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Is Syria simply good Vs bad? Civilians under siege. 

Is the war in Syria simply a case of good Vs bad? 

The report via the BBC at the link below gives details on civilians starving and besieged by various groups in various locations in Syria.  
In one city around 200,000 are besieged by ISIS and in various other towns thousands of civilians are held by Al Nusra. In one other city another 200,000 are besieged by government forces which is a stronghold for rebel groups. 

Whilst the region waits for more peace talks the fighting continues. The Western backed rebels hold onto civilian cities which is helping to encourage the Syrian army to keep the cities besieged. 

It would be easy to condemn the Syrian government for allowing the people to starve and no doubt they are culpable in many ways, we must though suspect that the rebel groups would benefit from ensuring no aid got through in any case. All the whilst people suffer and it’s the Syrian army doing the attacking, the more sympathy the rebels will gain. 

There has been anecdotal evidence to suggest that the rebels have in some cases used civilians as human shields. It wouldn’t be a great leap to imagine this may indeed be happening.

What is Assad to do? Leader of the nation and faced with rebel groups attacking his forces from within the civilian population. Whilst there is no doubt that Assad could and should do more to help the civilians and should answer for any war crimes that may have been committed it’s also important to realise that he can’t just ‘leave it’ and allow the rebels free reign. Would any other president of any other nation? Assad also knows that these rebels are Western backed. It’s an invasion by any other name. 

This is why it’s important to leave revolutions and uprisings to the people of individual nations. Foreign interference muddies the waters and no longer makes it about revolution but instead makes it something far more sinister. 

This is by no means a defence of Assad but more of a way to ask you to not take what the media says at face value. 

Anyone who has seen the film ‘Bitter Lake’ will contest to the reality that what we are seeing is a narrative, again, of plain and simple ‘good vs bad’ just like in Aghanistan when the complexity of the situation makes it anything but ‘good Vs bad’.

If it is about good vs bad, are we so sure we are on the good side?

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