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Theresa May asked 5 times to condemn Saudi Arabia

Theresa May was in fact asked just once. She wasn’t even asked to condemn Saudi Arabia, just instead asked a generic question on why we supply arms to them. The first answer she gave was accepted. (You can read of one of her recent responses to the question of Saudi Arabia here)

Contrast this to Jeremy Corbyn who on Sunday was asked to condemn the IRA on the Sophie Ridge show on Sky News. He was asked 5 times to condemn the IRA. The answer he gave was a cerebral, intelligent one but the likely highly paid journalist couldn’t seem to grasp the answer, instead looking for a headline to give credence to her Sunday morning TV slot and sure enough it became headline news across all the major news networks and on anticipation will have likely made the front pages of some if not all of the right wing print media today. 

If you’re for Jeremy Corbyn you may wish to share this with anyone asking the question “Why does Jeremy Corbyn support the IRA?” If you’re against Jeremy Corbyn you may wish to read what follows to get a better understanding of his stance before you go believing everything you read and hear. 

Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the question “Do you condemn the IRA?” was thus; 

“I condemn the bombings” and when pushed again and again went on to say ‘I condemn all bombings and violence’

The very fact that his answer was not accepted five times was for the simple reason that Sophie Ridge wanted to hear Corbyn say ‘I condemn the IRA’ no matter the nuanced point he was making because asking the same emotive question again and again without getting the response you want makes a good headline. 

The question some will have is ‘why doesn’t Jeremy just condemn the IRA?’

Here’s the thing. You can absolutely, quite legitimately hate what the IRA did and how they conducted their campaign but their claim for a unified Ireland was a justified one and they represented whole communities within Ireland. To condemn the IRA as an entity implies you are for the loyalists in Northern Ireland and you would be picking a side. 

He unequivocally condemned the bombings, he does not support war and violence and did not support the IRA’s use of those tactics. It is this kind of understanding about grievances that makes the likes of Jeremy Corbyn incredibly suitable for leading the UK in international affairs. If anything it is the attitude of the UK at the time that helped prolong the violence on our shores. Our inability to listen to the other side for many years led to the deaths of countless people. Indeed, only the IRA can be blamed for the deaths of innocent people but when you’re trying to find a solution to conflict you must be willing to engage with the other side on a certain level. That is strong leadership rather than a reactionary one which seems to be always be courted by Conservative governments.

It’s also worth remembering the atrocities committed by the British Army and the treatment of the Irish in a time when they were seen as lesser people than in Northern Ireland. 

The IRA were supported in Ireland for their cause of unifying Ireland away from the UK, it was a legitimate claim and still is. No less than Scotland asking for independence. These are all the reasons Corbyn won’t outright condemn the IRA but will condemn their tactics. To condemn the IRA might be seen to condone the loyalists and condemning or condoning either side may have been, or may be, a dangerous stance to take. 

It needs to be asked why Theresa May and the Conservatives don’t get a hard time over Saudi Arabia. The troubles in Ireland ended quite some years ago now yet Saudi Arabia is in the here-and-now. 

Saudi Arabia bombs, often indiscriminately, children and adults in Yemen in a war that once again is a war over regime change, one that is backed by the West. Saudi Arabia have used old banned bombs supplied by the UK, they have bombed civilian water supplies and then when the rebels in Yemen respond by taking pot shots at Saudi Arabia the UK respond officially by stating that Saudi Arabia “has a right to defend itself” in response to Saudi Arabia throwing all its UK and American weaponary at the rebels in responseAdd to this that Saudi Arabia is well known for being an epicentre of Middle Eastern terrorism and has a terrible human rights record and you have to begin to think that by comparison the IRA were lightweights. How can you argue any different? 

Of course the response will be that Saudi Arabia isn’t bombing mainland UK. Of course, but what that says is that you’re ok with our hand in what Saudi Arabia is doing as we sell them multi million pound contracts in arms in exchange for alleged security information. You can not possibly condemn Jeremy Corbyn for taking a neutral stance on one issue and yet not condemn Theresa May for taking a biased corrupt stance towards the corrupt and human rights breaching Saudi Arabia. It’s two faced and a blot on the reputation of our nation and it’s a scandal. 

It seems Thersea May can’t see the irony of talking of humanitarian aid when the weapons that the UK sells to Saudi Arabia are the cause of the need to supply humanitarian aid in the first place. 

‘Asked about alleged human rights abuses by the country, Mrs May said it was an issue she would bring up and pledged Britain would continue supporting the people of Yemen through humanitarian aid.’ 

Source – ITV 

Yet the media seem to by-pass this issue. It’s a conundrum of epic proportions. 

You have to remember also that the centre ground Tony Blair government and the right wing Conservative governments have all had similar international policies when it comes to conflict and especially the Middle East. There is no question that the fall of Saddam Hussein led to the destabilisation of the entire Middle East and is still felt today in Syria and with ISIS. The very fact we have Extreme Islamic terrorists within Europe can be traced back to successive foreign policies that interfere with the delicate balance that is within the Middle East. 

So instead of asking why Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t condemn the IRA why aren’t you asking Theresa May why she doesn’t condemn Saudi Arabia and instead of insisting that Jeremy Corbyn is not strong on defence why aren’t you asking Thersea May why she insists on conducting a foreign policy that proliferates international terrorism, the very same terrorism that affect us today, not 20-30 years ago. 


Is Saudi Arabia trying to ethnically cleanse the Shia Houthi rebels?


We know Wikipedia is open to abuse. It’s also fair to say that it is well maintained and mistakes or falsified information are often quickly corrected. 

We have read through almost the entire section on the current Yemen conflict and see it as a very accurate representation. We believe it is clear and concise and will help you come to your own conclusion. (We have linked the article below and also to a video we think you will want to see where Kawczynski, Tory MP shares his views on Saudi Arabia)

Our conclusion, as if we doubted our own original understanding of the conflict shows that it is primarily a Shia/Sunni civil war. The historical background to the war shows that far from being some kind of Coup (also some will call it that) against a legitimate government there has been back and forth between the rebels (revolutionary committee) and the government forces for years. With peace agreements made and dispensed with in equal measure. 

What appears to be apparent is that the ruler and western recognised legitimate president of Yemen, Hadi, was a tyrant and corrupt. The entire revolution and purpose for the Houthi Revolution was to try and bring equality to the Shia minority. The previous president, popular with the Shia minority may not have been perfect but he did unite North and South Yemen. 

Situation in Yemen. Link to Wiki article below
This should be a clear case of a civil war and revolution as the Yemeni rebels saw it. They are not a small group. They are not unrepresentative.
However, Saudi Arabia and its coalition does not see it that way. As such, Yemen, where it once should have been a reasonably peaceful revolutionary takeover (or Coup) is now a new hot-bed for ISIS, and bloodshed for over 6,000 civilians largely in part due to Saudi Arabia’s (alleged) war crimes. 

When you hear the reports on TV there is no mention or suggestion that what Saudi Arabia and its allies are doing is wrong. Including the support the US and Britain is providing. 

Yet again though it follows a pattern. Any kind of Shia uprising or ‘equality drive’ is met with resistance, primarily from Saudi Arabia (the 47 executions being just one drop in the ocean of an example) but also with full support by the UK and US. 

If you haven’t heard what the Conservative select affairs committee MP, Kawczynski, thinks of the recent Saudi executions, we suggest you familiarise yourself here  before reading the full wikipedia article here

It does beg the question, If Saudi Arabia has no good apparent reason for going to war in Yemen against the Houthi rebels, then what is their aim? 

They are destroying Yemen with scant regard and it would be in their interest no doubt to cleanse as many (Shia) Houthi rebels from Yemen to allow the return of the Sunni president Hadi. In that sense it would not be unrealistic to suggest we are turning a blind eye and in some cases assisting in ethnic cleansing. Something the foreign affairs select committee seems to believe Assad is doing in Syria, and we don’t like him.

Yemen… Stop Blinking!

Blink and you’ll miss it. I certainly did.

Today I read of the rocket attacks in Yemen and questioned why I hadn’t been keeping track of what was going on over there. You may only have heard anything about it when a wedding party was recently hit by Saudi airstrikes, so off I went to do a little research. 

What I found was yet another level of Western Hypocrisy that you may not be aware of. 

Just before I lay may cards out on the table let me just give a very quick pre amble. The following has to be read with one thought on the Syrian civil war and western intervention there. Then keep in mind who our allies are and which are not. With that said, here are some of the key points. 

The President of Yemen during previous elections was the only political candidate. Exactly like Assad of Syria. 


Yemen President – Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi
Yemen has one of the worst corruption records, ranking 164 out of 182 according to one index, not too dissimilar to Syria. 

Yemen had a financial crash which caused an uprising and riots.. Just like Syria. 

As a result of all this some of the army defected and formed rebel groups.. Exactly like Syria

So what’s different? 

In Syria the West along with its allies are there to (as has openly been stated) support the anti Assad Rebels. The West wants there to be a transition. To you and I that means deposing a leader of a foreign nation.  

In Yemen however Saudi Arabia along with its allies are there to (as has been openly stated) support the presidents regime. Saudi Arabia and the West wants there to be no transition. To you and I that means leaving the leader in place and destroying the Rebels. 

The reason for this has nothing to do with right or wrong. If it was then surely the actions in both countries would mirror each other to a large degree. It has though everything to do with control. The long game of America. 

We know we haven’t actually mentioned them until now but America is in Yemen allegedly Bombing ISIS but as we know from Syria they haven’t been doing a great job of it. 

Perhaps as is becoming clearer by the day this has nothing to do with ISIS but everything to do with plausible deniability of actions conducted in foreign nations. 

You see, Yemen is what you call a puppet regime, one that has taken advice from and courted Saudi Arabia and the West including installing a set up known as federal government. 

Yemen allowed major reform of its nation at the behest of the UN via the ‘Negotiation Coalition’ after the coup. 

To keep it that way, it must be protected. 

When you compare the two situations in Syria and Yemen you can only come to one conclusion. That you are being fed a lie by the media via your governments. It’s time to look at what’s going on around us more than ever before.