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Syria for Dummies


President Assad created a prosperous society. But he had his brutal side, so the people rose up and formed rebel groups and a civil war began.

ISIS came along having conquered Iraq and infiltrated the rebel groups in Syria and are attacking anyone who disagrees with them. 

The U.S and UK  have said Assad must be destroyed as well as ISIS
They also have support from France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Canada

Russia is friendly with Syria and said that only ISIS should be targeted. 

Syria also has active support from Belarus, Iran, Iraq, according to some reports North Korea and of course China. 

Russia has openly stated it will not help depose Assad. The U.S. and UK has openly stated it will depose Assad. 

Japan has just recently repealed a law disallowing its own military to be able to intervene in International affairs and are allied largely to the U.S. They have no active role in Syria, yet, but it raises the prospect of their involvement especially with China’s intervention in Syria.

If Iran becomes militarily involved in any action against the U.S. then that puts at risk, no doubt, the US-Iran nuclear deal and may lead to a U.S. Invasion of Iran in the worst case scenario. 

Simple to follow? 

Prior to the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the U.S. And its allies the greatest threat wasn’t ISIS but Al- Qaeda. Since the invasion, Iraq was left in a terrible state and out of the ashes arose ISIS who largely began life as Al-Qaeda operatives. They subsequently pretty much took control of Iraq. 

Al-Qaeda were originally trained and armed by the US military 

Al-Qaeda is an off shoot of an even more extreme fundamentalist group known as the Wahabbi who follow the teaching of Wahabbism.

Wahabbism originated in Saudi Arabia whom incidentally has one of the worlds worst human rights records, but, that doesn’t matter too much because the British government is supplying Saudi Arabia with arms to keep them protected from Iran, because you see Iran is a world threat which is why the U.S. has managed to get this nuclear deal with Iran which says they must not build nuclear weapons or have the means to do so. 

This whole stand off may change all that.

Then there is the history of invasion. Iraq was invaded on a pack of lies and Saddam Hussein was executed. The country has been left in a mess and is controlled by ISIS. Libya to a lesser extent was also bombed by the ‘allies’ and as a result Gaddafi was also executed. 

Libya is now also in a mess with its rival factions and the U.S. is trying to broker a deal between those rival factions primarily through the United Arab Emirates. 

We appear to be about to do exactly the same again in Syria only this time we are taking the whole world with us.