homosexuality in a positive light. It became a totemic issue for Conservative modernisers. In 2003, when it was abolished by the Labour government, Mr Cameron voted for only the partial lifting of the ban.”

Section 28 is a very similar law to what Russia has implemented recently, which has caused the recent condemnation.

With only such a recent history of writing our wrongs how dare we act as the worlds police on Gay Rights issues and how dare we vilify Russia to such a degree at the clear expense of other far worse nations. 

We move finally to trade. We sanction Russia and prevent it from trading with certain nations amongst many other minor sanctions, the effects of which has had an effect on its economy at the expense of its people. 

Yet we allow China to dump steel at low prices in Europe, an illegal practice but do nothing. We offer huge UK contracts to build our railways and our new unclear power stations. 

We sell billions of pounds worth in arms to Saudi Arabia who then use those weapons in places like Yemen where a humanitarian crisis is occurring and thanks to the instability ISIS is threatening to expand. 

Is there not a huge glaring disparity with how we treat nations? It boils down to one thing. Trade with us, ally with us, work with us and we will never criticise you or belittle your leaders in public. 

If you’re against us or just simply don’t do what we ask of you.. Think Syria.. Then you make an enemy of us. That’s all this boils down to. 

There is no reasonable logic to why Russia is vilified the way it is. We may not like all that Russia does, we may criticise its actions and arguably rightly so, but when there are such glaring contradictions and the way we allow other nations to do as they please with impunity it makes it clear that the rhetoric against Russia is nothing but that, rhetoric. The government vilifies Russia to appease its allies. The US still fears the Red Commies, Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Russia and Ukraine wants to be part of Europe and we have no trade with Russia. It’s easy. Too easy to slate the Russian regime. 

Of course for much of the UK public it’s a green light to agree with the government and by into the anti Russia, anti Putin ideology. 

If as much pressure was applied by the public against the likes of Saudi Arabia or China it may be a more justified and righteous course of action. It’s easy to ridicule Russia, not so easy to ridicule a national ally. Try it, you might just help make a genuine difference. 

Support for Cameron in decline. Support for Corbyn on the rise.


Our article makes one error where it suggests 50% of people overall would prefer to see Corbyn stay on as leader. This is incorrect. The figure we came to was based on what figures the Daily Mail had reported on and they had not made clear that the 19% of people who strongly agreed that Corbyn should stay on was in fact part of the 31% who agreed he should stay on. 

In response, we apologise for any misrepresentstion. That is more of an apology than you will get from the likes of the Mail or Express. 

It leads us to two points to raise. Firstly that 21% of people are undecided and secondly that all the other points we raise are accurate and are backed up by the graphs within this article. 

The original article in its original state continues below. 

Yet again today two newspapers lead with headlines in the negative about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. 

A telephone based Ipos MORI poll of around 1,000 people conducted for the Evening standard led the Standard to lead with the following headline; 

“Dump Jeremy Corbyn before election, say 42% of voters”

– Evening Standard 26/10/15


Whilst based on the same poll the Daily Mail ran with the headline; 

“Fresh blow for Corbyn as poll reveals more than 40% of voters want him gone BEFORE the next election”

– Daily Mail 26/10/15

This is not new territory for us. We highlighted a similar poll conducted around a month or so ago where similar headlines were featured only for us to show that whilst some aspects of the poll were not great there were other aspects of the poll that were favourable to the Labour Party. In fact the entire poll was better for Labour than for the Conservatives. 

We are going to do the exact same thing here today. 

The photo below shows how the Daily Mail began their article.

How the daily mail began their article

It looks very bad and to the average reader wether they know much about Corbyn or not will now subconsciously believe that Corbyn is unpopular amongst Labour voters, however the poll result details make no reference to who the respondents supported in the first place. Are they Conservative supporters saying he should go?

However, a deeper look through the poll results, as are buried within both the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard articles themselves anyway, shows that things are not as bad as they seem and in fact in some cases are more detrimental to the Conservatives.

Here is our own headline as if we were reporting the results ourselves;

“Tories more unpopular with the electorate than Labour”

– RevSoc

Here is our findings. The Daily Mail touched on just two areas of the poll as highlighted below.

  • Four out of 10 voters think Labour should replace Jeremy Corbyn as leader before the next election, a new poll has revealed.
  •  The IpsosMori poll found a third of voters feel ‘strongly’ that the 66-year-old leftwinger should be axed. Around the same the number say Mr Corbyn should be allowed to stay on to fight the 2020 election – with just two in 10 voters who claimed they felt ‘strongly’ about this.

The above two points refer to the same thing and the Standard goes deeper into those stats saying that 31% felt he should stay on, 19% felt strongly that he should stay on and with 42% saying that he should go it leaves 8% undecided. So you could easily say that 50% of voters think Corbyn should stay on with 8% undecided and when you factor in that you don’t know who is answering the poll, why would the Daily Mail lead with their headline unless there was an ulterior motive?

  • Older voters are particularly dissatisfied with Mr Corbyn. While 57 per cent of 18-34s think he is doing well, only 22 per cent of over-55s say the same.

Here it could easily be argued that the people who are going to be around the longest, the people that are the future of the country, the people that are fresh into politics, the people who are more aware of the type of politics needed in a modern age are the ones backing Corbyn in this age of ‘new politics’. Of course we don’t necessarily believe that but it could be argued that way. 

This was all that The Daily Mail reported on and finished that section of their article with the following words. “Mr Corbyn’s dire poll ratings will spark fresh concern among Labour MPs over the party’s chances of winning back power in 2020″

When you analyse the data though, it doesn’t appear to be as ‘dire’ as the Daily Mail makes out.

The Express continued their article with one more question that is quite important. ‘Satisfaction of the party leaders’ and in an almost exact repeat of the last poll that we reported on, more people are dissatisfied with David Cameron than they are with Jeremy Corbyn. 

51% are dissatisfied with David Cameron compared to just 39% with Jeremy Corbyn.

Neither paper linked to the MORI poll so we have done it for you. You can find the poll results here

On one final note we have provided a little visual representation below as sourced from the Ipos MORI website. 

The first photo below is hugely important because the figures both of the articles in the Mail and Express give are the figures on the right, ‘headline voting intention’, this is MORI’s own way of deciding how a vote would have panned out during a general election. For the ‘actual’ answers as to who people would vote for as given by respondents in the poll you need to view the left hand image. 35% Tory. 35% Labour.

voting intentions amongst respondents

Here is the same photo again but with the small print at the bottom in regards to MORI’s methods of working out the voter intentions.


voter intention is based on a ‘method’
satisfaction ratings of party leaders

This final photo below is also important. Cameron’s satisfaction rating could be viewed as plateaued or on the decline and Corbyn is on the rise. 

satisfaction rating over time for party leaders

We anticipate that like the last time we exposed a poll for being in fact favourable to Jeremy Corbyn we will get some cries of “How do you figure out that the Conservatives are doing badly compared to Labour when some of the results indicate that the Tories are doing better?” Well we have three responses;

  1. Yes some parts of the poll suggest the Tories are doing better, but only when written a certain way. If you look at them from a different perspective the results are not as bad for the Labour Party as the newspapers above seem to indicate. Highlighting their bias.
  2. When you factor in the early stage of the Corbyn led Labour Party and the fact there is four and a half years until the next GE. Plus the grassroots movement and the inspiration that Corbyn is whipping up, the results, again, look very promising. Especially when you consider the hard time Corbyn has received from the Press. In fact, it makes it even more impressive.
  3. Some parts of the poll are, front and centre better for Labour than the Tories. It’s a simple fact that the right wing press refuse to report.

Why you should vote conservative in 2020

Nothing can be more assuring than seeing our wonderful leader, David Cameron, at last weekends conference in Manchester proudly standing with chest puffed out and a smile wider than Cyril Smith’s waistline. 

Nothing could be better than hearing how the Conservatives over this term of parliament will tackle immigration, housing, social deprivation, social cohesion, abject poverty, industry, the economy and deliver on the promise of an EU referendum. 

The Conservatives have done a fantastic job over the last 5 years and with Labour reeling in dissaray over the mandate given to a man who hates Britain, hates it’s values and would rather be friends with terrorists is it any wonder that we will experience the pleasure of a Conservative government for at least the next decade. 

Let’s walk hand in hand over the policies and issues that the Conservatives will be tackling over the next few years and what benefits and possible pitfalls may arise. 


When the conservatives swept to power in 2010 David Cameron promised the electorate that they would cut immigration by “Tens of Thousands” to below the 100,000 mark. 

Net Migration has actually risen under the Conservatives and as such they have not achieved their target after 5 years in power. So Theresa May at the conference set out a new plan to tackle immigration. This time the promise is to reduce immigration by tens of thousands again but with the promise this time of tackling the problems that mass immigration brings which as May says is that immigration “harms Social cohesion”

Labour have not set out their policy yet on immigration but it is known that immigration has had a financial net contribution to the country as workers come here to work in places such as the NHS, earn and pay taxes. Jeremy Corbyn is known to support immigration that benefits the country and is a major supporter of social cohesion and as such is likely to develop any future policy around this. 

Back in 2010, David Cameron pledged to reduce net migration into Britain to below 100,000 – “no ifs, no buts”. 

The Telegraph



The Conservatives in 2010 promised to deliver 250,000 homes every year to meet the housing needs of Britain as it faces a housing crisis but have fallen well short of that target. 

In line with that policy, Housing Charity ‘Shelter’ said 250,000 new homes were required every year but the figures via the Department of Communities and Local Government are self evident (It’s worth reminding you at this point that the Conservatives have been in power since 2010) saying ‘A total of 137,000 homes were started in 2014, a rise of 10% on the previous year’ and up 36% on 2012 as reported by the BBC, which also reported that the figures now were ‘still 25% below the peak reached in 2007’. (Under Labour)

So whilst the Conservatives have failed to deliver on this promise they have assured us that 200,000 homes will be made available to first time buyers at a 20% discount which is great news although as Labour have pointed out the cost of the homes will still be unattainable by most people especially families with children and single people and mainly only benefitting working couples without children. 

Labour have promised 200,000 new homes by 2020 and at the moment have not laid out their strategy or full housing policy but Jeremy Corbyn is resolute in his determination to eradicate homelessness saying that ‘no one should be homesless in a modern society’ 

“Fortune favours the brave”

– Earliest recorded use by Terence (Ancient Roman Playwrite) 

Cameron has been brave in the lies and deceit and the only thing saving him is a levelling economy, that though in spite of him, not because of him. 

Tax Credit Cuts & The Welfare State

The conservatives have shaken up the welfare system. £12 Billion has been taken from the most vulnerable in society and will be made available to the NHS where a large amount will be used to pay for treatment towards some of the most vulnerable in society. 

Tax Credits of course is being cut where families with more than 2 children will suffer, that’s according to official figures where they say 3 million people will be affected and that includes working people. 

Iain Duncan Smith has said in his conference speech last weekend that amongst cuts they will look at the root causes of poverty such as educational attainment in families. 

On top of that Priti Patel has said that as well at Tax cuts they hope that with this it will force people to want to get into work and give them aspiration by working longer and harder which in turn will give their incomes a boost and lift them out of poverty. Have a think about that for a moment before reading on. 

With both the comments from IDS and Patel you can envisage the Conservatives trying to form a society where only the hard working and the intelligent can get on in society. What that will do for people unable to find work or unable to work longer hours or people that didn’t make a good educational start in life can only be guessed at. 

This kind of elitist thinking reminds us of another political leader in history that wanted a certain type of society at the expense of people not like them, I can’t recall his name now so will update when we remember.  

This of course doesn’t even begin to touch on the increase in suicides of people being told to return to work despite them not being able to which IDS refused to hand over the report on.

Whilst it looks bad it can only be a good thing if we as a nation are to save some cash. Even if only around 3% of the entire welfare bill is spent on out-of-work benefits. 

Yes it will hurt working people but the Conservatives are, they say, the  party of the working people so I guess it balances out. 

Labour has no policy on this as yet but Labour will ensure that less people commit suicide, the most vulnerable are not left without a safety work and that working people get the support they need to ensure they don’t go under. 


The NHS will be saved by the Conservatives by an injection of £8Billion paid for by the poorest people in Britain.

It will also be saved by pay cuts to junior doctors which is forcing people out of the profession which may in turn create a major NHS crisis but that is something the Conservatives will deal with as and when it happens. 

They could employ foreign doctors but due to their efforts to cut immigration this may prove problematic. 

No word from the Tories if they still intend to privatise parts of the NHS.

Labour, who created the NHS, intend to keep it free at the point of use. 

War in Syria & International Relations

David Cameron has promised to help save the Syrian people by launching Bombing runs on their country. He failed in the last parliament to pass a motion in Parliament but he intends to try again as soon as he can convince others to change their minds. 

Despite his military allies the U.S. Spending a year in Syria to tackle ISIS and seeing no progress has been made he must be convinced that a few more RAF jets will do the trick. The Refugee crisis mainly began after the U.S. arrived in Syria and Cameron maybe hoping that dropping some Bombs around the edges of syria will force people back into the country rather than invade England. 

Despite Russia making considerable progress against ISIS in less than two weeks Cameron is also convinced that Russia are part of the problem, even if Russia are there by invite of the Syrian President and the U.S are there illegally under international law. 

Russia, Cameron says, is a threat to national security much in the same way Jeremy Corbyn is. (That will be none then, but let’s not let facts get in the way). Despite Russia not taking part in any wars or international action outside the Eastern bloc for many many years, Cameron rightly believes that the Russians are still coming even to this very day. 

Cameron admits along with the U.S. that the moderate terrorists in Syria have been funded by the West but only so they can target Assad who Britain doesn’t like very much. Despite Russia, ISIS and other terror groups being national security threats, Cameron would sooner see Assad gone despite him being no threat to national security. 

David Cameron has also formed a close alliance to Saudi Arabia who regrettably has one of the worlds worst human rights records but that is not so much of an issue because Cameron has made a deal with them that If Britain voted for Saudi Arabia to get a place on the human rights council then Saudi Arabia would in turn vote for the UK next time. The reason for that deal was because in Cameron’s words “they provide us with important security information that protects the country”  Saudi Arabia the human rights abuser is also helping NATO in Syria to defeat Assad, an alleged human rights abuser.

Cameron continues his push towards Syria in the knowledge that Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were a major success in dealing with the stability of those nations even if ISIS, the worlds worst terror organisation, arose from those interventions. Cameron also has a proud record of executing or helping to execute world leaders such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Gaddafi of Libya. Even if they had kept the entire region stable by their very presence. Cameron hopes to achieve the same results by invading Syria.

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have not set out their policies but Jeremy Corbyn is known to not want to send our brave soldiers into a combat zone where they don’t need to risk their lives needlessly. 


David Cameron doesn’t appear to have any environment policies of any real note which means he can’t be attacked on his environment policies which is great news.

Jeremy Corbyn wishes to protect the environment at all costs to preserve planet earth for future generations. 

On Jeremy Corbyn & Patrotism

David Cameron accused Jeremy Corbyn of being anti British and a danger to national security. 

Quite right. Corbyn has demanded peace for too long. The only way we will protect British people and their values is by bombing the Middle East even if that means creating power vaccumes in those countries which creates terror groups intent on wiping out the British people. 

Britain has been built on freedom and democracy and no one says that better than Cameron. Even if he criticises Corbyn for having the freedom to make his own choices about how he deals with the Royal Family. 

Corbyn may want to express his own opinion but in politics you must do as you’re told. You must follow tradition and you must do as the current government says, even if that means sacrificing your own standards and beliefs because in some instances those freedoms don’t extend to everyone. 

Of course the best way to be Patriotic is to do what Cameron does, ignore the people who are your enemies. Don’t engage with them, do not try to come to a consensus because to come to a diplomatic solution is just wrong. Bombs have to be involved somewhere along the lines. 

The wrong way to be Patriotic is to do what Britain did with The IRA and go to the negotiating table which is exactly what Jeremy Corbyn wants to do with Hezbollah. 

So, you can clearly see here who is more unpatriotic and who hates Britons more. 


Jeremy Corbyn – A breath of fresh air in politics
As a final note just to say that we got our headline wrong, it should read;
“Why should you vote conservative in 2020?”

Labour Streets ahead, Tories battered (after just 2 weeks!) in latest  IPSOS MORI poll

Yes that’s right the latest IPSOS MORI poll finds that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are flying high with the electorate after just two weeks in opposition under Corbyn. The Tories have taken a battering and it’s what the press don’t want you to know.

Below is the link to an article in The  Independent which talks about the MORI POLL in question and throughout paints a bleak picture of Mr.Corbyn. See for yourself here, we have put a few screenshots of the article below.

Well we followed the link to the MORI Poll in question and found that we can do an alternative report on its findings. In true opposition fashion but all factual none the less proving that the right wing media cannot be trusted to report the facts.

Public dissatisfied with the government and The prime minister poll finds’

‘Public dissatisfied with the government and The prime minister poll finds’

‘Poll finds Corbyn almost neck and neck with Cameron in MORI election poll. Just TWO WEEKS into his role as Labour leader’


‘Poll finds Corbyn almost neck and neck with Cameron in MORI election poll. Just TWO WEEKS into his role as Labour leader’


BUT Only 66% of those polled would definitely vote in an immediate general election


BUT Only 66% of those polled would definitely vote in an immediate general election


More respondents felt that  A) The conservatives would say anything just to get into power. B) That people feel Labour have the interests of the people at heart, and C) Just 32% think the conservatives have any concern about the People most in need. D) Over half of respondents think that Labour understand the problems facing britain more than the Tories. 

(ALL THAT plus the earlier dissatisfaction survey and STILL people would more likely vote Tory tomorrow….you have to question the sanity)

More respondents felt that A) The conservatives would say anything just to get into power. B) That people feel Labour have the interests of the people at heart, and C) Just 32% think the conservatives have any concern about the People most in need. D) Over half of respondents think that Labour understand the problems facing britain more than the Tories.


Almost half those polled says Cameron has more style than substance 

Over half think Corbyn is more honest than Cameron

Overwhelming majority think Cameron is out of touch with ordinary people. 

Almost half those polled says Cameron has more style than substance Over half think Corbyn is more honest than Cameron Overwhelming majority think Cameron is out of touch with ordinary people.


So, in most areas we can see that Jeremy Corbyn comes out on TOP through the entire poll yet that’s not how the Independent spins it in the write up.

If you see someone slating Corbyn because of this poll. Share this article.

The right wing press will start to temper their rhetoric against Corbyn so as not to alienate that side of the electorate/readers so instead they will start more and more to manipulate things like this and it’s those things we on the left will need to watch more closely.